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Our complete SEO services help your website rank higher on Google & see results faster.

We are an Atlanta-based digital marketing company servicing small to mid sized businesses nationwide and beyond. Our complete SEO services help you see the results you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

complete seo services

Put More Money In Your Wallet

Are you ready to acquire more traffic and sales at a lower cost? SEO helps you drive website traffic and sales without spending thousands of dollars on paid advertisements. This allows you to lower your acquisition costs and see a higher ROI!

Gain Exposure By The Thousands

The biggest result of complete SEO services is that your website starts ranking in Google’s top search results. That’s going to drive a lot of organic traffic to your website when people search for keywords related to your product or service, resulting in more brand exposure for your business.

Put Your Business On The Map

When people search for something they need on Google, be it a product or service, they tend to trust the top results on the first page. The websites in those top spots experience a lot of website traffic and eventually sales. Our complete SEO services can help your website achieve one of those top spots.

What Does Hiring Our Complete SEO Services Mean For Your Business?

There are many moving working parts to SEO, and they’re always changing. You want to make sure that the digital marketing agency you hire to perform your SEO services are 1) using ethical methods and 2) giving you complete SEO services. Because there are so many components to SEO, you want to make sure you’re using them all effectively.


So what does utilizing complete SEO services mean for your business? In a nutshell, it means more traffic, sales and ROI. When people search for a product or service on Google, they almost always click on the top organic results on the first page. Meaning they usually choose an organic search result over the paid results, and they do not usually scroll past the first page. If your website appears in one of those top spots, you’ll start receiving waves or organic traffic from different keyword searches. That traffic turns to sales.

complete seo services

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complete seo services

Why Hire Our Complete SEO Services?

Think about your business and what you offer. What searches might people type into Google if they were looking for the product or service you offer? Do a quick Google search yourself on the searches you just thought of; does your website appear in the top 5 results on the first page? If not, then you’re missing out on a huge wave of traffic and our complete SEO services can help you with that.


Our complete SEO services include a comprehensive amount of research and labor to ensure that your SEO is performed ethically and effectively. We say complete SEO services because we help at the start with analyzing your website and follow through with full execution of the SEO strategy we prepare.

complete seo services

How We Generate Thousands of Dollars Worth of Traffic Using SEO

At LYFE Marketing, we use SEO not only for our clients but also to fuel our own business. The above screenshot shows an increase in our website traffic to upwards of 50K hits per month. You’d have to spend close to $400K in paid advertising to achieve that kind of traffic consistently. But we just use the same SEO practices that work for us and our clients, and we can do the same for you.




Initial Website Assessment

Before we move forward, our team will perform a site analysis to see where your site has room for improvement. Once we evaluate your current status with SEO, we’ll know what to plan for moving forward. 

Nail Down Your SEO Goals & Keywords

The next step is to clearly define your goals and understand what keywords you want to rank for. Remember that keywords are synonymous with the Google searches your customers make. Some keywords may be more profitable for you than others!

Prepare For Launch

We will set up all of the necessary tracking software so that we are able to monitor your progress moving forward. It’s important to be able to track our efforts and your success. 

Search Engine Optimization

After our initial preparation is complete, we can launch! This includes the optimization process where we make direct changes on your website to help you start ranking for the keywords we’ve chosen.

Constantly Analyze & Optimize

This last step is ongoing and really embodies why we offer complete SEO services. After initial SEO, there is ongoing SEO which helps you get into one of Google’s top search result spots and stay there. 


We offer complete SEO services to encourage small businesses to see growth. These are some of the elements we focus on to ensure their success:

  1. #1 Search Result Rankings: The main goal of SEO is to help your website achieve higher rankings on Google. Doing so will drive more organic traffic and results!
  2. More Profits At A Lower Cost: Because the traffic from SEO is organic, you’re able to save money you would otherwise be spending on paid advertisements to achieve the same amount of qualified traffic. Saving money allows you to profit more.
  3. Heightened Brand Exposure: While SEO is awesome for driving traffic and conversions, it also increases your brand awareness in the process! You’ll have a greater footprint in the digital marketing realm.


We Know SEO

SEO is not a simple marketing strategy. It has a lot of moving parts and takes an experienced marketer to perform SEO well. We pride ourselves on our know-how and successful experience with SEO.

Our SEO Specialists Stay On Top Of Changing Trends

Our SEO specialists are experts in their field. They keep up with the ever-changing rules and policies around SEO to make sure that your campaign is always effective and up-to-date.

We Have Case Studies Written On Our SEO Success

You don’t have to just take our word for our SEO experience; you can look at our track record! We have performed complete SEO services for many of our clients as well as for our own business and seen great results (aka ROI) from it.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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