There is an amazing opportunity to educe leads and leases via social media, yet, besides a few breakthrough apartments, most Multifamily apartments are behind on the strategies, best practices, and knowledge to do so.

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Everyday on social media there are thousands of consumers expressing the exact need for apartments and yet there is a huge lack of apartments utilizing social media to engage with these consumers. Every consumer shown in the pictures above is a potential lead, and more importantly a potential sale. Apartments are still using social media like a billboard to push out content with one-way communication and ignoring the beauty of social media and it’s allowance of two-way communication and relationship building to educe sales.

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Lack of effort and/or expertise when designing social media profiles is noticeable across the multifamily industry. In the same manner an apartment would want their property to look as captivating, clean, and branded when a lead walks through their doors, the same is true for an apartment’s online real estate. The design of your social media page should be clean, enticing, branded, and serve as the catalyst to someone coming in for a tour or inquiring via your website.

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The pictures above highlights three problems, Facebook linking, inactivity and the possible ignorance of the effectiveness of other platforms besides Facebook.  At this point in time most apartments have an understanding that they need to be on social media platforms. What some apartments fail to realize is how to generate consistent R.O.I from social media and how to utilize platforms other than Facebook, which results in the neglect of platforms simply created out of “necessity,” and the linking of Facebook to Twitter accounts. In our experience, Facebook has actually generated the least amount of leads and leases at a higher cost than other social media platforms done with purpose and expertise.

The Multifamily Industry, in general, are missing out on thousands of leads and leases by not leveraging social media to its full potential to increase leads and leases. This may not be a reflection of 100% of the industry, but a great portion of the industry is still behind on social media.

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