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6 TikTok Ideas for Business: Get Started with TikTok Marketing

Social Media - Brandi - May 26, 2022

Hello, small business owners!  We know you want some really good TikTok ideas for business that can help get those creative juices…

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reels for business

Reels For Business: How to Use it to Grow Your Business

Social Media - Morgan - May 25, 2022

Are you using Reels to promote your business? If not, now’s the perfect time to do so. Read on as today, we’re…

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New Facebook Messaging Tools From Meta

Social Media - Brandi - May 24, 2022

Meta just announced some new messaging tools and lead form features coming to the Facebook family- specifically for small businesses! Today, we’re…

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how to sell on facebook marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace (For Businesses)

Social Media - Brandi - May 19, 2022

Facebook Marketplace is a place “on Facebook where people can discover, buy and sell items. People can browse listings, search for items…

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facebook reels monetization

Facebook Reels Monetization: How to Get Started

Social Media - Brandi - May 17, 2022

So we know that Facebook Reels are a great way to explode your reach, generating brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and more. But,…

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snapchat for business

Snapchat for Business: How to Use it to Promote Your Brand

Social Media - Brandi - May 10, 2022

When business owners think about potential avenues to market their business and grow, most don’t think about Snapchat. With about 293 million…

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ad platform

The Best Ad Platform No One is Using

What’s The Best Ad Platform Today But Goes Unnoticed? Facebook Facebook Facebook – do we ever hear about anything else?! YouTube is…

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what is facebook watch

What is Facebook Watch & How to Leverage it to Grow Your Business

Social Media - Brandi - April 29, 2022

What is Facebook Watch? Is it the next YouTube? How can you leverage it to grow your business?  Stick around to find…

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how to create facebook events

How to Create Facebook Events + 3 Tips to Promote Your Event

Social Media - Brandi - April 27, 2022

Facebook events are a dedicated space on Facebook that “let you organize and respond to gatherings in the real world with people…

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facebook and instagram updates

Facebook and Instagram Updates: What’s New on April 2022

Social Media - Morgan - April 26, 2022

You know what they say, “only 3 things in life are certain; birth, death, and change.” And doesn’t Facebook just keep on…

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