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best online advertising

The Top Online Advertising Platforms in 2024

Today we’re going to break down the top online advertising platforms of 2024 and help you choose which online ad platforms are…

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facebook ad results

What Facebook Says To Do For BIG Ad Results

Facebook Advertising - Brandi - November 1, 2023

If your Facebook ad results have just been STUCK and not producing the numbers you want from them and you feel like…

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ads that sell

How To Create Ads That Actually SELL

 When you are creating ads to market your product or service, be it a Facebook ad, YouTube ad, Instagram ad, or…

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facebook new page experience

How To Use Facebook’s New Page Experience For Your Business

Facebook has been updating Pages from Classic Pages to the New Pages Experience.  There are some things we’re gaining, some things that…

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ad mistakes

3 Common Ad Mistakes & What You Need to Do About It

Facebook Advertising - Brandi - July 19, 2023

 If you aren’t moving the needle at ALL with your Facebook ads, not seeing sales, or not getting leads- -read on…

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facebook ad examples

30 Facebook Ad Examples: Get Inspiration For Your Next Campaign

Facebook Advertising - Brandi - January 26, 2023

According to Facebook, there are now 3 million businesses that actively advertise on their platform.  That’s 3 million companies all over the…

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facebook ad statistics

50 Facebook Ad Statistics You Need To Know

Facebook Advertising - Brandi - December 19, 2022

Here are 50 Facebook ad statistics that will help you optimize your Facebook marketing campaigns and get better results! In the world…

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facebook touch

Facebook Touch Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Advertising, Social Media - Brandi - December 7, 2022

There’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small businesses today. With over 2 billion…

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small business marketing on facebook

25 Tips for Small Business Marketing On Facebook

Small business marketing on Facebook can seem a little overwhelming at first!  Facebook has always prided itself on its ability to help…

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How to Dominate 2024 with Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Social media marketing on Facebook is on the rise. Despite pretty much being the birthplace of social media marketing, Facebook has retained…

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