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If you are a small business and you want to realize your goals of expansion and rank higher on Google, we can help.


Why is SEO Important

Atlanta SEO ConsultantBrand Awareness Within Your Industry

SEO can drastically increase your brand awareness. What do people now have in common? Yes, you’re right – they Google almost everything. When they want to find out about something, they Google it. Whether it’s for personal or work, they often look for answers online. So it’s really not surprising that when a customer needs to search for a product or service, they usually turn to Google. And when someone searches for your product or service, is your business one of the top 3 search results?

If your business appears under the top search results, it helps your customers build instant trust in your brand and business. They would instantly see your business as an expert and one of the best in your industry. And who wouldn’t want to deal with the best?

Atlanta SEO ConsultantQuality Website Traffic

There are over 2 trillion searches made on Google every day which translates to over 63,000 searches per second. And that number is only increasing! Imagine the impact that qualified website traffic from those searches could have on your site. Traffic from relevant Google searches around your business provides not just traffic, but qualified traffic for your business!

What is qualified web traffic, you may ask? Qualified web traffic refers to your website visitors that are real people. They are neither bots or people who are paid to visit your homepage. In other words, they are potential customers who are genuinely interested in your brand. They don’t just stay in the homepage. Instead, they click through your other pages, consuming your content, and considering of purchasing something from you. Yes, qualified traffic turns into closed customers.

Atlanta SEO ConsultantRank For The Keywords That Matter

When you conduct SEO, you get to choose which keywords you want to rank for. It allows you to pick the topmost relevant keywords in your niche that will help you reach your target market. It wouldn’t make sense to rank for keywords (or Google searches) that are not relevant to your business! Imagine running a pizza delivery store but then ranking for “burger delivery” keyword. Even if pizza and burgers are both in the food industry, there is no point in ranking for these keywords if you are not selling these products anyway.

Doing keyword research allows us to filter through the keywords that don’t matter and help you rank for the ones that do. As we mentioned above, you want to go for quality web traffic. And an effective keyword research will help you achieve that.

Atlanta SEO ConsultantIncrease Local Foot Traffic For Local Businesses

Did you know that 50% of people who did a local search actually went to a physical store within one day? And 78% of local-based searches done using a mobile device end in purchases being made offline. Imagine how much revenue you could get if your business is one of those stores that will pop up in the local search results. That’s huge.

And that’s exactly why if you are locally-based business, then you’ll want an SEO strategy that is also locally-focused. While we do service businesses nationwide and beyond, we also service a lot of smaller, locally-based businesses. We are experienced in working with those types of businesses, and can still help you rank on Google in a way that makes a positive impact on your business.

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How an Atlanta SEO Consultant Can Help You

We Can Help You Choose Relevant Keywords

You may or may not already know which keywords you want to rank for. If you do, then that’s great! We always take those into account, but we also conduct our own keyword research because there may be more relevant searches out there that you’re unaware of.


You see, search behavior and search guidelines have been constantly changing and evolving over the last few years. The past several Google algorithms can attest to that. And your keywords need to keep up with these changes.


By doing an extensive keyword research, it helps us determine the volume on searches. It allows you to understand what your target audience is really looking for. Add that to the fact that it also helps the search engines such as Google to understand what your content is all about. And this makes it easier for your pages to pop up in the search results at the right time.


Your Atlanta SEO consultant will help you choose which keywords are not only relevant, but also reasonable to rank for.

We Can Help You Realize Your Goals

What is your business’s goal? Do you want to expand your business? Do you have a specific target revenue in mind? Or perhaps you want to be the number one local store in your area?


Conducting SEO is not beneficial if it does not eventually help you reach your goals. SEO usually takes 6-12 months to start paying off, but the benefits are usually well worth the wait. If your customers can find you in almost every search they make, you will be able to build a solid base of audience that will keep on coming back to your website.


They will remember your business as a brand-to-go-to whenever they think of your industry. Being on the top search results brings so much positive effect that your customers will forget all about your competitors.


So, entice new customers while retaining the current ones. With the right Atlanta SEO consultant helping you and guiding you, you’ll be sure to realize your goals of lead generation, brand awareness, sales and more.

We Can Help You Optimize Your Website

SEO doesn’t end with keyword research. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Your website has to be optimized before you can start ranking on Google for relevant keywords. Google actually combs through and “reads” your site as a part of its decision in ranking your keyword.


It crawls the page content to determine what that page is all about. Does it provide value related to a specific keyword? Or is the content only a chunk of paragraphs filled with so many irrelevant keywords? This content is Google’s basis to find the keywords that the page will rank for.


If you think that’s complicated then no worries, our Atlanta SEO consultant can help analyze your website and determine its strong points and points of improvement.

We Have Expert SEO Consultants

Managing your own business is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of patience, time, hard work, dedication and resources to grow one.


Sure you can simply enroll in online courses, watch webinars, read countless articles all over the web, but that will not only eat up your time. Some will also require you to spend money without any assurance that these things will work out for your business.


So, let us help you. When you sign up for our consulting services, you’ll get an Atlanta SEO consultant with professional experience and expert knowledge. Our SEO consulting services work best for those who have the time and labor to perform SEO on their own but just need a little guidance.

A Proven And Affordable SEO Process
Consisting of 5 Phases

Phase 1: Business Evaluation & Site Analysis

The first thing your Atlanta SEO consultant will do is become familiar with three things: your business, your target audience, and your goals. What is your brand mission? How do you want your business to be perceived by people? What are your products or services? What is your target market? And what are your business’s goals?


From there, we can start analyzing your site’s content, mapping, code and keyword density. This will help us identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Phase 2: Strategy & Goal Development

Next, after analyzing your website, your consultant will you help you develop a strategy and starting point. We will help you perform keyword research and decide which words are the most beneficial to rank for.


This is why we need to have an in-depth familiarization with your business. It will help us determine the best keywords for your brand. Because as we’ve mentioned earlier, some keywords may be relevant but not have a high search volume or vice versa. We help you plan which keywords will be the most profitable to plan your SEO strategy around.

Phase 3: Setup

Once we are done with the keyword research, we will now create your business’s personalized SEO campaign. And why did we say personalized? It’s because every business is unique and demands a specific strategy.


But before we launch your SEO campaign, we use this phase to setup all of our analytics software. As you may already know, metrics in SEO are very important. And we have the right tools for that. Our dashboards help us track and monitor your campaign and all of our future efforts to ensure your success.

Phase 4: Optimization Execution

Here we go! At this point, we start executing everything we’ve planned so far. From website analysis, keyword research, and SEO campaign creation, your Atlanta SEO consultant will now implement on-site and on-page optimization strategies. Making changes to your website is the first step to position your site to rank for the keywords we’ve selected.

Phase 5: Ongoing Optimization

Our final phase is not final at all. It needs to keep going and improving. Ongoing optimization is the key to seeing continuous success and results from your SEO. Blogging, consultation, link building, and strategy development are all included to ensure long-term success for your brand. Doing all of this will surely benefit you in the long run. That’s what an effective SEO strategy can do.

Why You Need To Choose Our Atlanta SEO Consultant Services

– Higher Search Engine Rankings

– In-depth Site Analysis

– Content Marketing

– Quality Website Traffic

– Keyword Monitoring

– Measurable Results

– Professional Expert Consultation

– Link Building

– Tailored SEO Strategy

What Makes Our Atlanta SEO Services Unique

Our Atlanta-based agency offers much more than just SEO services to clients nationwide and globally. Because we’re a full service digital marketing agency, we’re able to think and see the “bigger picture” when executing the SEO strategy for your business. Not convinced yet? Check out what else makes our SEO services unique.

We Share The Same Techniques That Work For Us

We have used SEO to rank on the first page of Google for over 300 local and national keywords. If you don’t believe us then try searching “Atlanta SEO Consultant” in Google and we’ll be the first one on the organic search results. We’ve used SEO to grow our clients’ businesses as well as our own. And these same strategies, tools, and expertise that we’ve utilized for our own company and clients will also be used in helping your business grow.


Yes, in your business too. Your business can be at the top of the search results too, just like ours.


Your Atlanta SEO consultant will be drawing from personal, successful experience when working on your SEO campaign. We will treat your business as ours and unlock its potential for growth.

We Specialize in Google Ranking Factors

When Google decides which sites to rank #1 on their search result pages, they look at what’s called “key ranking factors.”


And as we mentioned, we are a full service digital marketing agency. We have services outside of SEO that are centered around those key ranking factors. The different factors include advertising, social media marketing, and website design. Given that we are a full digital marketing solution agency, we are able to offer more than what other agencies can. We know how all of these work and how every factor affect a website’s ranking.


So you might hire us for our consultant services, but you’re getting so much more in value, knowledge and experience.


We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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