LinkedIn Marketing

Finding Success with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently growing by two new members per second. It is an increasingly populated platform for professionals. Now that you know all of the functions and tactics of LinkedIn you are on way to success.

Time and Consistency

In order to be successful on LinkedIn, and any social network, you will need to spend a great amount of time on it. Your overall objectives and strategy will help allude to how many hours per day you need to spend on LinkedIn. Be realistic about your schedule and determine what you are capable of doing. Maybe you will need to delegate this initiative to another team member or outsource to a company if you do not have the time. It is important to manage your time because this will allow you to be consistent. In marketing, consistency is very important. Throughout the purchasing decision, companies who position themselves in front of the prospect the most usually wins.

Remain Professional

LinkedIn is a professional social media environment. Remember to remain professional in any case. Be cautious of the posts, comments, and messages you send. Everything you do is a reflection of your personal brand and company. It is a good idea to proof your spelling regularly and suggest a colleague to help proofread your profile.

Find Success and Raise the Intensity

Once you have found your formula for success in LinkedIn, raise the intensity. In other words, double the amount of time spent, advertising dollars, posts/comments, etc. If you have found a way turn your LinkedIn into positive ROI, then capitalize as much as you can. Good luck!