The Social Revolution: Catch Up or Fall Down


The Social Revolution



Decades from today our children will be reading about The Social Revolution that went on to change life as we know it today. They will learn about the influence it had on political campaigns, businesses, and our social life. Facebook statistics report that 81% of Americans from 18 to 35 years old have a Facebook account. Today Twitter has more than 500 million users and it is only seven years old; even more shocking, Instagram has 100 million users at roughly 2 years of age! But what does this mean?

Besides being able to stalk your secret admirer down on Facebook, sub-tweeting your coworker on Twitter, or distributing pictures of your pre-cooked meal on Instagram, there is a bigger picture that can be painted from the benefits of Social Media – EVERYONE is on there. What will it take for your business or organization to be successful? A nice website helps, good branding is definitely a plus, and a nice facility is even better, but without customers you have nothing. And guess where all of your customers are? Their on Social Media!

People will look to see what’s trending on Twitter to get a live stream of news opposed to waiting until 5PM for the News to come on. It’s much easier to search for the best restaurant in your community on Google than searching through your outdated Yellowbook. There are videos on Youtube right now that are generating more views than the Superbowl Commercial that your favorite company paid $3.5 million dollars for. The traditional ways of marketing now face adversity and possibly extinction as the Social Revolution continues to gain momentum.

The businesses with the strongest Social Media presence will have the advantage in 2013 and many years to come. Social Media allows you to reach your targeted audience, advertise your brand, engage into stronger relationships with your consumers, provide online customer service, and ultimately drives more traffic into your store. There are customers that are searching for a product like yours on social media right now! Are you going to let your competitor beat you to the sale? The decision is yours- catch up or fall down.

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