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Traditional marketing tactics used to work, but not anymore. They are now outdated. But you can get back on track with our CPA SEO services.

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CPA SEO services involve a process that helps increase the visibility of your accounting firm on search engines like Google.

So when anyone searches for your business or services online, you want to be among the top results. Perhaps the best example of this is when someone types “accountants in my area” on Google. The purpose of SEO is to make sure that you appear at the top of the search results.

Do you know what makes this even more effective?

The fact that around 97% of people use search engines to look for local businesses. It would be hard not to take such a significant number into account. Get noticed and convert even a fraction of that number and your business will be off in the right direction.

However, the competition is also aware of this and would be aiming to beat you to those potential clients.

Work with a top SEO agency that can help make you stand out from your competitors. Our agency offers the right combination of experience and expertise in the process.

The SEO process itself consists of optimizing

  • the architecture of your website; and
  • its authority according to the algorithm used by Google.

The bottom line here is that our CPA SEO services will help you create, develop, and execute your firm’s SEO strategy.

Why Your Firm Needs CPA SEO Services

Face it. Most of your potential clients begin their search for an accounting firm or any similar company by searching online, specifically on Google.

If your firm uses sound SEO strategies, then you ought to be in great shape and at the top of the search rankings. You can start enjoying getting new traffic and leads from Google at a much lower cost than you would through other means.

Here are some of the main reasons why your accounting firm needs our CPA SEO services:

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Be seen. Get noticed. Basically, these are the things that SEO will do for you. Any time and every time people search for accounting firms, yours should appear right at the very top.

Higher Website Traffic

Higher Website Traffic

To be able to drive a high volume of website traffic to your accounting form’s website is one of the main benefits of our CPA SEO services. Best of all, the traffic driven is all from organic search.

Increased Leads

Increased Leads

A sound SEO strategy would optimize your website for your most relevant keywords. These are the keywords that your customers are surely searching for. These will help boost and increase your leads.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-Term Benefits

What separates SEO from other marketing tactics is that it offers long-term benefits. If done right, your website’s SEO should become stronger as time goes by, and you will outrank the competition on a regular basis.

How Our CPA SEO Services Work


CPA SEO Strategy

To lead you to success, the first step in our process is to develop your CPA SEO strategy. Our SEO specialists will start researching the best keywords for your accounting firm, and they would recommend the keywords that can best help your campaign. The next step is to audit your website and recommend ways to improve your architecture.


CPA SEO Website Optimization

The second step is to optimize your website for SEO. Before this can happen, changes need to be made. Google should recognize your CPA SEO for those keywords you want to rank for. Our SEO specialist will embed keywords into the coding, meta tags, and headers of your website. This will help Google to correctly scan your website. A sitemap of your website will also be submitted to search engines so they will be able to crawl your website and identify it.


CPA SEO Monthly Maintenance

After the optimization, we will implement a monthly maintenance plan. This plan will include building of high-quality backlinks, increasing website exposure, and writing blogs for your CPA SEO. This is sure to keep the optimization process going strong.


CPA SEO Reports

Our specialists will provide you with monthly reports that contain the details of how your SEO campaign is performing. The details in the report will include thoughts on how your campaign is going. You will see your visibility, organic traffic, and organic rankings.

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Benefits of CPA SEO

Working with us and using our CPA SEO services will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:



Most, if not all, of your clients use Google and other search engines on a daily basis to find similar services as yours.



The traffic that you get from search engines has a higher chance of converting into leads.

Free Traffic

Free Traffic

The traffic you get from SEO is absolutely free. This helps you keep the marketing costs down.

24/7 Promotion

24/7 Promotion

There is no limit to the amount of time that search engines can promote your firm.



SEO marketing is certainly organic and costs less than paid advertising options.

What Makes Our CPA SEO Services Unique

We Understand the Accounting Industry

Our knowledge comes from having CPAs, financial advisors, tax consultants, and more in top positions of our company. We have also worked with accountants, banks, and tax firms plenty of times before. So if you want to work with an agency that truly knows its way around CPA SEO, then we should be your number one choice.

We Take Care of the Marketing Needs of Your Firm

Our capabilities extend beyond just providing your firm’s CPA SEO services. We also have the ability and experience to handle your other digital marketing needs. The roster of specialists we have can take care of your blogging, graphic design, social media, or e-mail requirements. The services that we provide have been streamlined, so you only spend a fraction of the usual cost but still get top-quality talent behind them.

Our SEO Services Have Been Proven to Work

Experience and a proven track record are especially crucial in guiding you toward real success. We are that kind of SEO company. We have managed to help small businesses through our SEO services. Many of the firms that we helped actually reached #1 in SEO rankings. Proving that we know what we are talking about is the fact that we apply our best SEO practices on our own agency. We have likely reached you as a result of our own digital marketing and SEO efforts. Hopefully, this appeals to you when selecting the company you want to be partners in success with.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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