Get Naked in 2013


     The businesses that want to win in 2013 will be the businesses who stop the facades and the gimmicks, reveal themselves, and show nothing but pure honesty and humanization to their consumers. We live in a time where consumers are smarter than ever and can express their hate (or advocacy if your doing it right) on a very large scale. As we seen with instagram recently, they had no choice but to retract their upcoming Terms & Conditions (“TOC”) because if they wanted to win in 2013 they couldnt have possibly pulled such wool over their consumers eyes in this age of expression. Get Naked. 

      Consumers are more likely to entertain purchasing decisions from people or entities they feel like they know. (If your brother said peachy pops were good you would be more inclined to try them) For this reason, social media is doing a killing on both traditional marketing and bottom lines. Bad for traditional marketing, good for bottom lines. This is because social media platforms help businesses to humanize their brands and really resonate with consumers. Consequently, consumers feel like they know the brand, feel as if they belong to the “brand”. Therefore, if you engage with a consumer or potential consumer before, or more, than your competitor when that consumer goes to the store and its a decision they have to make between your product and your competitor’s…they might be more inclined to choose a product from the “person” they know. 

Get Naked. 


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