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To convince other business owners to work with your business, it all starts with how your website looks. Does it represent your brand well? We build websites with your clients’ needs in mind.
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Your website is the hub of all you do. It’s where B2B companies grow relationships, gain leads, and generate profits. A seamless B2B website design that offers a fast page load speed and a user-friendly experience is necessary for such success.

Research shows that 59% of people

would rather look at a beautifully well-designed website than a simple one.

Users want a site that loads in 3 seconds

or less. After 3 seconds you just lost 50% of your viewers.

71% of B2B researchers

start their research with a generic search.

Most generally perform 12 searches

on average before choosing to engage with a specific brand.

We know that these numbers speak volumes for B2B marketers like you. You want to be the brand they choose, and a great user experience through a quality B2B website design can do that for you.

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B2B Website Design

Why You Need A Professional B2B Website Design

A good B2B website design encourages visitors to navigate through your site in the least number of clicks to find what they are looking for. Decision makers working for B2B companies have little time in their busy days to perform research for the services they are looking for.


If your site is easy to navigate and informs the prospect by answering their questions, then chances are they will choose you for their services because your site tells them you are easy to work with and understand their needs. We’ll create a design for your B2B website that shows potential clients exactly why they want to choose your company for their B2B services.


Better website design drives more traffic thus resulting in more leads. We create designs that capture the users attention on the first page they visit with this end goal in mind – capture leads and convert. An easy to navigate and interactive site will do the educating for you, so you can spend your efforts focusing on closing deals and building your brand in other areas. We’ll tackle more of this in the succeeding sections.


You see, if your website offers a better user experience than your competitors, then your potential clients will choose you first. A high quality functioning website with valuable content renders trust, knowledge, experience, and responsibility. Let your website build the initial trust with clients, and your content can nurture them to utilize your services.

Don’t Design For The Brand. Design For The People Interacting With The Brand.

Your clients are the single most important asset to your business. Website visitors are the most important opportunity for you to capture leads. Our B2B web designs cater to your specific target audience and what they like to see in a solution provider. You want to provide your audience with an optimal user experience through functionality, navigation, and professional appeal. We know what it takes to build a successful B2B website that draws in leads.

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Best Features Of A B2B Website Design

Marketing a B2B business requires a different approach compared to other types of businesses. The same thing goes for B2B website design. When business owners land on your website, there are some factors that will certainly affect their decision whether to do business with you or not. So what are these elements that make a great B2B website design?

1 Provides Various CTAs

Not all of your website visitors are ready to click the “contact us” button on the first click, especially when they are still in the research stage. And it’s mainly because with B2B type of businesses, you need to earn your potential client’s trust first before they consider partnering with you. You first need to establish a connection with them.

So to engage them, your website should have various CTAs such as “Learn More”, “Download Now”, and etc. These are also some powerful CTAs that encourage action and guide your user down your sales funnel.

2 Responsiveness

Gone are the days when users only checked websites using their desktop. Today, mobile searches account for over 50% of the total web traffic worldwide. It’s safe to say that users now are always on-the-go, so your website needs to keep up.

Your website design should be responsive and ready to take action no matter which device your visitor is using to access it. Also, keep in mind Google’s algorithm update emphasizes the importance of a website’s mobile-friendliness in search rankings, making it that much more important.

3 Aesthetically Designed

Your website is the face of your brand – it represents your business. With that being said, it’s a no-brainer that it should look visually appealing. After all, who wants to work with a business with a website that looks outdated? If you can’t update your web design, then how does that encourage potential clients to entrust you with their own businesses? That’s exactly what your potential clients are thinking.

When they visit your website, they expect it to be professional-looking, modern, and sleek in design. It should help in keeping visitors engaged longer thus increasing chances of conversions.

4 Easy Navigation

If a user has to spend a lot of time before they can find the page they are looking for on your website, then they are likely to exit fairly quickly and check out other businesses. But don’t fret, we can prevent that from happening to you!

The best way is to create a clear and easy-to-follow navigation menu. Doing so will make it more convenient for your visitors to find exactly what they are searching for. This will increase your visitor retention, lessen your bounce rate and provide a pleasant user experience.

You see, your web design really plays a vital role in growing your B2B business. You shouldn’t stop with creating a layout that you like. But more importantly, your website design needs to cater to what your target audience needs. A user and search engine friendly website design. If you don’t know how to achieve these two, then let us help you!

How To Deliver A Great User Experience
With B2B Website Design

User Experience

User Experience

A successful B2B website design offers a valuable user experience. Your customers are busy business men and women that want answers to their questions quickly, so we will create your business a website that does just that. We construct a fully functional and responsive B2B website in WordPress for your business. We deliver a custom B2B website design tailored to your needs and your customers desires through coding or easier-to-manage plugins.

Website Maintenance

Site Maintenance

With consumer preferences and technology constantly changing, you’ll need to maintain how your website functions and operates in accordance with these updates. In order to maintain the health of your website and the experience your potential clients have when they visit, we offer ongoing website maintenance that keeps your site secure and updated.


Make It Responsive

As we mentioned previously, having a mobile-responsive site is crucial. B2B clients often consist of men and women with full schedules who are constantly on a device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Your website needs to function on all devices, especially mobile. We’ll deliver a fully responsive website so any prospect accessing your site from any device has the same opportunity to become a customer as everyone else. Never miss another lead because your site wouldn’t load on someone’s phone.

Customer Satisfaction

Make It About The Customer

Is your website client-oriented? Are you selling your services? Or solving their needs? Your potential clients will be most willing to share their information for something in exchange for value. That value can take the form of education or information, like a blog, webinar or free eBook. We can strategically design form fills for all of these elements that incorporate a simply designed call to action on your B2B website. This simple method attracts prospects and guides them to the exact place you want them to enter their contact information to learn more about what your B2B services can offer them.

Key Elements For B2B Website Development

Our designs are built with user interaction and navigation in mind. A happy user is a happy client.

B2B Website Design

Attractive Design

Showcase your level of professionalism with high resolution imagery and sleek design.

Responsive Theme

Your site will be ready for all busy business decision makers constantly traveling and on the go.

User Friendly

We offer a design that brings ease to the decision making process with simple & smooth navigation.

Why We Are The Best Business Decision For Your B2B Website


We Have Experience Building B2B Websites

Being in the B2B industry, we know that your B2B website design needs to build versatility with your brand to make you stand out against competitors. We understand how B2B buyers seek out businesses and what they are looking for in a service-providing business.


We Are Departmentalized

Our company is divided into specialized departments so we can ensure you are receiving the best work from a dedicated employee. Our team members are highly educated in B2B website design and work diligently to deliver high quality work in a timely manner superior to other designers. The typical timeline for a B2B website for our clients is about 4 weeks as opposed to the 12 week industry standard.


We Build Websites With Your Full Marketing Strategy In Mind

Much of B2B website design is built around how your website needs to function with your other forms of digital marketing. For this reason, we are the best agency to work with because we know how those other areas of marketing work. We do it everyday! We are a full service digital marketing agency meaning not only can we design your B2B website for you, but we can integrate & manage all of your other digital marketing efforts as well.

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All of your marketing efforts will revolve around your website. So even if your marketing strategies are great, they will not be effective if your website design isn’t able to engage your visitors and convert them.


Lessen your bounce rate, increase your audience retention and boost your business’ growth today. We can help you create a user-friendly website that even search engines will love!


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