Twitter Marketing

Now that we have went over the advanced aspects of Twitter Marketing, let’s take a look at what we believe is the formula for Twitter Marketing success.

  • Winning Profile Design
  • Pinned Posts
  • Great Content
  • Contests/Special Promotions
  • Consistent Follower Growth
  • Daily Engagement
  • Quick Response
  • Conversion Tracking

Winning Profile Design

Your Twitter profile, Twitcon, cover photo, and color scheme all play an active hand in the success of your Twitter profile. Are few people responding to your posts? It may not be how you are engaging with people. It could very well be that your page is poorly designed. Play around with your profile, see what people are responding the most to, and determine what will be a winning profile design for your business.

Pinned Posts

Just like on Facebook, Twitter has introduced pinned posts as a feature on their platform as well. Make your pinned post count. We recommend using a nicely design graphic, coupon, or video. Below is an example of a good pinned tweet.

Now, each time someone visits @LYFEMarketing’s Twitter page they are welcomed with a tweet describing what we do with a short testimonial video to establish credibility. What will be your message to your visitors?

Great Content

The more people retweet your content, the more people you will reach for free. Create and post engaging content to triple the reach of your brand and gain organic followers. Remember, this can be done by posting funny content, relevant news, events, or tips that people may be interested in.

Contests/Special Promotions

Create contests to get people talking about your brand on Twitter. You can host the following types of contest:

  • Hashtag Focus: Create a hashtag that mimics your brand and make people tweet using the hashtag by creating an incentive for them to do so.
  • Follower Focus: Offer contests and rewards to people who follow your page. This will be a quick and easy way to increase your followers.
  • Retweet Focus: Want to make something go viral. Offer a nice prize for people to retweet your content. Boost the awareness of your brand, product, or promotion fast and affordably.

Consistent Follower Growth

Make sure your Twitter page is gaining a substantial increase of followers each month. At bare minimum, your Twitter page should be growing by at least 300 followers a month. Remember, there is no price associated with gaining followers on Twitter (unless you do not want to put the work in yourself). Follow consistently, interact people every day, and engage with the content of your prospects to boost your followers consistently for free.

Daily Engagement

You should interact with at least 10-15 people per day if you are in a business that people actually have a demand for. If so, you will find people talking about it on Twitter. Don’t be anti-social, join the conversation, solve problems, and increase your sales.


Think of each person who follows your brand as a potential customer. Thank each person who follows your page and learn more about them. Provide them with more information about your product or service and invite them to visit your store or business location soon.

Quick Response

Want to make a positive impression on your followers, prospects, and loyal customers who follow your brand? Make it a priority to respond quickly to their questions and concerns. Show your audience that you care about them. Also, keep in mind that the quicker you respond to the prospect, the higher your chances are of converting that prospect into a lead or sale.

Conversion Tracking

Finally, track your efforts. Time is money – So even though you may not have a direct expense of spending hours on social media, you still need to make sure that you are using your time wisely. Track your efforts on social media and see how much you are gaining from your efforts. If you are gaining good results, add more fuel to the flame. If you are not gaining the results you hoped for, then go back to the drawing board. Take a look at your goals and examine each of your procedures to achieving those goals through Twitter.