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Get More Involved With Your Gym By Using Fitness Social Media

You may already be involved in fitness social media, but is it giving you the results you want? Work with us, and we can help you start seeing more results faster just like we have with our other clients using social media marketing for fitness. Contact us today to start your fitness social media transformation with us!

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Member Growth

With advancements in technology, algorithms, targeting, and more we can help you create a fitness social media advertising campaign that will significantly increase leads and conversions for your gym at much lower cost than other forms of advertising.

Build Credibility

More activity on social media builds credibility with your members and non-members searching for a new gym. The more active you are the more of a leader you are in the community. They trust that you will continue to grow and help them meet their fitness goals.

Brand Awareness

As a local small business you want to make a name for yourself in a big way. The best and quickest way to do that is through social media. Reach hundreds or thousands simply and in an affordable way.

Warm Up to Fitness Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available in digital marketing for gyms and personal trainers. Over 75% of internet users utilize social media, mostly Facebook. Of that 75% there are nearly 70% that log in daily and close to 20% that log in multiple times a day. That’a a lot of opportunity for you to capture attention, leads, and conversions.


Additionally, 75% of Instagram users follow the call-to-action shown in an ad meaning they click to link to visit a webpage, purchase a product, or complete a form. They could be doing the same thing for your gym if you were running a fitness social media advertising campaign. Those clicks could be your leads for a free 7 day trial at your gym that you could be converting to lifetime members.

fitness social media marketing

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Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing for Fitness Facilities?

You might be asking yourself this question. Well don’t worry because we have the answers.


Brand Awareness – Branding is an important marketing tool and benefit in fitness social media. Most people know what fitness is and what it can do for them, but you want them to know how your gym can completely change their lives and their fitness journey. The power of social media marketing for fitness gives your gym that voice you need to tell thousands, if not millions, of people how your facility can make a difference in their lives.


Digital Reach – The stronger your brand, the greater your reach, and the more powerful you can be. Expand the reach of your gym’s message and offerings further through social media marketing for fitness. You have billions of people to market to. You just need fitness social media to help you get the job done.


Customer Loyalty – Your facility can use fitness social media for exactly what it’s meant for – socializing. Brands that socialize with their fans and followers see a greater customer loyalty, retention, and word-of-mouth advertising than brands that do not engage with followers. When you implement social media for your gym, you are able to motivate your members daily to keep coming back and pursuing their fitness goals.


Get Moving, and Get Social!

As a gym owner, being on social media is definitely one the best moves you could make to strengthen your business. And you have us to support you and help you set personal records. Ready to do this? Let’s go! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started pumping some social media iron!


Develop a Strong Strategy

Before jumping in full force to your social media marketing campaign, our team develops a custom strategy designed to meet your gym’s goals and target your ideal customer. We determine what motivates your audience to click on your social ads, just like you know what motivates your current members. With this information, we can then begin the next step of the process in boosting your social media efforts.

Create Resonating Content

Social media is visually focused method of digital marketing where you can capture the attention of your fans with great content and copy put together by your dedicated social media specialist who will work with you to help you choose the best imagery that will resonate with your target audience.

Deliver Consistency

We know it’s not enough to just produce great content. You also need to have a consistent and active presence on social media to keep your followers as fans. We develop and provide a content calendar that shows you when your posts will be live, on which platforms, and how often. After your review and approval, we will schedule your daily posts so you never have to lift another finger.

Growth & Optimization

When you work with us, you have a dedicated social media specialist that monitors all interactions with your account daily for optimal growth. Your specialist will respond to comments, reply to direct messages, and answer any questions your followers ask your business. We also ensure that your followers are quality fans that want to learn more about your gym and become members, so we use strategic organic methods to grow a true fan base that supports your brand. As we view reports, we will make daily adjustments for optimal performance and share these adjustments with you in a detailed monthly report.


Follow these metrics to monitor your gym’s growth on social media.

  1. Follower Growth. As your followers grow, so will your membership numbers and community awareness.
  2. More Engagement. If your likes, comments, & shares are increasing, then you know you’re providing valuable content that interests your members.
  3. More traffic. The more people you see visit your website, the larger interest you are gaining through social media.


Industry Experience

You wouldn’t take fitness advice from someone who doesn’t appear to be in shape or perform daily workouts. So why would you work with a digital marketing company who has never actually succeeded in social media marketing for fitness? You wouldn’t. And we wouldn’t want you to do that. We know you’ll be confident in working with us because we have several fitness clients who have grown their follower base and seen membership numbers rise through their fitness social media efforts.


Feel like you’re working with a personal trainer everyday when you choose to implement fitness social media marketing services. You will be assigned a dedicated specialist who will focus on building your follower base to grow your fitness brand. All content and engagement with your followers is done in-house by your personal social media specialist, not by an automated bot.

Full Service

We want all of our fitness clients to grow to their greatest potential when they work with us which is why we offer a full service portfolio of digital marketing opportunities. Strengthen your social media marketing for fitness efforts by combining them with email marketing or content marketing to improve traffic while obtaining and retaining more memberships than ever before.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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