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Bring new clients into your gym while motivating others to continue their membership.

With a consistent fitness newsletter, you’re doing more than just putting a message in someone’s inbox. You’re sharing your knowledge and encouragement to help them along their fitness journey.

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Personalize It

Fitness email marketing allows you to reach out to members or even non-members on a more personal level. Reaching fitness goals is more than just a physical journey. It’s a personal one, so people love to see their gym be genuinely involved in the process.

Save Time & Money

To offer the right email newsletter to the right people at the right time requires a great deal of time and effort if you don’t have the help of a digital marketing company. As a busy small business owner we know time is money. Stop wasting your precious time. Start saving it instead by leaving it to us to take care of your emails for you.

Communicate Events

Your fitness newsletter is basically your sidekick that helps you get the word out about all of the events happening at your gym or fitness studio. Keep members informed by sending weekly newsletters or monthly emails about class schedules, group training courses, community gym events, personal training opportunities, club news, and more.

Introduction to Fitness Email Marketing

You’ve heard about the success countless gyms and fitness studios have seen with their fitness email marketing efforts, so why not become one of them? We’ve stretched and we’re motivated to help you get your email marketing efforts started to meet your gym’s membership goals! Contact our team today to discuss how we can get started on creating your fitness newsletter!

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Why Do You Need a Fitness Newsletter?

Nurture Leads to Conversions – Automated fitness email marketing is the sales person that’s there getting more membership numbers for you when you can’t be everywhere at once. Our fitness email marketing services can help you nurture the leads you receive through behavior triggered emails personalized to meet your prospects’ needs in a fitness facility and encourage how your facility meets those needs.


Upsell Current Members – Even though you already have dozens if not hundreds of members, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear more from you about the new programs you’re offering or products you’re selling. Use your fitness newsletter to announce the launch of a new fitness program or product line to your current customers to boost the growth of internal revenue for your gym.


Re-Engage Past Members –  If you’ve noticed a decline in a member’s attendance to the gym or have a group of recently cancelled members, you can use our fitness email marketing services to reach out to those members with an enticing offer that motivates them to come back to your facility for a few more months. We can also automate this option for you the take the worry away.



Develop a Strong Strategy

Step one in our agency’s fitness email marketing process is to develop a content strategy that will tell the “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign. We will lay out the message that will be shared, when your fitness newsletter will be sent and to what contact lists it will be sent. Your strategy will closely match what your target audience desires to read and when they want to read it in order to obtain the highest open rates and click through rates possible for your campaign.


Implement Software

We will then set your gym or fitness business up with our recommended email marketing software. Your dedicated advertising specialist will help you select that level of software that best fits your needs and will help you in achieving the goals set in the strategy step. If you already use a email software that you prefer, we can generally accommodate most platforms. No matter how you want to proceed, we have the right marketing tools to get your email campaign up and running.


Create Lead Magnets

To obtain more interested readers for your newsletters, we will create customized lead magnets that will entice website visitors to learn more about your gym and become a subscriber to your fitness newsletter. We will then embed these onto your website in prime locations as to attract the most new subscribers possible.


Fitness Newsletter

Your personal digital advertising specialist will create a custom fitness newsletter template and copy for your gym’s weekly or monthly newsletter. You will review and approve all emails before they are sent out to your members. Your specialist will make any edits or changes within 24 hours and return the revisions back to you for approval.


Fitness Newsletter

Our services also include routine email list maintenance where we will remove any unengaged subscribers. If your list contains subscribers who are not opening your emails and no longer engage with your brand, it could significantly hurt the deliverability of your emails to your members who are engaged and want to hear from you consistently. We monitor your contact list engagement rates on an ongoing basis to ensure your list is properly updated.



With our email marketing software, we can track all of the most important metrics for your email marketing campaign. You will receive a detailed report each month depicting the growth of your campaign through number of subscribers, open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates. Our team then reviews and analyzes this data and makes any necessary adjustments to your strategy to optimize for conversions.

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Provide Constant Motivation to Members

Our email marketing services allow you to always stay connected with your members when they’re always on the go. We all know how easy it can be to get off track when it comes to your fitness goals. But you can be your members’ accountability partner by sending them a fitness newsletter to remind them what they’re missing at the gym. They’re sure to come back to you week after week to further their fitness achievements.


In a world where people receive dozens of emails a day, how do you stand out? Use these tips!

  1. Subject line. Grab their attention quickly and make them click!
  2. CTA. Give a clear call to action: register, sign up, or share, or sign up.
  3. Follow reports. Email marketing data can tell you a lot and make a huge difference in your marketing campaign.


Industry Experience

You wouldn’t take fitness advice from someone who doesn’t appear to be in shape or perform daily workouts. So why would you work with a digital marketing company who has never actually succeeded in fitness email marketing or producing a successful fitness newsletter people actually want to read? You wouldn’t. And we wouldn’t want you to. We know you’ll be confident in working with us because we have helped several small business fitness studios, clubs, and gyms who have happily retained more members than they did before they had a consistent fitness newsletter.

Dedicated Specialists

Feel like you’re working with a personal trainer or fitness professional everyday when you choose to hire us to create and send your fitness newsletter. You will be assigned a dedicated digital advertising specialist who will focus on building your contacts as well as increasing your open rates and click throughs. All emails and newsletters are created in-house by your personal advertising specialist, not outsourced to another company.

Full Service

We want all of our fitness clients to grow to their greatest potential when they work with us which is why we offer a full service portfolio of digital marketing opportunities. Strengthen the success of your fitness newsletter and brand awareness by combining these efforts with social media marketing and directing email opens to social media channels to further grow membership engagement.

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