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The Numbers You Need to Know About B2B SEO

Organic search drives 51% of traffic to most B2B sites. That’s half of your prospects that click on your site – if you’ve done SEO and they can actually find it. 75% of these people searching for a solution online never bother to look further than the first page. So if you’re not ranking on the 1st pages, then you’ve just lost out on 75% of your potential clients.


If you’re trying to generate as many quality leads as possible, like most B2B companies are, then you can’t leave SEO out of your strategy. 57% of marketers at a B2B SEO agency have found that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. Leads from search engines have a 14% close rate as compared to a 1%-2% close rate with other marketing channels.


Essentially, without SEO supporting your B2B website, you’re missing out on the majority of your prospects and a more than fair percentage of traffic and revenue.

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Why Your Business Should Work with a B2B SEO Agency

The goal of any business is to achieve more with less. Your business can do exactly that with B2B SEO. Reducing your marketing cost per acquisition is one of the greatest benefits of search engine optimization. Our B2B SEO agency specializes in optimizing your website for SEO so that you can gain free traffic to your website. When accomplished, SEO marketing can become one of the most productive ways we drive prospects to your website and turn them into clients.

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Working with our B2B SEO agency will save you time and generate timely results. After we learn your brand through a few initial discussions, leave the rest to us. SEO takes a few months to take effect, but the long term benefits pay off time and time again. The greater authority your site has, the more traffic you generate, and the more qualified leads you receive. This process builds upon itself as it grows. B2B SEO is a sustainable method of digital marketing that allows your B2B company to be selling 24/7 rather than just when your business development team is in the office.


Working with a B2B SEO agency not only saves you time and helps you build authority for your brand but also works in conjunction with your brand building efforts to improve your reputation within your industry and outperform your competition.

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Why We’re The Best B2B SEO Agency

As a B2B company ourselves, we know a thing or two about how to rank #1 for what your customers are searching for. Currently, our website ranks for over 12,000 keywords and receives over 100,000 monthly visitors per month from search engines. In fact, there is a good chance that you’ve found our business on search engines. And, the best part is that you’ll be using the same B2B SEO strategies that we use when you sign-up for our B2B SEO services.


Site Audit

The first step toward success in your B2B SEO efforts is knowing your website’s current condition. Our B2B SEO agency will perform a full site audit to assess your site’s current strengths and weaknesses in regards to keyword and visibility on search engines. We also research your competitor’s SEO efforts relative to yours. Then we discuss with you a plan of action to improve your site for optimal B2B SEO that will help you rank above your competitors.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is essential to success and acts as the backbone for all your B2B SEO efforts. Both initial and ongoing keyword research will bring relevant traffic to your site. We choose keywords that your customers are actually searching and direct them to the landing pages on your site that will give them a solution. We do this by conducting our keyword research on a page-by-page basis to ensure congruence among searches, keywords, and landing page content.

On-Page SEO

Through on-page optimization we determine what parts of your SEO works great and what doesn’t deliver. We then tweak your strategy by utilizing the best social media platforms for shares, disregarding low performing keywords, and focusing on the material prospects respond to and want to see.

Ongoing SEO

Part of your ongoing SEO elements is link building. A site without a strong backlink portfolio is like a house without a sturdy foundation to support it. Backlinks improve domain authority and overall reputation of your site with search engines.When it comes to link building, quantity is important but quality is even more important. Your backlinks must be valuable and also have a strong domain authority so that they build up your site rather than bring it down. We only source backlinks from reputable providers.

Data & Results

No SEO effort is complete without tracking and reporting. It’s important to know how your site is performing and how customers are responding to your site. We update you with monthly reports delivered to your inbox about organic traffic growth, link building, social sources and more.

Strategies for B2B SEO Success

We help you make sure your business is showing up in search queries made by other businesses in your industry. Here are three must-have strategies we incorporate into your B2B SEO:

  1. Proper Research. There is a wrong and a right way to do keyword research. We’ve mastered the right way.
  2. Strong Content. We make your content stronger by adding relevant keywords for the search engines to crawl.
  3. Ongoing SEO. Through quality backlinks and updates, we keep your SEO game strong 24/7.



In-Depth Expertise

As a B2B SEO agency ourselves, we know all the stressors and challenges that come along with B2B SEO, and we also know how to overcome them. No better company to work with your business than one that is just like it.


Think of the specialists at our B2B SEO agency as an extension of your marketing team because it will feel that way when you see how in-tune they are with your services, brand, and industry. Many B2B SEO agencies outsource their SEO services for the same reason you are looking to hire SEO services, but not us. We have a full in-house specialized staff ready to work on your B2B SEO from the ground up.

Full Solutions Firm

We do more than just initial optimization since SEO is not a one time solution. B2B SEO requires ongoing optimization and integration with other areas of your digital marketing plan such as content marketing and social media management – both of which we have plans and specialists for your business.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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