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A home builder’s main goal is customer satisfaction. Home builder marketing services should be the one solution that provides valuable for all parties involved while growing your business.


Social Media

Our team includes social media managers. They are responsible for creating and implementing a strong social media presence for you. Only those platforms that make the most sense for your kind of business will be used. But it will all have to start with great content to engage your audience from the beginning. We will also provide your social media advertising for targeted Facebook ads. It will be used to encourage direct traffic and higher conversions.


SEM & Google Ads

Part of our strategy is to help you target people who have been searching for services and companies similar to yours. We will place pay-per-click (PPC) search ads on Google for that purpose. They will be paired with display ads that are meant to retarget your prior website visitors. These ads will be on various websites to increase conversion rates. Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of your best options to get a good return on your investment.


Email Campaigns

Even your present subscribers need to be continuously engaged. For that purpose, you can use customized newsletters. Our email marketing specialists will be responsible for that along with the other email services that we provide. It includes list management, newsletter design, sending, and reporting. Personalized emails are perfect for building relationships with customers. And email automation will be useful in the reduction of the sales time cycle.


Content Marketing

Great content is where it all starts. Our content specialists are going to produce the best possible content for your website where it will all be published. We offer a very wide range of content marketing services. Those services range from topic development, research, writing, and publishing to your website. We aim to engage potential customers through your content. The goal is to convert them into actual customers in due time.


Website Design 

Appearances count for a lot, even in digital marketing. That’s why you want your website to look and feel its best and our website designers can help you with that. They will create a website for you that is both pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. Your website should be encouraging for people to use your services. We will work closely with you so that we will know what you want for your website. After that, we will wait for your approval and then publish it.


SEO – Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is ideal for your business. For people who are searching for a company or service similar to yours, Google is their destination. So ideally you need to be one of the top search results when they look for answers on the Internet. We have SEO specialists that will help your website meet Google’s best practices. They will do it by improving your website architecture. The campaign that we will create for you should result in a higher search engine ranking for you.

Why You Need to Use Home Builder Marketing Services

The number one goal of a home builder is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. So they make sure that they create the exact kind of home that the customer wants and needs.

As long as the home builder is able to fulfill that goal, then the next step is to acquire more customers to serve.

How do you market your services correctly and effectively to new customers? Especially when traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it was in years past?

Billboards, print, TV and company no longer resonate the way they used to to today’s audience. You know what does? Digital marketing.

Our digital home builder marketing services guarantee that you reach new customers.

home builder marketing

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home builder marketing

Benefits of Using Home Builder Marketing Services

Aside from being more adapted to today’s industry and audience needs, home builder marketing services offer more specific benefits. The following are some of the most prominent ones:

1. Increase Awareness

These days, no business can really thrive without having a strong online presence. Digital marketing makes it possible to reach more people within your target audience, and with our home builder marketing services, you are assured of increased awareness about your brand.

2. Online Community

Digital marketing allows you to create an online community of your own, one made up of you and your followers or potential customers. Your community revolves around your home builder firm and the projects you are involved in. Your followers can ask you directly about current projects, upcoming ones, or anything about the home building industry.

3. Measurable Results

When you use digital marketing, you gain access to all kinds of tools to help your campaign. If you want to know how your campaign is progressing, there are analytics that can tell you exactly what you need to know.

home builder marketing

Establish Your Brand And Grow Your Customer Base with Home Builder Marketing Services!

At LYFE Marketing, we’ve helped countless of small and mid sized business grow, and that includes home builders. We have the experience and tools to spread your brand awareness and acquire more clients.


Industry Experience

Experience is a great foundation of trust, especially when you are looking for a digital marketing company to work with. In this case, you want industry-specific experience. Our agency has that kind of experience and, we have worked with plenty of home builders before. This familiarity means that we are able to anticipate and preemptively prepare for obstacles that might come up during the course of the campaign.

Expert Specialists

Signing up to work with us means you are getting the chance to work with an entire team of expert digital marketers! We have a specialist for every service that you might want to sign up for that can help develop and implement your campaign. This is our agency’s way of guaranteeing that you only get the best service from us.


One thing about digital marketing is that it demands you to be up to date. If not, then you’ll be left behind as the online world is always evolving and developing. New tools and new platforms are always coming out and nothing is set in stone. So what we do is we stay on top of trends so we can provide the best quality of service to you.

Proven Strategies for Home Builders

At LYFE Marketing, our top priority is your success. The following strategies will be used in your digital marketing for construction companies campaign: 

    1. Personalization. Personalized content is the best kind of content for your website. It will allow you to connect more to your audience and build a relationship that will lead to them becoming actual customers.
    2. Knowledge is Power. One of the best ways to build credibility in your industry is to establish yourself as one of its thought leaders. We will help you become a reliable source of knowledge that people can turn to for help.
    3. Provide Value. You want to provide real value to your audience. One of the best options for you to do that is to offer awesome content that they can learn from. Once they see that, they will keep coming back to you for more.




The first step in our home builder marketing process involves performing an audit. It would show us your current online status. We will also see what is currently being done, what’s working, and what requires improvement. That will be our starting point in creating a custom strategy that will lead to success!


Following the audit of your present campaign is a competitor analysis. We need to know what your competitors online strengths and weaknesses are and this analysis will show us that. The information we can gather will also help us strengthen the strategy that we will use to propel you to the top of your industry.


Two things need to be made clear before we launch your campaign. The first is define what your goals are and the next is know who your target audience is. Knowing these two things will assure us that what we do is aligned with the kind of results that you want. We also want to make sure that your target audience online represents your real customer base.


Careful research, planning, and preparation has led to the launch of your campaign. After your campaign is launched, your content is going to go live and you should watch out for the results that will be coming in.

Monitoring and Measuring 

After the launch, you will see that the next steps will be ongoing. Part of that includes monitoring and measuring metrics to see how your campaign is doing. It will let us know what works and what can use some improvement. These will be part of detailed reports that we will send to you each month.

Satisfy All Your Customers’ Needs With Home Builder Marketing

As a home builder, you want to serve your customers well and build the kind of homes that they really want.

Use our home builder marketing services so you can enjoy the strategies that will connect you with your ideal audience and customers.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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