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The growing competitiveness in the construction industry means you need to take steps to ensure that your brand is not left behind. Our construction social media marketing services will guarantee that you remain relevant and prominent.

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Construction Social Media

The Reason You Need Construction Social Media Marketing

Your construction company is in need of some serious social media buzz.

To start with, every company needs a strong social media presence these days. That is regardless of the nature of the business. But for the construction industry, the need is pretty strong. And the numbers back it up.

About 97% of construction professionals are active on social media. That’s nearly everyone in the industry! This highlights the fact that professionals within the industry know the power of social media.

As for the social media platforms that should be first in line for you and your firm, Facebook and LinkedIn are at the top. In fact, 50% of construction marketers find those two platforms to be the best and most effective channels for their industry.

So it all comes down to creating a buzz for your brand on social media. You will get real results that can lead to more actual projects. Our agency has a construction social media marketing strategy that might be in line with what you want to experience.

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construction social media

Benefits of Using Construction Social Media Marketing

We talked about the need to create buzz for your brand on social media. But what exactly does that mean?

To make it more clear, let’s take a look at some of the most common benefits of using our construction social media marketing services:

1. Boost Brand Awareness

Using social media is one of the best ways to expose your construction brand. You won’t find other platforms to better expose your services to potential customers. The point is that those potential customers are likely on social media themselves. They are there to search for answers to their problems. You want to be the answer to all their construction needs and your strong presence will guarantee that.

2. Increase Website Traffic

You can use social media as a springboard to increase your website traffic. The more people see and interact with you on social media, the more they will visit your actual website. This is true especially if they find that you have the answers to their questions. Once they decide that you are the right firm for their project, expect more traffic.

3. Improve Search Ranking

Construction social media marketing will also help you improve your search ranking. This is one of the benefits of this strategy. With the way that people search for information today, you know that this is easily one of the best things to happen to your brand. The top three results are the most desirable rankings for any brand, but you want to set your sights on the top spot. Our social media strategies can help you get there.

construction social media

Start Working With One Of The Top Construction Social Media Marketing Companies In The USA!

LYFE Marketing was originally founded on social media marketing before excelling at other digital marketing services. We know how to conduct a successful construction social media campaign, and we can do it for your business. Click the button below to get started.




Awareness is one of the primary benefits of construction social media. We do it by using an organic approach that will help ensure getting followers that are more qualified. Awareness is the first step for construction companies towards generating sales.


Engagement is an important part of our construction social media marketing services. And you should also be aware of its true value. After you garner a following, you have to keep them engaged. It should be a continuous part of the strategy because it makes your followers feel respected and valued. Our social media specialists will monitor your accounts and engage with followers daily. They will answer questions, respond to messages, and like positive comments.


Visual content is an integral part of construction social media marketing. The more great visuals you have and share to your followers, the higher your engagement. Our specialists will help you create stunning and appealing graphics and animations. These will not only get noticed but also make you stand out. Through awesome content, you are able to drive even more traffic to your website.


Our agency will help you establish a strong presence on the best advertising platforms in social media. For example, Facebook marketing allows you to reach your audience using a highly targeted approach. This results in more qualified leads as well as conversions. We can help you leverage Facebook and all the other social media platforms for results.

Keys To Our Construction Social Media Marketing Services

LYFE Marketing is dedicated to helping you attain a strong social media presence through our construction social media marketing services. These are the keys to our high quality services:

  1. Reach Fans. You want to reach the right kind of audience. Those are the people that are looking for a firm to do their construction projects for them. We will help you reach them and make them your followers.
  2. Engage Fans. Once you reach your fans, you need to engage them. You can do this through quality social media posts. These kinds of posts will keep you top of mind.
  3. Sponsored Ads. Use paid sponsored ads to generate fans, traffic, as well as leads. These ads are important elements of social media marketing.



Full Service

Yes, you can benefit from our quality construction social media marketing services. But we are actually capable of so much more as we are also a full service digital marketing agency. From content creation to email marketing to website design, you can count on us to deliver for you. Simply contact our full service digital marketing team now. We would like to get you started on your construction social media marketing journey to success.

Industry Experience

Your first choice for a social media marketing agency should know about construction and have had previous experience with that industry. We happen to be such an agency. Our industry experience can help you grow your brand and eventually land more projects. If you are eyeing great results on your way to success, then you can’t go wrong with us.


Work with us so you can find out what it’s like to work with an exceptional specialist. One that is dedicated to providing you with the best construction social media marketing service. And one that knows all the social media platforms available and not just Facebook. We only work to produce the best results possible and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride to the top of your industry.

Does Construction Social Media Marketing Really Work?

When it comes to construction social media marketing, you need someone with real skills and actual experience working for you. Our team has that.

We have worked with numerous construction companies before and the results have invariably been great. If you want to work with us for your construction social media marketing services, then fill out the form below and schedule a meeting today!  

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