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Improve brand accessibility with B2B social media marketing.

We provide experienced social media specialists who manage your social accounts & expand your follower growth.

Boost Online Traffic

Create B2B social media marketing ads that encourage users to visit your site and learn more.

Increase Website Conversions

Set-up B2B social media campaigns that are optimized to increase form fills and drive conversions.

Build Brand Awareness

See greater brand exposure and user engagement on social media through multiple channels.

What It’s Like to Utilize B2B Social Media for Your Company

Social media for B2B companies helps reduce costs of relationship building because you are building a relationship 24/7 in an online setting without having to conduct client meetings or phone calls. All you have to do is share on the social media channels that work for you.


Approximately 84% of CEOs and VPs look to social media when trying to make purchase decisions for their business. About 55% of B2B buyers do the same. A popular social media platform is LinkedIn where around 80% of leads captured through B2B social media efforts come from.


The proof is in the numbers. These kinds of statistics debunk the myth that social media is only for B2C businesses.

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Why You Need a B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Save time. B2B social media success means constantly interacting with your followers and engaging with your customers. You don’t have time for this now and definitely won’t have time for it as your business continues to grow. Our specialists monitor your social media accounts daily so you don’t have to worry. The faster a business responds to a follower, the greater trust they will have in working with you because you have shown you care from the start.


Brand loyalty. Build your brand on more than one social media platform. It’s not just about leads. It’s about your image, your reputation, and the trust you build with customers.


Awareness & Traffic: Through B2B social media marketing, you can gain user attention and make them more aware of the opportunities available to them. The traffic for social media and your website work hand-in-hand propelling each other forward. You can put links to your site in your social media profiles and put social sharing icons on your website. One can only gain strength with the other.

How we increased engagement over 40,000% for one client across 3 platforms in 10 months

As a B2B company that offers services instead of products, it can be difficult to gain the engagement you want with your followers without strong visuals. But it’s not impossible, and we have proof of that. We have a client that provides engineering services to businesses, and we helped them increase engagement with followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are the best platforms for B2B companies. They saw an engagement increase of 42,875% in just 10 months. In less than a year, you could be in their position too! Fill out the contact form below if you’re ready to grow your B2B social media.


Individual Approach

A dedicated B2B social media specialist is assigned to your account. Our specialists work with you in developing your strategy and creating content for your campaign. They apply their expertise in the B2B industry to develop ads and posts that resonate with your company’s message.

Strategy Development

We develop a written B2B social media marketing strategy that outlines your customer persona and business goals you wish to achieve through social media. Within this strategy we create a customer avatar that represents your target audience best for the services you offer. We then develop a B2B social media marketing plan consisting of both social media management solutions and social social advertising campaigns.

Effective Content & Ads

The next step is to create valuable content that your followers want to share. Encouraging calls to action within your content tell the customer exactly what you want them to do and increases your ad performance and website traffic. We take all posts and ads created and schedule on a monthly calendar, so your social media presence is consistent for your customers. You will approve this calendar before anything is published or promoted.

Monitoring & Targeting

We monitor your social media accounts and perform daily maintenance by engaging with your customers and showing them your business cares and wants to provide solutions to their problems. We closely monitor your ads and focus in on your target market by seeing how they respond to your promotions. As we pinpoint this sweet spot, you’ll start to see costs per lead decrease and customer acquisition rates increase.


We generate and share monthly reports about your account and metrics. We analyze and use this information to optimize strategy or content to improve reports over time. If you want to discuss your reports or progress throughout the month, we have an open line of communication to schedule one-on-one meetings with you. We want you to know and understand how your investment is helping your business.


Watch your business grow through these metrics and conversions will follow.

  1. Followers. Your followers help increase brand exposure, word-of-mouth, and referrals.
  2. Engagement. You wouldn’t go to a business lunch & not talk to your clients in attendance, so don’t ignore them on social media either.
  3. Traffic. Have an active presence and you can drive even more traffic online with different promotions on your social media accounts.


Industry Knowledge

To truly have a rich B2B social media marketing campaign, you need someone operating it that not only has a background in digital marketing through social media but also has a dense understanding of your business and the B2B industry.

Specialized Services

B2B companies utilize a different approach when it comes to digital marketing, which is why you will have a trained specialist dedicated to your account that specializes in working with B2B companies and accomplishing their business goals.

Full Service Capabilities

Your B2B social media campaign is only as successful as all of its counterparts. Your content marketing efforts highly support your social media efforts and vice versa. Our agency handles both and then some. As a full service firm, we not only deal with your B2B social media and content marketing, we also offer services for your B2B company in website design, PPC, SEO, email marketing, and social advertising.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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