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Monthly Archives for July 2023

instagram subscriptions

Instagram Subscriptions For Beginners [Full Guide]

Social Media - Brandi - July 31, 2023

Instagram Subscriptions are a great way to nudge your followers deeper into your sales funnel. And therefore, closer to becoming a customer-…

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strategy for business

How To Choose The Right Strategy For Business

 Which strategy for business is worth putting more time into – social media or Google ads? A lot of business owners…

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facebook reels update

New Facebook Reels Update: What’s HAPPENING?!

Social Media - Brandi - July 24, 2023

 If you have struggled to monetize your Facebook reels OR if you’ve never done it but have always been kind of…

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ad mistakes

3 Common Ad Mistakes & What You Need to Do About It

Facebook Advertising - Brandi - July 19, 2023

 If you aren’t moving the needle at ALL with your Facebook ads, not seeing sales, or not getting leads- -read on…

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how to make better reels

The SECRET To Getting Camera-Comfortable To Make Reels

Social Media - Brandi - July 18, 2023

 Short videos like reels are the BEST way for small business owners to get their brand and product in front of…

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Meta Threads Is Now LIVE: Update on the “Twitter Killer” App

Social Media - Brandi - July 17, 2023

 Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta came out with a new app called Threads, which is being called “the Twitter Killer.”…

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instagram threads

Instagram Threads: A New App Called The Twitter Killer

Social Media - Brandi - July 17, 2023

 Instagram’s owner is launching its own version of Twitter called Meta Threads. And this comes at a very convenient time given…

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facebook marketing messages

NEW Facebook Marketing Messages To Drive LEADS

Social Media - Brandi - July 13, 2023

 There is a new FREE tool Facebook has introduced and we currently don’t know how long this tool will be free.…

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facebook page services

Capture More Leads With Facebook Page Services

Social Media - Brandi - July 11, 2023

 If you are a service-based business, you can absolutely take advantage of Facebook Marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or…

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