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Monthly Archives for August 2023

marketing mistakes

Marketing Mistakes That Successful Business Owners Don’t Make

Digital Marketing - Brandi - August 31, 2023

You’ve finally got your business started- whatever that looks like. Be it a brick-and-mortar that has been renovated and styled, a website…

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instagram sales funnel

Followers to CUSTOMERS: 3 Step Instagram Sales Funnel

Social Media - Brandi - August 28, 2023

Most business owners create their Instagram feeling like they’re at the base of a mountain, looking up at this tall hill they…

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short form video

Short Form Video Is FAILING: Here’s What’s Next

Social Media - Brandi - August 23, 2023

 Short-form video is failing. Let’s be real with one another. A lot of you are doing all the right things: you’re…

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how to increase reach on instagram

This Is What Instagram Says To Do For Big Reach

Social Media - Brandi - August 21, 2023

Instead of guessing how to appeal to the algorithm, why don’t we just listen to what Instagram said directly? So if you…

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how to create a new facebook page

How To Create A New Facebook Page [For Beginners]

Social Media - Brandi - August 17, 2023

If you’re ready to create a Facebook business page for your small business but need a little help getting started… …read to…

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new facebook update

The People Are Not Happy… [NEW Facebook Update!]

Social Media - Brandi - August 14, 2023

 If you read our previous post, then you’ve read about how Facebook is transitioning small business owners’ Facebook pages into the…

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facebook new page experience

How To Use Facebook’s New Page Experience For Your Business

Facebook has been updating Pages from Classic Pages to the New Pages Experience.  There are some things we’re gaining, some things that…

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canva tools

These Canva Tools Will Make Your Social Media Images Better

Graphic Design - Jelly - August 7, 2023

Not all graphics design tools are created equal. So in this post, find out which Canva tools to get well acquainted with…

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reels growth

The Ultimate Reels Growth Starter Pack

Social Media - Brandi - August 3, 2023

If your Reels have been looking like this, and you just can’t seem to crack the code to get them looking like…

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