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Digital Marketing Companies In USA



Top Digital Marketing Companies In USA

If you have an online presence, then utilizing a high-level digital marketing strategy is the best way to reach your ideal target audience. Need to build your brand? Drive sales? Start with LYFE Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

1 Social Media

Our company was founded on social media management. We are confident and capable of performing social media marketing from concept and strategy to execution. We offer two different types of social media services: social media management and social media advertising. The first increases your brand awareness with followers and engagement, while the latter drives website traffic and sales through ads.

PPC Advertising

2 PPC & Google Ads

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service is great for driving website traffic or sales! Regardless as to whether you’re a service-based business looking for leads or if you sell products directly on your website, PPC can work to your advantage. Our PPC service targets internet users who are actively searching things on Google that are related to what you offer or provide and positions your website in their search results.

Email Marketing

3 Email Newsletters

Email marketing is great for companies that have an email list of subscribers. These subscribers could be customers, potential customers or a mix of both depending on your business goals! There are two different types of email marketing services that we provide: newsletter and drip sequence. These two can be tailored for different goals but will surely yield positive results. If you’re unsure of which email marketing service to utilize, our team can help you determine which of those two would make the most sense for your business!

Content Marketing

4 Content Marketing

They always say that content is king, and content marketing really exemplifies that! When you analyze the reasons behind purchasing decisions, brand trust is a big one. Consumers need to feel familiar with a product or service as well as with the company providing it in order to feel “safe” in buying from them or getting their services. Content marketing gives your target audience information that answers their questions, gives value and familiarizes them with your brand. This in turn establishes brand trust, and sets you apart from competitors.


5 SEO – Organic Traffic

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and if you’re not familiar with it, you can think of it as the organic version of PPC! Like PPC, SEO also ranks your website in Google’s search results when someone searches for something you offer, but unlike PPC, it doesn’t appear as a paid advertisement. Google separates the paid search results from the organic (or unpaid). SEO falls in the organic section, which often gets more traffic flow because people trust the unpaid search results more!

Web Design

6 Website Design

Have you ever paid for a brand new website design but then fail to see any real growth or sales from it? A lot of the other services we’ve mentioned so far are great for driving the initial traffic, but then you want your website to be effective in converting them once they arrive! Our website design services are not just aesthetically-pleasing; they’re also strategic! The key to converting your website traffic is with website design that is graphically-pleasing AND optimized for conversions.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing For Your Business

We live in a digital era and almost all of our daily routines involve getting online. From finding out what today’s weather is, to booking a car, ordering your favorite meal, checking out the latest news, to looking for the best places to visit, and the list goes on. People turn to the internet for their needs, goods and services, and this is great news for business owners like you.


Digital marketing allows your target market to find your business whenever and wherever they are. The only two things you need to think about is how they can find you and if online content is effective in converting them. Take a look at these numbers to learn how digital marketing can further encourage your business growth.

Digital Marketing Companies in USA

Companies get $2

in profit for every $1 they spend in AdWords, on an average note.

Content marketing

can yield up to 3x more leads.

Paid ads are proven

to generate an 11.38% click through rate on Google.

85% of users state

that they prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media platforms.

More than 51% of users

have discovered a new brand or product while doing research on their mobile phones.

Google drives 96%

of the total mobile search web traffic.

Branded content

on social media is twice as likely to engage users.

86% of professionals

state that they prefer to use email for communicating with other businesses.

With the numbers above, it’s hard to deny the positive impact digital marketing can have on your business. Many business owners see statistics like this and think, “Okay this is great, but how am I going to find the time to learn and execute digital marketing?” That’s where one of the top digital marketing companies in USA comes in.

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There are millions of customers who are using the internet daily. And one of the top digital marketing companies in USA can help position your brand in front of them to increase your brand awareness and sales.


Our agency is one of the top digital marketing companies in USA and will help your brand and business stand out from other competitors in your industry and in the digital marketing space.


We have the expert knowledge and experience to take your company to the next level.

How Different Business Types Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Every business industry has a unique target market, we can’t argue with that. But, no matter how different your target audience is, one thing’s for sure – they go online almost everyday. Their online activities are the same and so is how they search for products or services. Billions of people across the globe access the internet and search for products or services every day. Let’s take a closer look at how your potential customers are interacting online with brands and how digital marketing affects your industry.

B2C Businesses

B2C Businesses

Did you know that 90% of users haven’t made up their mind about which brand they’re going to purchase from before they start their online search? That is how big your chances are in persuading new customers to purchase from you. Once they look for your products or services online using search engines or social media, a strong digital marketing presence will put your brand at the top. It’s like putting your brand in front of your potential customers without requiring you to be there physically to do the sales talk. Your marketing collaterals will do that for you.

B2B Companies

B2B Companies

B2B businesses who implement marketing campaigns in nurturing their prospects generate 50% more sales with 33% less cost compared to non-nurtured leads. And not only that, it’s also worth noting that 40% of professionals visit their social media account, LinkedIn in particular, everyday. So you see, online activities are not only for consumers. Business people and professionals are also on these platforms. Digital marketing lets you access your audience where they’re already spending their time. The more professional your online reputation is, the more credible and reliable your business is going to look to your target audience.

Non profit Organization

Nonprofit Organizations

Who says that people only go online to look for products to buy or services to hire? 71% of nonprofit organizations across the globe stated that social media is effective for online fundraising. Also, 87% of donors donated from a social referral source. These numbers only show how you can take advantage of online platforms to gather more donations, spread awareness of your nonprofit and garner more support. If you are having problems promoting your fundraising campaign or getting volunteers to help you, then a strategic digital marketing plan can help.

Reasons Your Brand Can Benefit From One Of The Top Digital Marketing Companies In USA

 1  Digital Access To Potential Customers

Most, if not all, of your potential customers are online, and you need to take advantage of that. You can reach leads who are specifically searching for your products or services online, or you can target them based on demographics and interests. Either way, digital marketing is the perfect way to connect you with those potential customers.

 2  Increase Brand Consumer Touchpoints

Improved business visibility means that more people are going to look at your products and services. Digital marketing will help expose your brand to potential customers who you may not have reached otherwise! Increased touchpoints with your audience through retargeting will lead to more sales.

LYFE Marketing Team
LYFE Marketing Team

 3  Improved Quality Of Website Traffic

Digital marketing offers you a great advantage in that you have extensive targeting options across multiple channels. This helps ensure you get quality traffic and quality leads.

 4  Easy On Your Wallet

Using a digital marketing agency is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. And since it is affordable, you can expect to get a better ROI.

 5  Track Your Efforts

Digital marketing allows you to measure how successful your campaign is through advanced analytics. Without guessing, you know exactly which efforts are working and which are not.

 6  Beat Out Your Competition

One more reason to look for a good digital marketing agency is because the competition is doing it. If your customers aren’t finding your presence online, they’re finding your competitors instead.

LYFE Marketing Team
Digital Marketing Specialist

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LYFE Marketing is responsible for helping thousands of companies reach their goals. We’ve worked with various sizes of businesses from start-ups to small, medium and big companies in different industries. We combine experience and skills to make sure your business enjoys the level of success it deserves. Want better results? Schedule a meeting by clicking the button below!

Why Choose Us As Your Digital Marketing Company


Excessive Experience In Digital Marketing

Industry experience is something LYFE Marketing has plenty of. As one of the top digital marketing companies in USA, we have the experience of working with hundreds of different small businesses and executing successful marketing strategies for them.


Professional Marketers

Our work here at LYFE Marketing is backed by a team of expert specialists. All of our team members are the best of the best in their niche within digital marketing. So whether you sign on for email marketing, SEO or something else, you can expect someone who is an expert in that realm to work on your account.


Current Strategies

No matter which digital marketing service you utilize, you can expect that it’s always changing. Our team members stay up-to-date on all of the changing trends, ad policies and more for the benefit of your marketing campaign.


As one of the top digital marketing companies in USA, we know how to drive results with your marketing efforts! That is why we incorporate the following strategies into your campaign:

Digital Marketing

Building Trust

We will work on creating a trusting relationship because people usually interact with and purchase from those they trust.

Educating Your Audience

The more value and information you can provide your audience, the more they will trust you and view your brand as a thought-leader in the industry over competitors!

Retargeting Your Audience

Customers usually need to interact with your brands several times before making a purchase. Our marketing strategies create those touch-points so that they are engaging with your brand multiple times.

How To See Success With Digital Marketing

Determine What Has Worked (Or Not Worked) In The Past

Regardless of which digital marketing service you sign up for, we always like to look at your current online presence. This helps us see what efforts have been made in the past as well as anything being done currently.

See How Your Competition Stands Up In Comparison

The next step for us is to perform a complete analysis of your current digital marketing platforms, your competitors and your target audience! This lets us see what’s working well for your competitors (and what isn’t!), and it also tell us what kind of content resonates well with your target audience.

Outline Your Target Audience’s Pain Points & Goals

As we just stated, we like to analyze your target audience to determine what kind of content resonates well with them. We take this a step further by defining your audience. We research to understand what their goals and desires are versus their pain points. What motivates them? What language speaks to them? We define these factors for the betterment of your marketing campaign.

Implement Our Digital Marketing Plan

This is the exciting step where we launch your digital marketing campaign! Our research and data is reflected in the strategy we create for you, and this is where we execute that strategy and start generating results for your business.

Watch Campaign Closely To Study Results & Trends

With any digital marketing service, you can’t just “set it and forget it.” Our team implements daily monitoring to ensure optimal execution of your marketing campaign!

Review Data & Reports Regularly

One of our favorite things about digital marketing is that everything is measurable. We’re able to track all of our digital marketing efforts regardless of which service you sign up for. This allows us to see what’s working well and what needs improvement!

Connect With The Right Clients By Using One Of The Top Digital Marketing Companies In USA

If you’re tired of seeing little to no growth, then now is the perfect time to take your business to the next level. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help increase your business’ brand awareness, leads and sales. Our expert specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide your campaign towards success and beat out the competition in your industry.


As business owners ourselves, we understand and can anticipate the struggles of building your online presence from scratch. It can often drain your time and resources without proper guidance. But don’t fret because that’s exactly why we want to help you! Click the button below to get started and grow your business.

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