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The “Places” and “Dates” Section

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This section allows you to focus on particular tweets that happened at a particular place and/or during a specific period. The ‘Near this place’ field only returns searches for within 15 miles of the location you enter. A full address, city, state, postal code or country, or geocode can be used.

When using the ‘From this date’ field, a calendar will pop up allowing you to choose the start and end date range for your search query.

The “Other” Section

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This section allows you to specify the sentiment of your search results. Your options are positive, negative, questions or retweets.

**Useful Tip:

Want to find leads with a problem that your business can solve?

Check the ‘Question’ box to find tweets that contain a question. Find questions about your industry, products, or service and provide an answer. Position your business as one that is helpful and responsive.

All Together

All together – Twitter Advanced Search

You can enter in as many fields as necessary to help you find what you are looking for. For this example, here, we are looking for anyone who has tweeted that they want pizza. We also limited the search to 2015 until now and specified positive tweets.

The Results

When you populate the search, the first thing Twitter does is give you results for the most popular tweets regarding your search. Click “All” to view everyone who has tweeted.

All together – Top or All

To view a list off all users who have the keywords you searched for in their bio, click “People.” To view photos or videos relevant to your search, click “Photos” or “Videos.” Twitter also gives you the option to narrow your search results even further with options to see ‘News” and “Timelines.”

All together – other options1

Lastly, you can narrow your search by tweets that were made within 15 miles of your location by clicking “Near You.” Utilize this feature to find leads that are close to your business.

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