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Digital Agency Services

Looking to drive more sales, brand exposure and more? Leveraging your online presence the right way can do just that. Our digital agency services can help.
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Social Media Marketing

1 Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase your company’s brand awareness, website traffic and sales! We have two social media services: social media management and social media advertising. The first spreads your brand exposure through increased followers and engagement. The latter sends targeted, direct traffic to your website to track and optimize for leads or sales! Usually, our clients will utilize both of these services together for optimal results.

PPC Advertising

2 PPC & Google Ads

Our PPC services are a great way to drive targeted website traffic from Google. When you search for something on Google, you may notice the search results are separated by the “paid” results at the top and the organic (non-paid) results beneath those. You can run PPC advertisements so that Google places your website in those top paid results for certain keywords! Our digital agency services can help you decide which keywords to run ads for.

Email Marketing

3 Email Newsletters

Did you know that 91% of consumers state that they want to receive updates from businesses they follow via email? Yes, contrary to what many believe, e-mail is not outdated! In fact, we’re seeing success with many of our clients because of e-mail marketing, and when we say success, we mean ROI! We have two different e-mail marketing services: newsletter and drip sequence. Our team can help you decide which style of e-mail marketing may be best for you based on the nature of your business as well as the type, quality and quantity of your e-mail subscriber list.

Content Marketing

4 Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard the saying that content is king! It’s because content allows you to provide valuable, helpful information to your audience which in turn helps them establish trust and credibility in your brand. That trust is key because that’s what pushes them to choose you over competitors when making a purchasing decision! Apart from needing your product or understanding what you offer, customers need to feel familiar with your brand. Our team is composed of amazing content writers that will help foster that consumer brand trust for your business.

Web Design

5 Website Design

Most of your marketing efforts will point potential customers to your website, so you want your website to be effective in converting them! Your website design should be both aesthetically-pleasing as well as strategic. For instance, you don’t want it to look outdated, but you also don’t want it to be so abstract or “artistic” that visitors don’t know how to navigate it. Customers should know exactly what your company is about and how it helps them just from landing on the home page anywhere else yet. Our team knows how to craft websites that are both visual & strategic.


6 SEO – Organic Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very similar to the PPC Google ad services we mentioned earlier. Remember when we said Google separates the search results into paid and organic? SEO helps your website rank #1 in the organic results, meaning you don’t have to spend extra advertising dollars to do it. SEO is not as immediate as PPC because you’re not paying Google directly for the top search result spot, but it often is more effective because users tend to trust and click on the unsponsored, unpaid search results over the paid section!

LYFE Marketing Team


Can your business be found online? Are you taking advantage of all the online marketing opportunities that the internet has to offer? Millions of people are using the internet every second, let alone daily! With those kinds of numbers, you’re bound to find a percentage of your target audience online.


Professional digital agency services will also help you leverage online marketing for optimal results. We can help increase your brand awareness, social media engagement, e-mail subscribers, website leads and sales and more.


No matter which digital marketing services you sign up for, we know how to weave them to work together to your advantage.

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Several years back, when you were looking for a product or service, you had to either ask for other people’s recommendation, drive around the city looking in stores, or check out a directory. In those days, technology was still not as accessible as it is now.


In today’s generation, customers shop differently and therefore businesses have to advertise differently. Customers can simply open their desktop or whip out their smartphone to shop and research online. Yes, it’s faster and more convenient. That’s why it’s not surprising that 90% of people research online about a certain product or service to help them with their problems or shopping needs.


This is main reason why your business should focus on establishing a solid online presence, and this can be done through an effective digital marketing strategy.


Let’s take a look at a few of the many different types of businesses that can benefit from digital agency services.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Agency

B2C & Ecommerce Businesses

Did you know that in 2040, it is expected that 95% of shopping will be done online? It only goes to show how much consumers now are actively looking for products to buy by checking online platforms such as search engines, social media, email, apps and paid ads.

So if you are an entrepreneur who wants to reach more consumers, increase your brand awareness, connect with your market and acquire more sales (of course you do!), then digital marketing can help you. By establishing and being active on different online platforms, more potential customers will see your brand. More visibility means increased chances for conversions.

Digital Marketing Agency

B2B Companies

Who says consumers are the only ones browsing for products and services online? With digital, online platforms, you can reach professionals, decision-makers and business owners too! If you’re running a B2B company, you should know that over 90% of your fellow B2B marketers are prioritizing digital marketing strategies to generate more leads. So make sure you don’t get left behind by your competitors.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is easier when you have an effective digital marketing plan. This will not only increase your leads, but will also set your business up to be a credible, professional company that other business owners want to partner with.

Digital Marketing Agency

Service-Based Businesses

There has been a 900% growth in searches with the words “near me” over the last two years. What does this mean for your business? It means if you have a local shop offering services, there’s a high percentage of potential clients who are looking to hire you. So, you should make it easier for them to connect with your business.

You can do this by effectively managing your online channels such as your search engine presence, website contact forms, chat apps, social media pages or even your email. Digital marketing can help you organize and get more results from these platforms. Increase your clientele faster with a sound digital marketing plan.

Facebook Consulting Services

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations can also benefit from digital marketing. In fact, for every share made on social media platforms, a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign raises $13 on an average note.

You see, people are not only on these online channels to shop and buy. Some are also here to give donations and support their friends and advocacies.

So if increasing your donations and supporters is what you aim for this year, then it’s time to employ digital agency services. An effective marketing strategy is what you need to be closer to your goals and spread your cause to a wider audience.

Reasons Why You Need Digital Agency Services

 1  Customers Are Online

As we just mentioned, millions and millions of people use the internet daily. And when we say millions of people, we mean from all demographics and locations and across multiple digital marketing channels. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can target your specific customer base online.

 2  Improved Business Visibility

Digital marketing makes it easier and quicker than ever before to put your brand in front of your target audience. Increase your business visibility with our digital agency services.

LYFE Marketing Team
LYFE Marketing Team

 3  Drive Quality Traffic

Because digital marketing allows you to be so specific with its targeting options, you can really pinpoint your exact customer persona. This means when you direct waves of traffic to your website, you’re sending qualified traffic as opposed to just a large number of any website visitors.

 4  It’s Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is known to be a more cost-effective means of marketing than traditional marketing methods. You can reach thousands of people within your specific target market with just a few dollars! Our digital agency services will help you maximize those dollars to see optimal ROI at a low expense.

 5  Advanced Analytics

Another perk of digital marketing is its ability to track and measure everything. Our advanced analytics report on the metrics that matter when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns.

 6  Your Competitors Are Doing It

If you’re still going back and forth on whether or not to utilize digital agency services, know this: if your customers aren’t finding your business online, they’re finding your competitors instead!

LYFE Marketing Team
Digital Marketing Specialist

Are You Ready To Experience The Benefits Of Our Digital Agency Services?

Here at LYFE Marketing, we’ve helped thousands of businesses grow through digital marketing! From start-up businesses, ecommerce stores, personal brands, established companies to nonprofit organizations- you name it. That’s why we’re excited to add you to our list of successful clients!


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Why Choose Us To Provide Digital Agency Services


Because We Are Industry Experienced

If you’re working with a digital marketing agency, you want to be sure of their experience and success rate! When you work with LYFE Marketing, industry experience is something we have plenty of.


Because We Have Expert Specialists

All of the industry experience we have is backed by our team of expert specialists. Our team members have the experience and know-how to work with and grow your business.


Because We’re Always Up-to-Date

Digital marketing is changing all of the time; work with an agency that changes with it! Our digital agency services are always up-to-date with the latest trends and are in line with the latest policy changes on the different digital platforms.


When you work with LYFE Marketing, our goal is to fulfill your goals. We want to see your business grow and succeed. To help you do that, we incorporate the following strategies into our digital agency services:

Digital Agency Services

Provide Value

We provide value to your business, so that you can provide value to your customers. Consumers appreciate value from brands in the form of information or tools that help them. It shows that you genuinely care for their goals or success.

Knowledge Is Power

We bring the knowledge necessary to run a thoughtful and effective digital marketing campaign for your business.


We create custom content for all of our clients because generic material won’t work in growing your business. Your target audience wants to see personalized content from your brand, and that’s what we’ll deliver.

The Process Of Our Digital Agency Services


The first step in our process is to perform an audit. This will show us where you currently stand on different digital marketing platforms and what efforts you’ve performed in the past.


From here, we will conduct a bit of research! This will include a competitor analysis and a customer avatar. This is where we analyze what your competitors are doing well (or doing poorly!), and we also look at the content your target audience engages with the most.


The last step pre-launch is to clearly define your goals and target audience. We’ll help you define exactly how to target your audience online, and your goals will tell us what action you want them to take (be it engaging with your social posts, visiting your website etc.).


This is the exciting step where we launch your campaign! All of the prep-work leading up to this step allows us to launch your digital agency services with confidence.


If you’re partnered with LYFE Marketing, trust that we’re monitoring your campaigns daily! We monitor for different things depending on the service you sign up for, but overall we keep a constant pulse on the performance of your campaign.


We share monthly reports with our clients because our analytics track all of our efforts. We study the data to see what’s working well and what needs improvement. This guides us in our suggestions for your campaign moving forward each month.

Connect With The Right Customers By Using Our Digital Agency Services!

Hiring digital agency services can help increase the brand exposure, website traffic, social media engagement, sales and MORE for your business.


As you read above, we’ve worked with countless small businesses from all different industries. We have the experience required to help your business grow.


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