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95.4% of Americans Give to Charity

How much of that percentage is your platform capturing? Receive more donations with Google AdWords for Nonprofits.

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Quick Results

When you promote your organization using AdWords for nonprofits, your ads are displayed instantaneously. You can immediately start reaching people. And often for nonprofits, time is of the essence.

Donor Retention

Targeting individuals through PPC ads means you’re reaching the most qualified donors and volunteers who want to work with your organization for a long time. Your ads will only appear to the searches you want them to, so you know your volunteers are qualified.

Platform Awareness

AdWords for nonprofits allows your ads to appear above other organizations and other organic searches – gaining your the most awareness and visibility possible for your platform to hundreds if not thousands of people each day.

Insight into Google AdWords for Nonprofits

AdWords for nonprofits is designed to drive quality visitors to your site that want to become donors or volunteers. Here’s a little bit more information on the opportunity an AdWords campaign presents to your organization.


Digital giving is expected to rise from 7% of fundraising to over 20% of fundraising by 2025. Considering a great deal of digital giving is capture through search ads, you’ll want to take these next steps in implementing and improving your Google AdWords campaign.


Over 25% of the U.S. population volunteered in 2013 and 2014. This number is only continuing to climb as the population grows. There are people searching everyday for ways to volunteer. Next time they search, make sure they see your organization’s ad at the top of the list of causes they could support.

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Why Your Organization Needs AdWords for Nonprofits

More Visibility. More Volunteers. More Donations.

These are the benefits you will quickly see when you add AdWords for nonprofits to your digital marketing efforts for your organization. Experience the return you’ve been searching for AdWords for nonprofits and have the ability to give back to your cause and make the impact that wows the world.


Google Ad Grant. Share your cause with the world by obtaining a Google Ad Grant to fuel your AdWords for nonprofits campaign. With up to $10,000 per month in-kind advertising funds, imagine the kind of impact your organization could make. When you work with us, we correctly configure your account and walk you through the steps necessary to make sure you are eligible for a Google Ad Grant. Then once you receive your Google Ad Grant, then we can help you manage that budget to get the most out of AdWords for nonprofits and not waste a penny of the grant money you just received.


Timely. All of these benefits can come to you and your cause without the wait. AdWords for nonprofits creates awareness for your cause and aids in fundraising in one of the fastest ways possible because ads are instantaneous. You don’t have to wait for them to populate on social media and be pushed to an audience or update through SEO with search engines.

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We Manage Your Account So You Can Focus On Helping Others

As a nonprofit organization, you have the opportunity to obtain upwards of $10,000 in grant money specifically for promoting your platform. Now unless you have an experienced AdWords marketer on staff, we understand how managing this amount of money can be a challenge. Our team is here to take that burden off of you. We build, optimize, and manage your ads to get you the greatest return possible for your platform so you can do more good in the world.




You may not have the time to sit down and do proper keyword research for your campaign, but luckily we do! We target words unique to your organization and cause, whether it is your slogan, tagline, or well known representative – we take advantage of these keywords to keep you above the competition that may also be advocating for the same cause as you.

Stellar Ads

Because there are limitations on bidding with AdWords for nonprofits, it’s imperative that you leverage all other elements of AdWords in order to beat other nonprofit competitors in the marketplace that are trying to advertise for the same keywords you are. One of the ways to do this is to improve your quality score through great ad copy. All of our ads are custom written by experienced copywriting specialists and marketers. We only provide ads that have a Google quality score above average. Anything less is unacceptable and wouldn’t use your budget or Google Ad Grant efficiently.

Monitor & Optimize

Your Google AdWords campaigns must be monitored daily for optimization or you could quickly burn through your budget. This can be a hassle for small nonprofit businesses whose staff already wears many hats and may not have the skills and knowledge needed to manage an AdWords campaign. Our services take this worry away from you as your dedicated ad specialist monitors your account everyday and makes adjustments as necessary to optimize ad performance. There are indications throughout the daily performance of your ads that will tell us where consumers are in their journey to becoming a donor or volunteer and allow us to better optimize ads to audience preferences.


AdWords combined with our reporting system will deliver highly detailed reports of the success of your ads including the traffic and donations they are driving to your website. We will send you these reports each month and discuss them with you so you understand how your campaigns are performing, the changes we made to better their performance, and the opportunities we see for growth.


We operate and manage results driven nonprofit PPC campaigns. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

  1. Keyword Research. We make sure your ads are targeting the right searches for the most qualified donors.
  2. Relevant Ad Copy. Capturing the user’s attention is key to getting the click so you can convert them into a donor/volunteer.
  3. Split Testing Ads. Continuous testing is the best way to see the greatest results.
  4. Ongoing Research & Optimization. Knowing donor preference changes will aid in the proper optimization of ads.


Nonprofit Experience

Our nonprofit platform experience ranges from social activism and education to community improvement and religious organizations. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with knowledgeable experts. AdWords for nonprofits operates on a different level with differences in bidding parameters, rules, and competition so you must work with a firm experienced in AdWords for nonprofits if you want to see results.

PPC Specialists

You will have dedicated specialists working on your account who are trained in AdWords for nonprofits. All of your custom ads will be written with donor intent while sharing the purpose of your organization. Our specialists do continuous research and stay up to date on consumers’ searching habits and Google changes, so you stay ahead of the game and your ads always resonate with donors.

Full Service Offerings

Having a live website with substantial content is one of the key factors in receiving Google Ad Grant qualification. Our full service digital marketing firm can not only build your AdWords campaign, but we can also design your website. We build its strength through SEO and drive traffic to it through email, content, and social media marketing. We know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to digital marketing.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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