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Monthly Archives for July 2022

user-generated content

What is User-Generated Content & How to Use it to Leverage Your Social Media

UGC is a great way to drive more sales for your business while simultaneously garnering great content that you don’t have to…

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How to Write Captions that Drive Sales

Social Media - Brandi - July 26, 2022

 Writing is a big part of marketing.  Whether you’re writing an Instagram caption, the product descriptions on your website, or the…

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6 Tips to Get More Views on Facebook Reels

Social Media - Brandi - July 20, 2022

We know that Facebook Reels are exploding on Facebook the same way Reels did on Instagram.  Especially with the decline of Facebook…

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how to add admin in facebook page

How to Add Admin in Facebook Page [An Easy-to-follow Tutorial]

Social Media - Brandi - July 17, 2022

You want to know how to add admins to your Facebook page and we’re going to show you how to do that…

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The New Best Time to Post on Instagram

Social Media - Brandi - July 12, 2022

The best time to post on Instagram has changed again!  If you’re not posting at the times we’re sharing in this post……

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6 Reasons Why Your Small Business is Still Small

Digital Marketing - Brandi - July 7, 2022

Want to listen to this post? Click play! (will keep playing even if you lock your phone!) The U.S. Small Business Association…

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words that drive sales

4 Words That Drive Sales Every Time

Digital Marketing - Brandi - July 6, 2022

Want to listen to this post? Click play! (will keep playing even if you lock your phone!) If you’re generating a ton…

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facebook monetization

Facebook Monetization: How to Make Money From Facebook

Social Media - Brandi - July 5, 2022

Want to listen to this post? Click play! (will keep playing even if you lock your phone!) A lot of business owners…

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law firm marketing ideas

5 Powerful Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Propel Your Practice Forward

Regardless if you belong to a major firm or a small local one, the key to any successful law firm lies with…

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SEO traffic

4 Fundamental Steps to Building Long-Term SEO Traffic

SEO - Sean - July 1, 2022

Google, the search engine giant that rules the online search space, is ever evolving. With each passing day, it improves and grows…

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