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Reach more potential customers and see more results with HVAC digital marketing!

Unfortunately, about 90% of HVAC contractors are not correctly utilizing the right marketing concepts for their companies. In the HVAC industry, marketing is not a main focus, thus it is common for companies to copy what others are doing with their marketing efforts. But the truth is, not every marketing strategy works for every company.

Reach more potential customers and see more results with HVAC digital marketing!

Unfortunately, about 90% of HVAC contractors are not correctly utilizing the right marketing concepts for their companies. In the HVAC industry, marketing is not a main focus, thus it is common for companies to copy what others are doing with their marketing efforts. But the truth is, not every marketing strategy works for every company.

HVAC online marketing is not a “one size fits all” strategy. Trying to figure out how to increase leads and attract more customers to your HVAC company can be overwhelming. With all the other pieces of your business to take care of, your internet marketing initiatives may fall behind. In addition, spending money on acquiring new business can incur unnecessary costs. And hiring a company to handle your HVAC advertising for you can also be counterproductive if they aren’t using services to fully maximize your marketing dollars.

Looking to implement an HVAC marketing strategy that is specifically designed for HVAC contractors? With the right HVAC marketing ideas, your company can get a leg up on your competitors and help drive leads to your company. And that’s where LYFE Marketing can help!

Is HVAC Marketing Really Important To My Business?

Yes! It truly is.

It’s understandable that as a customer service oriented company, you actually need customers to service. They are the livelihood of your company structure. But gaining new customers can be tricky if you aren’t implementing the right HVAC marketing strategies. Attracting the right customers comes with developing the right content to appeal to them. As well as targeting the right channels to reach them. In HVAC marketing, it is important to think about what your customers are looking for and what they find most significant when it comes to their heating and air conditioning needs. Then, advertise that content on the right mediums. That’s how you attract customers in need of your home services that will eventually become loyal customers.


So, What Are The Benefits Of HVAC Marketing?

Working with an HVAC marketing company can take your company to the next level, but let’s understand exactly how! Here are just a few of the benefits an HVAC marketing plan could provide your local business:

Number 1.

Cut Down On Time Looking For Customers

With digital marketing, you can eliminate time wasted advertising to unqualified customers (individuals that do not intend to become customers) and get straight to the ones that do. We know word-of-mouth can take time to properly reach the right HVAC leads in need of your services. And other traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective overall. HVAC digital marketing gives you the ability to scale back the amount of time it takes to find ideal customers and to promote your company’s services in less time.

Number 2.

Be Looked At As A Leading Enterprise

With our HVAC marketing services, we can devise great HVAC marketing ideas to boost your online presence, as well as help you produce insightful and valuable content for HVAC marketing campaigns. This content will assist in establishing your company as experienced, trustworthy, and credible, especially in your local service area. Individuals looking for further information on HVAC services will go to your company. In the end, this will establish your company as a knowledgeable leading enterprise, in turn expanding your customer base.

Number 3.

Obtain Additional Exposure

Implementing HVAC marketing strategies allows your company to increase its overall reach. Expanding your reach means the ability to attract more customers to check out your HVAC website. And that’s a great thing! This is a possibility because of the digital tools that are designed for businesses to generate more leads. These data tools include local SEO, retargeting PPC ads, demographic analysis, and more! In comparison to that of traditional marketing, your reach is much more expansive. Just think. You could be reaching millions of people at a time! And we can show you how.

Number 4.

More Credibility In The Eyes Of Your Customers

Imagine if one of your previous customers referred your company to their friends by word-of-mouth. Their friend would surely look for more information and testimonials about your company online. What happens if they cannot seem to find much information or any reviews about you? What happens if the information they do find is very minimal and not helpful? They will probably then proceed to look for other HVAC system companies for their needs.

Unfortunately, this is a reality for many HVAC companies because they solely rely on traditional marketing and minimal use of digital marketing. But that shouldn’t be the case. When your potential customer does a Google search to check out your company, you should be able to provide them with valuable information. Doing so will not only help you rank higher on search engines, but it will also establish your company’s credibility. You see, the less information customers find about your business, the more “sketchy” you will appear. As a result, they will most likely turn to your competitors instead.

Number 5.

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

HVAC digital marketing is a great way to build stronger relationships with your customers. With resources such as content marketing, video marketing and email newsletters, your company will be able to develop a deeper relationship with your customers and prospective customers. This is because people value information. For example, providing a weekly or monthly newsletter with helpful topics about heating and air conditioners is a great way to provide valuable information to your customers. It’s not only about providing great service, but also providing value to the lives of your customers. Trust that your customers will appreciate this valuable information and will see your company as trustworthy and continue to do business with you.

Number 6.

Stand Out From The Competition

As any business owner, it’s safe to say that standing out from your competitors is very important to the growth of your business. If you are not utilizing unique HVAC marketing strategies for your business, then you may not be setting your business apart from the competition. This makes it harder for individuals to pinpoint the benefits of your brand versus your competitors’. Thus, forcing them to associate your company as a substitute for another. This can seriously stunt the growth of your business, especially if you are a smaller business.

However, working with an HVAC marketing company can provide the right HVAC marketing ideas and strategies that work to highlight what your company has to offer in comparison to your competition. We will optimize your HVAC website, create strategic Google Ad campaigns, build your presence on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and optimize your website on Google My Business to generate more Google reviews. Now, you can separate your brand from the rest and show your customers why your HVAC company is the best for them!

What Makes Our HVAC Marketing Company Different?

There are a few things that make us different, but it all starts with our services and the value we provide our clients. For starters, we have created responsive and successful marketing campaigns for many service-oriented businesses like yours. We have helped hundreds of our clients see success, and we are confident in providing a great HVAC marketing strategy for you too!

What Makes Our HVAC Marketing Company Different?

There are a few things that make us different, but it all starts with our services and the value we provide our clients. For starters, we have created responsive and successful marketing campaigns for many service-oriented businesses like yours. We have helped hundreds of our clients see success, and we are confident in providing a great HVAC marketing strategy for you too!

Here Is What Our HVAC Marketing Entails

Email Campaigns

You can use email campaigns to keep your customers engaged and connected to your HVAC company. You can do this through “drip” sequencing or newsletters. For example, a good newsletter can include information about your HVAC services and industry information, as well as tips on HVAC unit maintenance. This constant and valuable information is sure to create a strong relationship with your audience. And working with an HVAC marketing company will ensure that you create valuable and engaging emails for your customers to easily remember your company brand.

HVAC Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply the content you create that provides information that’s relevant to your customers needs. Through content marketing your brand is able to build trust with its respective community. This relevant content is used on different online platforms such as your social media pages and your website. The information you post on your online platforms is essential to generating interest from new customers. Additionally, if you need help with topic development, researching, and publishing, we can help with that as well.

Website Design

Even though your HVAC website mainly serves as a stepping stone for your customers to take action, it still should be functional and accessible on all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile devices) for them to do so. If you want your prospective customers to take actions and use your services, your website has to be fully optimized with the right information they need to make the best decisions. When you work with an HVAC marketing company, we can provide services such as website design, so you don’t have to do it alone. At LYFE Marketing, we have website designers who will develop fully functional websites for both desktop and smartphones that drive traffic and generate results.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have not heard of SEO before, you probably aren’t capturing as much of your target audience as you could be. SEO is the process of increasing your website visibility by increasing the quality and quantity of your website content. Paired with a functional website, SEO will help your prospective customers find your website when they do searches online. Through SEO, we have the ability to reassess and arrange your website content so it meets the requirements of Google’s algorithm. If you want to reach more people in your local service area, local SEO is the key to that. In conclusion, this will increase your organic search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing helps increase brand awareness and engagement very quickly. Regardless of the fact that you cannot provide your HVAC services through the internet, you can still utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and better connect with your customers. In addition, your audience is using social media, among other channels, to gather information about your company and determine if your company is reputable or not. The most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Instagram. They can be used to give HVAC businesses the tools to better reach customers they otherwise would not be able to interact with through traditional marketing techniques. Thus, you can build more credibility and trustworthiness around your brand, so your customers are more eager to use your services over your competitors.

PPC & Google Ads

It’s no secret that Google is a huge information company. They are currently the largest search engine in the world. Thus, you can assume that your prospective customers are using Google to search for HVAC companies when they are in need of those services. PPC (pay-per-click) and Google Ads are used to place ads on Google’s search engine results. This is effective because they are targeted to specific words your audience is using in their search. For example, if they are searching “HVAC services Atlanta,” and you service the Atlanta area, then your company ads will be displayed in these search results. This will increase your website traffic and help you generate more qualified leads.

LYFE Marketing’s Steps To Success In Taking Your HVAC Company To The Next Level

Business Analysis

We first start by creating a specific HVAC digital marketing plan and strategy made specially for your business. We do this by analyzing your business and the marketing efforts of your competitors. Then, we work to create a plan that will position you better in your industry.

Customer Engagement

Through daily monitoring of your social media accounts and other online platforms, we will continue to present a positive reputation for your company, as well as establish trust between you and your customers through engagement on your online platforms.

Leads and Conversions

As a result of our effective lead generation strategies, new leads will be generated for your HVAC company. Our techniques will be implemented with the aim of providing a steady flow of customers for you.

Customized Content Creation

Your assigned account specialist will work to develop robust marketing campaigns with content that is relevant, unique, and valuable to your brand.

Continued Campaign Optimization

We continue to monitor your campaign performance and optimize them where adjustments are needed. And because we keep your business goals in mind, we work to achieve those goals through consistent development.

If your HVAC company is ready to take the next step toward company growth, LYFE Marketing is ready to help! Through HVAC digital marketing, we can provide you with resources and effective HVAC marketing strategies to take your business to the next level. We are an HVAC marketing company that believes a great digital marketing strategy has the ability to generate explosive results for your company.


Working Together

How will you learn the in's and out's of my specific HVAC business?

First, we provide you with a questionnaire. This is where you will describe your business needs and preferences. In this questionnaire, we ask that you provide us with as much information on your brand as possible, so we can make sure we are developing the best plan of action for your company that we can.

Who will I be working with on my marketing efforts?

We will assign you a trained account manager who will work with you on your marketing campaigns. This manager will be your main point of contact about questions and concerns regarding your marketing efforts. During a scheduled kickoff call, we will begin to assess your specific HVAC marketing needs. You can be assured that your account manager will possess the experience needed to solve these specific needs.


How much time will I need to allocate in working with an HVAC marketing company?

Generally, our digital marketing services encourage that our clients delegate 2 hours of phone time with us a month. They can do this through weekly 30 min calls or bi-weekly hour long calls as well. In the beginning, we will work closely with you to gather the information we need from you in terms of creatives, login information, website access, branding guides etc.

Are you able to help me with current marketing campaigns?

We sure can! We can help with any digital marketing campaigns, whether they be new or current. You will need to provide us with a few pieces of information first. After that, we will be able to analyze your accounts, suggest possible recommendations, and make necessary changes.

Contracts and Fees

What is the time period for contracts?

Initial contract terms last for 3 months. Following the initial term, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. If needed, you have the option to cancel services at any time with a 30 day written or digital notice. After this 30 day period, we will cancel all services and return all given information back to you.

Are there fees to get setup with you?

Yes. There is a one-time setup fee. This fee is just to cover the initial research, setup and planning associated with your marketing campaigns. Then, we will begin to get you setup in our search engine systems, analytics systems, and other administrative systems. We will also set up advertising accounts for you as well if necessary.

How long does this process take to get started?

If you are ready to get started, we can start as soon as possible! A business development consultant will work to help you identify the best plan of action. After this, they will develop a proposal for you for your approval. Upon your approval, we will send a contract for you to sign, so we can get your campaign started. When the contract is signed, we schedule a kickoff call with you. Combined with the information gathered from this call, we normally take a week to work with your account manager to send you the first creatives for your review. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!

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