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What is Construction SEO?

A construction company and SEO. Is that a pair that makes sense?

Yes, it makes a ton of sense. And here’s why:

 – Google dominates the search engine market. The search engine giant is in fact in control of 93% of the entire planet’s search traffic. So yes, it is kind of a big deal. 

 – More than 75% of clicks eventually land on the very first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

 – About 70% of consumers are going to visit a business or store based on the information that they got from their online search.

 – The top position on Google is going to get about 35% of all the clicks.

These numbers make it easy to see why even construction companies can benefit from SEO. You can stand out from your competition and also attract the right audience at the same time.

Work with a construction SEO services expert from our agency to not just move up the rankings but also stand at the very top!

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Why You Need Our Construction SEO Services

Most people that are looking for products and services will usually start their search on Google. So if you have a construction company and have your own website, you need to take advantage of that knowledge.

You can only take advantage of the opportunities open to you if you implement SEO tactics.

Here are some of the top benefits that you can enjoy if you do construction SEO right:

1. Higher Rankings

At the top of search engine search results is where you want to end up. When our specialists optimize your website, you can outrank your competitors. Your strength on search engines and more traffic will be driven to your website.

2. More Traffic

Implementing a powerful organic strategy will result in more traffic to your website. Among your options is taking advantage of local SEO strategies. This allows anyone looking for businesses near them an easy time finding one. This will also help drive actual customers instead of just traffic.

3. Long Term Strategy

In SEO, you get a long term digital marketing strategy. You get to beat out your competitors without spending a huge amount of money. We will help you by optimizing the keywords that have the most impact for your firm and lets you attract the most clients.

construction seo

Build A Better ROI With Construction SEO Marketing!

Did you know that we have ranked #1 for hundreds of keywords both for ourselves and for our clients? We know to perform SEO successfully. Let us perform construction SEO for your business, and watch your ROI grow. Click the button below to get started!


Site Audit. 

Our first step in optimizing your website for search engines is to perform a comprehensive site audit. We analyze your present site content, coding, mapping, as well as keyword density. This gives us a glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses. We are going to address each one in the SEO strategy that we will devise for you.

Keyword Research.

Keyword research is the foundation of the organic traffic campaign that we will do for you. Our SEO specialist assigned to your account will conduct keyword research for you and your competitors. To know the keywords that your competitors are trying to rank for is an important piece of information for you. It will help us in the creation of the right strategy that will allow you to outperform them and result in your being one of the industry’s leaders.

Tracking Setup. 

The next step is setting up and connecting an important measurement tool. It will track and report your SEO results through the analytic system that we use. The measurements will be sent over to you in the form of a detailed report each month. On top of that, we will help keep you updated by having an open line of communication with you.

On-Page Optimization. 

There are two phases to optimizing your website. The first is performing on page optimization. This will provide a boost to your website. The second one is going to be done when your site starts to grow and make progress. It includes blogging, content writing, link building, and ongoing keyword optimization. With these ongoing efforts, we expect to help you through good SEO practices.

Keys to Construction SEO

Numerous factors come into play when you want your website to rank high on Google. To help guarantee that you get that coveted high spot, consider some of our own best practices:

  1. Word Count. The word count should at a suggested minimum of 500 words for each page. This will help your website to rank better as search bots will have a better understanding of what the page is about.
  2. Quality Backlinks. Those links that are from other websites and point back to your own website, also known as backlinks, also help you get a high ranking. But for it to really help you, you need to make sure that the links are from actual quality websites.
  3. Page Speed. Page speed is important because fast websites outranks slower ones. And the faster your website, the better the experience of your searchers. That’s what Google wants.


Full Service

To achieve success in search engine rankings requires the involvement of more than one channel or platform. No need to worry since we are a full service digital marketing agency. You can count on us, from email marketing to social media to direct people to your website. Contact our full service digital marketing team to start solving your marketing problems right now!

Industry Experience

One thing you’ll want is to work with an agency that knows the construction industry and is experienced in marketing it. We are an agency that has that and we’re capable of helping you grow as a leader in the construction business. We are proud to say that we are one of the best digital marketing firms to help you push your brand and lead you to success.


When you work with us, you get nothing but exceptional customer service. We will provide you with a dedicated construction SEO specialist that is dedicated to building up your SEO strategy. We will do this by using keywords and backlinks. Our strong belief is in providing nothing but the highest quality of service. This means that you can rely on us to deliver even beyond your expectations of excellence!

Does Construction Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Really Work?

What is the first thing that people do when they’re in need of a construction company? 

Typically, they search for one on Google. 

Think of the benefits if your construction services and website were among the top results when they make that relevant search. You are sure to experience unprecedented growth and success! All from our awesome SEO tactics.

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