One of the reasons why the use of social networks is so powerful for a business is due to the fact that it is the only marketing medium that embodies all other marketing mediums. You can have one or two way communication (door to door), advertise print (Billboard, Tv) and gain insight on customers (surveys). With all those combined you have the opportunity to reach tons of people at a speed previously unobtainable.

The key to gain impressions happens to be posting a relatable message to the intended audience. Relatable content + Target audience = Impressions that count. WestMar Student Lofts is a loft complex in Atlanta that houses college students only. College students care about a lot of things but tweets coming from the place where they reside probably reside near the bottom of the list. For that reason you must mix content marketing with push marketing. In short, figure out what your target audience cares about and create content around that.

By creating content around a popular song among college students from an artist by the name of Rocko called “U.O.E.N.O,” WestmMar was able to gain brand awareness into the thousands. The community they cultivated on Twitter found the post to be so relatable that they retweeted it, which created a snowball effect of retweets. Friends of friends of friends had seen the tweet from the brand WestMar Student Lofts. This led to over 50,000 impressions with over 30,000 accounts being reached in less than four hours. WestMar Student Lofts currently holds the largest Twitter campaign nationally in the student housing industry and their Twitter handle is @Westmarstudents. If there is a wave of talk going on by your target audience it is a good idea to hop in the conversation. By doing this you humanize your brand, open the door for communication and is seen as a peer to your target audience rather than a salesperson. Instead of pushing your sales onto your online community take part in the community and their interest in what you have to offer will increase. They say if you want a person to like you, you must become interested in what they are interested in; seems to be true in relation to social media.

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