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canva video editing

Canva Video Editing: Create a Video Marketing Campaign Using Canva

Graphic Design - December 31, 2021

Here’s How To Use The Canva Video Editing Tool There are many instances where videos make for better visual marketing material. After…

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how to create a youtube playlist

How to Create a YouTube Playlist + Best Practices for Maximum Views

Social Media - December 30, 2021

Do You Know How To Create A YouTube Playlist For Your Channel? YouTube playlists help people find more videos that are related…

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Facebook Ad Trends in 2022: How to Run the Best FB Ads?

Facebook Advertising - December 29, 2021

Facebook Ad Trends You Wouldn’t Want To Miss! As competition on Facebook increases and changes come to the platform… …it’s important you…

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content on instagram

Creating Content on Instagram: How to Create Content from Scratch

Content Marketing, Social Media - December 28, 2021

How To Create Content On Instagram From Scratch? Engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher…

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optimize instagram story ads

How to Create & Optimize Instagram Story Ads + Best Practices

Social Media - December 27, 2021

Here’s How To Optimize Instagram Story Ads For Better Results If you want to learn how you can get results like this……

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digital marketing case studies

8 Real Digital Marketing Case Studies

Digital Marketing - December 24, 2021

Here Are Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You! We’ve put out so many posts covering different marketing strategies and…

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future of tiktok ads

What is the Future of TikTok Ads? TikTok Changes & Trends

Social Media - December 23, 2021

 What Lies Ahead In The Future Of TikTok Ads? TikTok is everything right now, but what will the future of TikTok…

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branding on social media

Tips on How to Build Branding on Social Media for Your Business

Social Media - December 22, 2021

How Do You Build Branding On Social Media? Consistent branding on social media is important for many reasons… …not least of which…

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smart mockups

How to Use Smart Mockups in Canva for Business Visuals

Graphic Design - December 21, 2021

 How To Use Canva’s Smart Mockups For Your Business Graphics? Canva’s smart mockups make for great lifestyle images to feature on…

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remote work tools

5 Remote Work Tools to Help You Have a Productive Day

Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing - December 17, 2021

Check Out These Remote Work Tools To Improve Your Productivity! Global Workplace Analytics believes that 25-30% of the workforce will work remotely…

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