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Digital Marketing Website Design Services Built To Help Your Business

An important part of any digital marketing strategy is web design. Your website is basically your home base for all of your digital interactions, so it’s necessary to design a website that is both functional and engaging for your customers. You have the potential to make a great impression and draw in more customers, so use this to your advantage. Don’t let bad web design hinder your success.

At LYFE Marketing, we can help. We’re rated #1 for our website design services, so we can guarantee great results. We’ll help you increase your conversions through appealing, engaging, and responsive web design.

Why Is Digital Marketing Website Design Important?

First impressions make an impact, especially for small businesses. You want to make sure you properly showcase your services so that you attract more customers. This also holds true for your website. Your website is both a digital storefront and the face of your brand – so you want it to be effective. Research shows that bad web design tends to deter customers from certain businesses, so don’t leave your success up to chance. Your business has value, so don’t be afraid to showcase that to potential customers. Grab their attention and give them a reason to stay. 

How Can Digital Marketing Website Design Help Your Business Succeed?

Create A Website That Is Engaging And Appealing To Customers

Web design is a prominent factor in whether or not customers decide to utilize your business. If your website looks unprofessional or is hard to use, then customers will go search for another business. You don’t want to miss out on new business because of something that can easily be fixed, so we can help you create a website that draws customers in and keeps them there.

Generate Positive User Experiences

Many customers research multiple businesses for the one product or service they need, and it can be easy for them to get sidetracked. You want to give them a great user experience that sticks with them so that they’ll return to your business. When you design your website around customer usability, you make it that much easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. With an organized layout, you’ll be able to reduce bounce rates and promote conversions.

Optimize Your Website With A Responsive Layout

As the digital landscape increases, more and more people are searching for businesses on their mobile devices. We’ve all had to deal with web pages that were either way too big or way too small for our screen, and we all know how difficult it can be to navigate those kinds of websites. When you work with us, you’ll get a responsive web design that looks good and functions well on any size screen.

Strengthen Your Social Media Efforts

In digital marketing, there’s a lot of overlap that can come from web design and social media. You can use your website to display your social media credentials and you can use social media platforms to link back to your website. Incorporating the two together can allow users to more freely refer your business to others, which leads to more site traffic and lead conversions.

Attract And Retain Loyal Customers

The end goal for all business websites is to draw in more customers, but there’s more to it than just getting people to view it. You want to make a great impression, and get them to stay and partake in your services. When you create a platform for good user experiences, you’ll be able to retain more of the people you attract to your site.

Differentiate Yourself From Other Businesses

Many businesses follow a generic website design, and the last thing you want to do is get caught in the mix with them. When you create something appealing and unique, your customers are more likely to remember and return to your brand. We’ll help you design a website that’s individualized for your business, and engaging enough to capture audience attention.

Quality Websites Built Around Your Needs

We’ve built websites for hundreds of clients across different industries, so we have the skills necessary to get you the results you want – regardless of the type of business you have. We also understand that every business has its own needs, and we’re fully determined to personalize your website around your needs. From your personal business goals, to the needs of your target audience, to your budget – we’ll get to know your business and craft an effective website around what matters most to you and your customers.


Quality Websites Built Around Your Needs

We’ve built websites for hundreds of clients across different industries, so we have the skills necessary to get you the results you want – regardless of the type of business you have. We also understand that every business has its own needs, and we’re fully determined to personalize your website around your needs. From your personal business goals, to the needs of your target audience, to your budget – we’ll get to know your business and craft an effective website around what matters most to you and your customers.

Digital Marketing Website Design

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No Matter The Business, Our Digital Marketing Website Design Services Can Serve You Well

Professional Services: With professional services like yours, it can be hard for customers to know what they’re getting ahead of time. Your website can be clear proof of the quality of your services, so don’t settle for a bad design. You can make it easy for potential customers to see examples of your work, and if they like what you do, find your contact information.

Real Estate: Your website design could make or break your business. Your site could be a great portfolio that represents your services and the properties you’re handling. If clients don’t like the way your website looks, you could lose a lot of business. We can help you create a website that properly portrays everything you do, and proves that your firm is the one they should trust.

E-commerce: E-commerce stores are growing in popularity as more consumers do their shopping online. With our services, we can create a responsive web design that makes it easier for your customers to shop from any device they have. And with an easily navigable layout, they’ll be able to find just the right product they’re looking for.

B2B Marketing: Marketing to other businesses is a lot different than marketing to consumers. Your website will need to take a different approach and use a different tone in order to establish credibility with your brand. We can work around your needs as a B2B operation, and create a website layout that is professional and trustworthy.

Food Services: Websites are a great way to show off your food. Your website should properly showcase your culinary creations, because if they look good enough on a screen, you’re likely to get more customers coming in to try them. Since your product is only something they can get directly from you, make sure to leave them wanting more.

Non-Profit Organizations: Websites are effective tools for non-profits because they can provide a lot of useful information for those looking to help. An appealing website will draw more people to your organization, and an easily navigable layout makes it easy for them to learn about what you do and how they can support you. You’re doing great work, so your organization deserves a website that matches.

Digital Marketing Website Design

Healthcare: Because of its ease of access, more and more people are researching healthcare services and providers online. We’ll design your website with a clear layout that is easy to navigate, so that more patients can find your services and book appointments with you.

Beauty And Fitness: Your business focuses on beauty, so why should you settle for a website that’s not beautiful? We’ll help you build an appealing website that properly promotes your products and services. The better your website looks, the more customers will trust in your business.

Other Industries: Didn’t see your industry listed here? No worries – we’ve worked with a lot of different industries, including some not listed here. We can create an effective website based on whatever field your in, and tailored for your personal needs.

Digital Marketing Website Design

Our Steps Towards Successful Digital Marketing Website Design

Getting To Know Your Business And Discussing Your Vision

Getting To Know Your Business And Discussing Your Vision

Our first step in getting to know you is assigning you a web design specialist to work on your website. This person will send you an initial questionnaire to get a feel for what you want your business’s website to look like, and they’ll work to make it happen.

Establishing A Hosting Account And Choosing A Platform

Establishing A Hosting Account And Choosing A Platform

Next, we’ll get you set up with a hosting site and web platform. If you already have a hosting account, then we’ll need you to give us access to it. If you don’t have one, then we recommend GoDaddy or BlueHost. Once everything is set up and we’re given access to your account, we’ll get to work on WordPress.

Creating A Rough Draft Of Your Website

Creating A Rough Draft Of Your Website

Over the course of a couple of weeks, we’ll complete a rough draft of your website. You’ll be able to review our progress and suggest any further edits you’d like for us to make. Once we incorporate your suggestions, then the design will be complete.

Launching Your New Website

Launching Your New Website

Once you approve of the final design, we’ll be able to launch the live version of your website. The design will be moved from its temporary location and transferred to the domain that you use. Your customers will be able to see and interact with your brand new website.

Managing And Maintaining Your Website

Managing And Maintaining Your Website

We know that not every business has the time or ability to manage a website on their own, so that’s why we offer design plans that include website maintenance. With this plan, we’ll regularly optimize your website for security and performance purposes. Our plans can serve for month-to-month operations, or only as needed.

What Makes Us The Best Agency For Website Design?



With us, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your website or your budget. We know how to craft great layouts at a reasonable price. There’s no need to break the bank for a website that you’re proud of.

Quick Results

Quick Results

Your time is valuable, so we work diligently to get your website done quickly. Our turnaround for website designs is usually 45 days or less, meaning you can get it up and running sooner. 

Cohesive Strategies

Cohesive Strategies

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, meaning we’re experienced in other areas of digital creation and promotion. We take what we know from these fields and apply it to web design, so that every website we create is optimized for lead generation and conversions.


How will you build a website that I like & fits my brand?

We’ll give you an initial questionnaire that asks about what you want or need from your new website. We’ll combine the information you give us with some of our expertise, and build an effective website that fits your specifications. If you review the rough draft we make and have things you want to change, you’re able to make suggestions for us to fix on the final draft.

How long will it take?

Once we have everything we need to get started, we’re usually able to design and finish your website between 30 and 45 days.

What platform will you build the website on?

All of our websites are built with WordPress because it is user-friendly (making it easy for you to navigate after we’ve finished building it), and because it has different plugins and additional features that allow you to customize your site more than with other platforms.

How long will my website be down?

The website we build for you will be designed on a temporary URL until the live version is launched. If you already have a website, we’ll keep it up until the one we make is complete. If you don’t already have a website, we can place a “Coming Soon” page on your domain until we launch our version.

What do you need to develop the website?

In order for us to get started, we will need access to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any other content you would like included on your site. From there, we can design your website based on your requirements.

Who needs to write the copy for my website?

You can choose to write the copy for your website. Our clients will often provide us with their own copy or an outline of what they’d like to see written on the website. However, if you want us to write your copy, we can do it for an additional fee.

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