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Monthly Archives for October 2023

how much to spend on ads

How Much To Spend On Ads When You’ve Made $0

PPC Advertising - Brandi - October 30, 2023

 One question we get asked a lot is, “How big of a budget should we allocate to advertising if we’re a…

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marketing a new business

First 3 Steps to Marketing a New Business

Digital Marketing - Brandi - October 26, 2023

 If you’re a brand new business looking for the first steps you need to take to market your business, you’ve found…

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toxic marketing tactics

3 Common Toxic Marketing Tactics That Fail Every Time

Digital Marketing - Brandi - October 23, 2023

 Marketing and advertising has been around for so long- especially since the boom of the internet- -that it can be easy…

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ads that sell

How To Create Ads That Actually SELL

 When you are creating ads to market your product or service, be it a Facebook ad, YouTube ad, Instagram ad, or…

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sales call tips

Sales Call Tips: Do THIS Before Your Next Sales Call

Customer Experience - Brandi - October 11, 2023

 Before you take your next sales call, we have 3 sales call tips you need to follow if you want that…

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why going viral is bad for your business

Why Going Viral Hurts Your Business

Social Media - Brandi - October 9, 2023

 Everybody wants to go viral these days. Small businesses are striving so hard for more views, more followers, and more engagement.…

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the skyscraper method

The Skyscraper Method No Longer Works

Content Marketing - Brandi - October 3, 2023

 The Skyscraper method is outdated. Whether you’re writing content for your website, for social media posts, or for YouTube videos… …there…

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client red flags

5 Client Red Flags: Which Clients To Say NO To

We know that when you’re an up-and-coming small business, it’s tempting to say yes to every customer or client that shows interest…

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