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What Is Google Analytics And Why Is Hiring A Google Analytics Consultant Useful For Your Business?

Google Analytics is a free analytics platform that allows you to view and analyze engagement metrics on websites that are connected to your account. It’s become an incredibly useful tool for small businesses because there are many different things you can keep track of – web page traffic, customer habits, platform visibility, and so much more.

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We can teach you the ins and outs of Google Analytics!

Your digital engagement has big implications for the success of your business. Regardless of the platforms that you utilize as part of your digital marketing strategy, your website is essentially the homebase of your operations. If you can centralize your methods of data collection, you’ll be able to make more accurate evaluations on your marketing efforts. When you’re able to see where most of your customers are coming in from, what they’re searching for, and other shopping habits, you’ll be able to adjust your marketing strategy in order to maximize your profits.

That’s where we come in. Our entire team is dedicated to generating effective results for small businesses like yours. We know that managing everything on your own can be kind of tricky, so we’re here to offer our support. We’ll assign you a Google Analytics expert to help you get situated with Google Analytics, and this team member will teach you everything you need to know about data evaluation and implementation. Since Google is the most popular search engine, your business can benefit greatly from learning how to navigate its resources.

Features Of Google Analytics 

There are so many digital marketing tools out there, that sometimes it can be overwhelming figuring out which ones to try. We’ve been there. Luckily for you, we’ve been working in this field for years and have grown familiar with the various, different platforms. We’ve found that Google Analytics is a valuable resource for businesses, because it allows for cross-site data collection and reporting. All of the figures you could possibly need are situated right within this program – and what makes it even better is that it’s free to use. With our consultation services, we can help you get started using Google Analytics, and you’ll be able to explore some useful features like these:

Personalized Setup 

This platform is great for small businesses because you can choose what sites you connect and what metrics you want to prioritize. You have access to all of your user data, and from there you can gain insight on what’s actually happening on the customer’s end. With this, you can easily track and evaluate what’s most important to your business. The platform is even pretty flexible when it comes to the growth of your business, allowing you to add more sites or view different metrics whenever you need to.

Tracking Codes

When you get started on Google Analytics, you have the option to connect multiple sites to your account. In order for the platform to be able to keep track of all of your data, you’ll be given a tracking code to include across all of your web pages. This can be a little tricky if you don’t know about coding languages or how to navigate publishing platforms. Luckily, we’ve got that covered for you. We can make sure that all your bases are covered, and that all of your web pages are properly connected to your Google Analytics account.

Goal Setting 

Google Analytics gives you the space to set goals for your business and manage your progress on them. The great thing about this platform is that there are different functions of setting up your own goals. The goals you set can be used as an actual “checkpoint” that you can surpass, or you could better track conversions through goals in the form of confirmation pages. Whenever you or a customer completes something noteworthy, you’ll be notified.


Since you have the ability to link multiple sites to your account, you also have free access to view metric reports for each. You can view data by the day, or compare different time ranges. There are sections for reports related to Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions, as well as many report sub-categories under each. There is so much data that is made available to you, and you can use all of it to your advantage.

“I have been a Lyfe Marketing client for the past several months, and I want to highlight how much their Marketing Consulting Service has been critical in helping my company with the growth and positive results we are looking for. In our initial marketing consulting sessions, they listened carefully to our needs so we could create an integrated marketing strategy. Beyond the initial strategy sessions, they continue to provide highly responsive, truly excellent digital and marketing services. They are more than just a vendor—I see them as an extension of my own team, and so I highly recommend their services.” – Natalia P.

Key Areas That Google Analytics Can Help With 

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and over the years we’ve solidified our digital marketing approach. By combining holistic methods with Google’s business tools, we can help you learn more about your digital presence and how to improve upon it. Your assigned Google Analytics consultant will guide you through a process that focuses on the following areas:


When you publish content to your website or social media pages, you want it to be engaging to customers. Google Analytics can help you view which pieces of your content are making an impact, and which aren’t drawing in enough customers. Some examples of the reports you can see are the number of page views, bounce rate, and entrance or exit page percentages.


One of the first steps in any business model is figuring out how to attract customers to your web pages and find new avenues for them to come in. With Google Analytics, you can see data on things like how much traffic you’re receiving, what platforms your customers are finding you on, and how much time the average customer spends on your site. Understanding your customers’ habits will allow you to determine what platforms and engagement techniques your business should prioritize.


Once you draw in more traffic, you want to make sure you’re attracting customers that are more likely to do business with you. Google Analytics makes understanding your audience a lot easier. Examples of what you can review on this platform are discrepancies between mobile and desktop users, traffic sorted by different demographics, and levels of engagement.

Not Every Google Analytics Consultant Is The Same 

LYFE Marketing distinguishes itself as a prominent force in the digital marketing industry. We have spent years growing our company and perfecting our marketing methods. We know how to market around your needs, so don’t settle for a company that gives you a generic approach. Let a Google Analytics expert help you generate the success you want to see.

Traditional Consultant

    • Overpriced services
    • Business plans are limited
    • Not qualified enough
    • Contracts are rigid and long-lasting
    • Insufficient results
    • Confusing metrics

LYFE Marketing Consultants

    • Affordable for small businesses
    • Flexible plans
    • Specialists are experienced and certified
    • Short-term contracts
    • Proven effective methods
    • Clear and frequent reports

Why Choose LYFE Marketing For Your Google Analytics Service? 

We Know What It’s Like

The reason why our clients have generated so much success is because we give them the same tools and training that we used to build up LYFE Marketing. We started out as a small business and had to work hard for our success, and we know better than anyone how stressful that can be. Our team is dedicated to helping other small businesses, so that they can reach new levels of success too. You can trust that we’ll give you the best consultations.

We Can Handle Everything You Need

We are a full-service agency, meaning we create and manage assets for different areas of digital marketing. We aim to create cohesive strategies that keep the best practices in mind, so that your business can maximize its growth.

We Understand The Digital Marketing Industry

Each member of our team has practical experience working in the field of digital marketing. We’re certified to consult you on Google Analytics, as well as in other areas of small business marketing. No matter what consultation services you receive from us, you’ll always get thorough instruction on the tools and techniques necessary for your success, as well as a cohesive and effective strategy for how to get yourself there.

Google Analytics Consultant Pricing

Our team has amassed countless hours of experience in the field, and each day we continue to work hard for our clients. We know the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry, and we can consult you on how to make your Google Analytic strategy more effective across the board.  

Google Analytics Consulting PRICE
Initial Review Fee (to assess where you are) $75 (one-time) 
2 Consulting Sessions Per Month (2 hours)  $325/mo
4 Consulting Sessions per month (4 hours)  $575/mo
8 Consulting Sessions per month (8 hours)  $1,000/mo
Need More Hours? CONTACT US
In-Person Speaking, Trainings, Or Workshops (Minimum Of 1 Full Day)  PRICE
1 day on site $1,500 (one-time) 
2 days on site  $3,000 (one-time
3 days on site  $4,500 (one-time)



  • What type of results can I expect?
  • We strive to maximize results for our clients, so we have the skills needed to develop your business up a few more figures. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about Google Analytics and how to apply that knowledge to generate real results. When you combine our expertise with your hard work, you’ll be able to get even more out of the platform.
  • How many hours do I need?
  • Our consultation hours are available as often as you need them. In the beginning stages, though, we like to see our clients around once a week (4 hrs/month). This will give us more time to educate you on Google Analytics tools, as well as help you keep accountable for the work you’re doing.

Working Together

  • Who will I work with?
  • During your initial call with us, a member of our sales team will get to know your business and work with you to develop a suitable contract proposal. Once the proposal goes through, a Google Analytics consultant will be assigned to you. This will be your main form of contact for all of your consultation needs. Whatever you need, this person will be able to take care of it.
  • How will you learn my business?
  • We take the time to get to know you and your business before we get started on actual consultations. We’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out, and that will ask some general questions about the type of business you run, the kind of consultation services you want, and what you want to achieve with our company. Next, we’ll have a more in-depth discussion with you over an on-boarding call. We’ll make sure everyone is on the same page, and get started on your consultations.

Contracts & Setup

  • How long are contracts?
  • Too many digital marketing agencies rely on rigid, long-term contracts in order to keep their business. We don’t operate that way because we are confident in the results we can generate. This is why we provide short-term initial contracts, so that businesses owners have more control over their marketing efforts. Our initial contract lasts 3 months, and after that we service on a month-to-month basis. You have the choice to cancel your plan at any time, given a 30-day digital notice. Once those 30 days are complete, your sessions will be cancelled.
  • Are there any setup fees?
  • Yes, we do require a one-time setup fee. We use this to prepare for our consultations with you and get familiar with your accounts.
  • How soon can I get started?
  • We can get started as soon as you’re ready! All you need to do is fill out our contact form, and one of our sales consultants will get in touch with you further. This person will create a contract proposal for you to sign off on, and once you approve it, you can start the upcoming Monday. DISCLAIMER: Onboarding can only start on the following Monday given that all proposals are signed by 5 PM on Thursday.