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Monthly Archives for August 2022

small business marketing on facebook

25 Tips for Small Business Marketing On Facebook

Small business marketing on Facebook can seem a little overwhelming at first!  Facebook has always prided itself on its ability to help…

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best time to post youtube shorts

What is the Best Time to Post YouTube Shorts

Social Media - Brandi - August 24, 2022

What is the best time to post YouTube Shorts? In general, for short-form content, the best time to post YouTube Shorts is…

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30 Small Business Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing - Brandi - August 19, 2022

Today we’re sharing the top 30 best digital marketing tools for small businesses that you need to know about! When you’re running…

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Small Business Marketing Strategies

Top 20 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Drive More Traffic & Customers

Digital Marketing - Brandi - August 18, 2022

Small business marketing strategies are key in getting your startup off the ground.  Picking the right digital marketing materials could scale your…

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Calculate Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Budget, Digital Marketing - Brandi - August 11, 2022

As a general rule, your average marketing budget should be 10% of your sales revenue. This goes for both B2B companies and…

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25 Small Business Marketing Ideas to Help Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce - Brandi - August 2, 2022

Jumpstart your marketing campaign with these 25 small business marketing ideas. Let your marketing game begin! We know firsthand that owning and…

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how to write a subject line

How to Write a Subject Line that Gets People to Open

Email Marketing - Brandi - August 1, 2022

According to, in email marketing, you make $42 back for every $1 spent on average. But, that only happens if people…

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