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Our expert specialists will create an affordable social media marketing strategy that establishes your brand and grows your business.

Affordable social media marketing helps you reach more of your target audience and convert them. Need to improve your social media at a reasonable price? We’re here for you!

Priced For The Small Business Owner

Utilizing affordable social media marketing services can make a big impact at very little cost, in turn helping your small business grow. Our team will make sure your social media strategy is executed correctly and efficiently.

Increased Brand Awareness On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most targeted methods of reaching people. You can reach thousands and thousands of people with just a few dollars. Plus, you can reach specific people that fall within your target audience! You get to select exactly who sees your content. This is part of what makes social media marketing both affordable AND effective.

Grow Followers, Engagement Website Traffic & Sales

A big perk of affordable social media marketing is your ability to track results. Social media has several different advertising campaigns that optimize for specific goals including, followers, engagements, sales, leads and more. This means when you start generating results, you can track and optimize your ad campaigns based on what’s working and what needs improvement!

Why Use Affordable Social Media Marketing Services?

3.2 billion people are active on social media daily. You have the ability to reach your specific target market within those users and convert them into a long lasting customer!

The key that makes affordable social media marketing so effective in that way is social media makes it easy for your customers to build trust in your brand.

When making a purchasing decision between your company and your competitors, it’s not uncommon for consumers to check out reviews and content from social media. Having an updated, strategic and informative social media presence that gives value to your consumers prompts them to purchase from you over competitors!

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

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affordable social media marketing services

Benefits of Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

So far we have talked about why you need affordable social media marketing and the basics of how it works. Now let us talk about its benefits.

Here are some of the more prominent of those benefits:

-Create better awareness for your brand
-Increase engagement before and after sale
-Convert your new buyers into loyal customers
-Facilitate sharing about your brand
-Optimize customer value journey
-Save time by letting professionals handle your social media

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

Examples of Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

A sound, affordable social media marketing strategy is not one dimensional. Rather, it is multifaceted and covers various platforms you can use to connect with potential customers.

Social Media Management – Our social media management services optimize for brand awareness, engagement and follower growth! Some platforms that we work on for our clients include the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. This service focuses more on organic content and using paid ads to increase follower growth and engagement.

Social Media Advertising – Our social media advertising services focus on generating website traffic, leads and direct online sales. All of the social platforms listed above have ad management platforms built in on the back-end. We utilize those social ad platforms to your advantage.

A combination of both of these strategies is usually what sets you up for success in the long term!

What Makes Our Affordable Social Media Marketing Services Different From Others

We Offer More Than Just Social Media

Our agency provides a full range of digital marketing services. This means we offer multiple services such as SEO, e-mail marketing, PPC (Google) ads and more. Being a full service agency allows us to think with the big picture in mind and utilize all working parts of digital marketing to your advantage.

We Are Actually Affordable

Unlike some agencies, when we say we’re affordable, we mean it. We know first-hand what it’s like to run a small business, so we created prices with the small business owner in mind.

We Were Founded On Social Media Marketing

Affordable social media marketing services are what we were founded on. Our industry experience lets us anticipate your wants and your needs, sometimes even before you do. Our experience gives you value and knowledge behind the execution of your campaign.

LYFE Marketing Is Composed Of A Team Of Experts

Part of what makes our social media services affordable is that you’re receiving not just one, but a whole team of expert specialists. This gives you the most bang for your buck.  


We offer affordable social media marketing services to encourage small business owners’ growth and bottom line. When you use our affordable social media marketing services, you can expect to see the following points happen: 

  1. Expose Your Brand: Brand awareness is necessary, especially for small businesses. It allows you to establish your company as a credible source within your industry, and it also helps build that trusting relationship between your customers and your brand! Followers, engagement and trust in a company are what ultimately turn into leads and sales.
  2. Increase Your Website Traffic and Leads: If your business is service-based, there may be a need for inquiries and leads in order to achieve sales. We utilize social media ad platforms to run lead-based campaigns (which specifically optimize for qualified leads). If you have an ecommerce business or a more direct-sales based business, we’ll still use social ad platforms (we’ll just use them to drive traffic and direct conversions instead of leads).
  3. Encourage Your ROI: This is what we’re all striving for isn’t it? In addition to driving initial traffic, social ads can also be used to retarget different audiences that have already had a touch-point with your brand (website visitors, existing customers, email list, social media engagement etc). Because people usually need to interact with a brand multiple times before buying from them, retargeting is usually a great way to achieve those sales we want.


Set Specific Social Media Goals

Most businesses know they want to “grow,” but it helps to set specific goals of what you want accomplished. We’ll make sure the strategy we put in place aligns with your end goals. You’d be surprised at how many marketers and business owners out there run campaigns that aren’t in line with what their goals are! There are so many different advertising campaigns to use and content options available, so we make sure we utilize the right methods that work to achieve your specific goals.

Utilize Social Ads To Drive Engagement, Traffic & Sales

Once we have your goals in place, we’ll create a strategy with those goals in mind. We can use affordable social media marketing to drive traffic, leads, and sales as well as follower growth and engagement for brand awareness. There are number of marketing methods we can use to drive the results you’re looking for.

Study Reports & Act Accordingly

With affordable social media marketing, we don’t have to guess about what’s working and what’s not. Affordable social media marketing allows us to track all of our efforts. We can measure to see exactly what’s driving sales and what’s not. This allows us to analyze and continuously optimize from there. We also send our clients monthly reports so that you have direct access to all of the metrics you care about.

Achieve Success with Our Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

Our agency has made affordable social media marketing services available to small businesses nationwide and worldwide. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses (as well as our own!) grow through social media marketing. With our expertise and experience, we can help your business see success too via strategic digital marketing. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, click the button below.

affordable social media marketing services

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