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Our CPA PPC services will help you acquire new clients in record time. Anytime people search for services like yours, your firm will appear right at the top.

Want to acquire more clients? Our CPA PPC services can help you do that.

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The Importance of CPA PPC Services for You

A certified public accountant (CPA) thrives in competition. They need to if they want to survive in the highly competitive world of accountants and other financial professionals. Each year, hundreds of new CPAs join the industry, and the competition becomes even tougher.

If the competition is so intense, then it begs the question – how will you get noticed? Common sense says that the more CPAs there are, the harder it is to do business.

So how can you market your firm to potential clients? How can you stand out from your competitors?

Our agency offers PPC or pay-per-click advertising management that will help make your business more visible. PPC management is a process that advertises your business on search engines like Google. In this process, you, or any other company that is in the same position, is basically buying visitors who have the potential to become clients.

Our PPC specialists will help you by streamlining your goals and your vision. From there, we will suggest a PPC campaign strategy based on your budget. We will cap it off by actively managing your campaign until you get the results you want. This is what we are capable of delivering to your firm through our CPA PPC services.

Benefits of Using CPA PPC Services

There are some who might not be completely sold on using PPC services. They believe that the costs will just add up over the course of time and that they would not see any significant returns.

However, that fear is unfounded as PPC has been proven to bring in enough revenue to offset the costs.

To help solidify your choice of using PPC advertising, here are some of its main benefits:

Increased Visibility

PPC ads will help increase the visibility of your website. Imagine showing up right at the top of a search engine’s results page. Being there means that your potential clients will not have a hard time finding you. Rank above the competition by making an ad that is triggered by one of your major keywords so that you will show up in those searches that are considered important.

More Control

You will have more control when you run a PPC campaign. It is much easier to make any changes, and PPC campaigns usually make instant updates. All you need to do is set the keywords that you plan on targeting and set the amount that you want to be spent on each ad. Lastly, write the ad text that will show up for each searcher.

Easier to Track

One of the main problems of launching any type of campaign is keeping track of it. With PPC ads, you are given the capability to track those users who click on your website. This allows you to tell which of the ads and keywords are doing well and more. You can make changes according to what you see when tracking the ads.

Our Process For A Successful CPA PPC Campaign



Our CPA PPC services start with research. Success in any type of campaign is not possible without it. We look for the keywords that will match your services and the vision that you have for your firm. But that is not all that we do as we also determine the negative keywords for your campaign. These have the potential to damage your campaign by making it more costly.



At this stage, as we create your ads, we use a tiered keyword strategy. What this means is that we allocate a higher budget to your best keywords. Using this strategy results in more ad clicks and better business for your firm.



The CPA PPC services that we provide for you also includes the management of your PPC ads. In the course of this process of managing your ads, we are going to conduct A/B testing on various ad copies. This will help ensure that your click through rates are improving throughout the campaign.



Our agency will provide continuous optimization to your firm so you will never be beaten by your competitors. We will make sure to optimize your PPC campaign, and as we do so, we will keep you up-to-date through reports. An open line of communication between our agency and your firm will always be maintained.

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Important Campaign Elements We Include In Our PPC Services

The goal of our CPA PPC services is to make sure that your firm is seen by potential clients and achieves the success it deserves.

For us to do that, we make use of the following tactics:

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Keyword Research

We will find the best keywords that will benefit your CPA PPC campaign the most.

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Creative Ad Copy

Our writers will create catchy and interesting copies for your ads that still provide much value.

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Regular Monitoring

We will constantly keep ourselves updated through regular monitoring of your campaign. This will alert us to any adjustments that need to be made in your campaign.

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Continuous Optimization

Our continuous optimization of your campaign guarantees results from all the ads that we help you put out.

What Makes Us the Best CPA PPC Company

Industry Experience

Our extensive industry experience allows us to provide effective PPC management for your firm. We are capable of taking care of every single detail of your campaign, and that includes both onsite and offsite factors. Our experience in working with accounting firms and financial institutions makes us good at what we do. We know what it takes to succeed in your industry and the challenges that firms usually face. With the experience that we have amassed, we can help you stay ahead of your competition at all times.


Our agency is made up of real specialists. Not just software or any program, but real people with real knowledge and expertise. When you work with us, you get real specialists assigned to your business. The CPA PPC services that we will provide for your firm includes the creation, monitoring, and optimization of your ads. All these are geared toward one goal, and that is to get more clients for your firm.

Full Service

We have a distinct advantage over our competitors, and that is the fact that we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We can provide more than just search or display ads for your firm, and you can use all the other services that we offer so you can have a higher chance at success.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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