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email segmentation

The Best Email Segmentation Ideas and Tests for Small Businesses

Email Marketing - Sean - September 25, 2019

After initial research and discussions with other business owners and our business partners. We began noting some basic questions that surround email…

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promote YouTube videos

5 Proven Ways to Promote YouTube Videos and Drive Unbelievable Traffic

Social Media, Website Design - Sherman - September 24, 2019

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. People can find thousands of videos on almost any topic they choose.…

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Create a Solid Content Marketing Plan With These Proven Tips

Content Marketing - Sherman - September 24, 2019

Creating a well-thought out content marketing plan and putting it into action can help you grow your business. It can help you…

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importance of a marketing strategy

The Importance of a Marketing Strategy for Businesses Today

Digital Marketing - Sherman - September 24, 2019

As the year flies by, have you taken the time to consider the importance of a marketing strategy this year? If not,…

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Facebook engagement

How to Increase Facebook Engagement the Right Way

Digital Marketing, Facebook Advertising - Sean - September 23, 2019

If there’s one metric that Facebook marketers cannot ignore, it has to be engagement… …which is any type of action your fans…

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Maximize Your AdWords Budget With These 9 Ways to Lower Your CPC

Digital Marketing - Sherman - September 23, 2019

Does your cost per click go up and up? Maybe your AdWords budget can’t achieve the customer acquisition costs you want. This…

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Facebook ad campaign

How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaign For More Leads & Sales

Facebook Advertising, Social Media - Brandi - September 23, 2019

If you are a business owner with a business page on Facebook. Then, you’ve probably heard of a Facebook ad campaign (if…

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PPC ROI: How to Generate the Most Profit Through Search Advertising

Digital Marketing, PPC Advertising - Sherman - September 23, 2019

Pay-per-click advertising can be a game-changer for small businesses. But if you want to get the best results, you need to be…

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email subject line best practices

Email Subject Line Best Practices: 8 Simple Hacks to Boost Open Rates

Email Marketing - Sean - September 23, 2019

Looking For Some Email Subject Line Best Practices? Let’s face it, without email subject line best practices in place, making your email…

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23 Tips for Effective Ecommerce Web Design That Brings You Sales

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Website Design - Sean - September 20, 2019

Take Your eCommerce Web Design To The Next Level! Good eCommerce web design is crucial for turning website visitors into customers. Ideally,…

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