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Consistently stay top of mind with patients, customers, vendors, doctors, and staff.

Use healthcare email newsletters, appointment reminders, industry news, and other types of emails to keep subscribers engaged and in the know about everything occurring at your facility.

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Building Trust

Create and foster trustworthy relationships with patients and other subscribers by continuously providing value in your emails.


Offer a more targeted approach by segmenting your patients to make sure they are always receiving the most pertinent information possible.

Increased ROI

Most patients prefer to hear from their healthcare provider through email, so give them what they want and make more revenue doing so.

Email in Healthcare

Changes in patient preferences have forced healthcare facilities to change their forms of communication in regards to patient updates, appointment status, prescription refills, and other notifications. Patients rarely answer the phone, and regulations do not allow for sensitive information to be related via voicemail. So what do you do? You turn to where your patients spend a great portion of their day – checking their email.


The use of healthcare email as a form of digital marketing in the industry has grown exponentially.


The average open rate for healthcare emails is 22.43% – That’s actually one of the highest open rates among industries! This statistic almost guarantees that about 20% of your emails will be opened by your patients if you send them, so why wouldn’t you want to implement email marketing for your healthcare facility.

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Benefits of Healthcare Email Marketing

Increased Engagement – Healthcare email can increase foot traffic to both your social profiles and your website. Patients may feel inclined to share the tips you give or your latest blog post. Social shares & website traffic increase brand awareness, domain authority, and more thus propelling your practice in front of your competitors.


More Patients – Nurturing emails provide valuable content about your facility to users who may be trying to make a decision about their healthcare options. Healthcare email marketing gives these potential patients the information and encouragement they need to choose your facility for their medical needs. With a strong healthcare email marketing campaign, you have the ability to provide your patients with online referral forms for future patients. Since your business runs greatly on word-of-mouth referrals, you can also use email as an opportunity for your patients to easily leave you a review.


Information Hub – Think of healthcare email marketing as an information hub for your patients. It’s their go-to place for all other communication, so it might as well be for your facility too. You can also utilize email marketing to share announcements, holiday office hours, and appointment reminders with patients.

Healthcare Email Marketing is Not Dead

Contrary to what some entrepreneurs may think, email marketing is very much alive and thriving. In fact, it’s a necessity. Studies show 47% of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals. They wouldn’t need to search if you were sending emails straight to their inbox. Additionally, 73% of people that receive online news via email are more likely to perform a follow-up action.


Email List Creation

We highly suggest you don’t purchase email lists. You want the people in your list to already be interested in your brand and receiving treatment from your facility. To make sure you have relevant potential patients in your healthcare email lists, we will place lead magnets on your website that urge people to provide their email address and receive newsletters from you. We can do this in a multitude of ways by offering a discount, a free consultation, additional treatments for less, or whatever else best fits your patients’ desires and your brand’s image. We also manage your lists to keep them up to date and prevent your metrics and measurements from being skewed.

Targeting & Segmenting

Allow you to send more relevant emails that your customers want to see. You wouldn’t send children healthcare checkups to a patient that doesn’t have a child. Segmenting keeps this from happening and keeps your customers opening emails from you and smiling when they read them.


You can start your automation for any new patient with a personalized welcome email we make to show your facility cares. Then we can develop and create emails that nurture your current or future patient on what they like best based on the segmented list they were placed in. Whether the new contact is a future patient or new patient, they both require extended nurturing before they will choose to convert and become a patient or choose to leave your facility for a different one. Convince them both alike through automation. You don’t have to lift a finger. The automated emails do all the customer service work for you when you can’t be there.


Our email specialists craft professionally designed emails with a calming aesthetic that align with your brand identity. The key to keeping a reader’s attention is email is design. We make sure your designs are original and represent your healthcare facility in a positive light.

Results & Optimization

Lead scoring, site tracking, engagement reports and other metrics show the behavior of your patients in your email lists. We see what they like and don’t like by how they respond to your emails. We take this data and information and edit your healthcare email marketing campaign accordingly. This type of optimization is what makes the true difference in a regular healthcare email service and a successful and profitable healthcare email service.


When it comes to marketing your facility through email, you have to remember to keep things comforting. You want to be welcoming, not cold.

  1. Subject lines that are appealing and offer a personal note.
  2. Add value. You’re helping people make a decision that affects their health long-term.
  3. Make your message clear. You want to share exactly what your business can do for your subscribers.
  4. Continuously review reports and track opens, clicks, and views to determine what content your subscribers engage with most.


Email Specialists

When you work with us, you receive an digital marketing specialist who is dedicated to developing your healthcare email marketing campaign and building it up to successfully meet your email marketing goals.

Industry Experience

We have a background in healthcare, just like you. We have worked with various healthcare clients from small town doctors to large medical facilities, so we know how to communicate with your current and future patients. Let us take some stress off of you and increase communication with your patients.

Full Service

Email marketing further supports all other digital marketing efforts and communications, so if you’re going to hire a company to run your email campaigns, you should probably hire one that can manage all of your other digital marketing efforts too. Look no further because we have specialized departments in not only healthcare email marketing, but also social media, PPC, SEO, content marketing, and website design.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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