Daycare Marketing Services

Increase Your Center’s Brand Awareness Within Your Local Community

Daycare Marketing Services

Increase Your Center’s Brand Awareness Within Your Local Community

Daycare Marketing Services

Increase Your Center’s Brand Awareness Within Your Local Community

Promote Your Child Care Business With

A Daycare Marketing Agency

If you have been dreaming of having a full waiting list of prospective parents lining up for your child care services, then we’re here to help you realize that dream. Digital marketing for your home daycare center can help you connect with more people and more customers.


Social Media Marketing

Billions of people are now using social media. There is a good chance that the parents in your local community are on social media and that makes it the perfect platform to connect with them. Social media helps build a relationship between your child care center and parents in your area, allowing them to trust your business. We have social media specialists who can craft a strong social media presence for your child care facility.


PPC & Google AdWords Advertising

We have specialists who are experienced when it comes to running PPC marketing campaigns. They can use their knowledge, skills and marketing ideas to create ads that describe your daycare and the services that you provide. Our specialists are aware of all the different metrics that need to be monitored and will continuously optimize your campaign.


Email Marketing

The use of newsletters and automated drip sequences can be a cost effective marketing tool for connecting with existing and potential clients. With existing clients, it can be a way for you to remind them about your business and your services. On the other hand, for prospective parents, It’s a great way to tell them about any new promotions, for instance if you have an open house event, that you are offering and what they can expect from you in the future. We have specialists who are skilled when it comes to building email marketing funnels from scratch.


Short Video Management

Today, having a distinctive online presence makes your business more appealing to millennial parents. And one of the most effective ways to achieve that is through social media videos. Creating short videos on social media that showcase how fun, safe, and secure your daycare center is will surely entice more parents and guardians to check out your facility. These short videos are also great at getting engagement from followers. Take advantage of this engagement to build a sense of community and foster a connection with your audience. This way, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy daycare provider.

Why Should You Use Daycare Marketing?

You may use daycare marketing to set yourself apart from the competition and explain to parents why they should pick you.

Daycare providers, like many other small businesses, rely on local clients in order to flourish. You need the parents, grandparents and guardians in your local community to become aware of your daycare center and to avail of your services. In the past, word of mouth and business cards were enough to spread awareness regarding your business. These days, that’s no longer enough. In today’s marketing landscape, child care providers need the power of the internet to spread awareness about your daycare effectively. People rely on the internet to find the products and services that they need, so utilize it to get ahead of your competition! Most people are even looking for reviews or testimonials on Google and Facebook pages before getting the services of one. Use our daycare marketing services to grow your business and set yourself apart from other daycares in your area.

Can Digital Marketing Be Helpful For A Daycare?

Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing Enough For A Daycare To Justify Its Use?

The simple answer is yes and here are the reasons why.

First of all, small businesses now are competing with larger companies that have wider reach and often a far bigger budget for marketing. But digital marketing is a great equalizer now. You can readily compete with small and larger companies alike. It gives your business the ability to connect with more people who fall within your target audience than traditional marketing methods do.

Some traditional marketing methods include billboards, TV commercials, radio ads etc. With outlets like those, you can’t always track specific data such as how many people were exposed to the ad, how many people converted after seeing the ad etc. Oftentimes, you can’t even pinpoint the demographic of the people seeing the ad.

For example, if you’re wanting to target parents, putting up a billboard may be seen by parents driving by, but it may also be wasted on countless people with no kids and no need for daycare services.

Digital marketing is very different and eliminates a lot of those pain points. Even if your company is quite small and has a small budget for marketing, digital marketing is an inexpensive form of marketing that will stretch your budget far.

Increase the Number of Your Clients with Digital Daycare Marketing

We have helped numerous daycares with our effective digital marketing services. It’s your turn now. See the number of your clients increase with the help of our specialists who can work on your site and promote it online.

Here Is Why Daycares Are Turning To Our Digital Daycare Marketing Services

Our Experience

We have been working in the digital marketing industry for several years now and we have built an impressive list of clients that we have worked with. We have worked with large companies and small businesses. With the level of experience that we have, you can rely on us to provide an efficient and effective service.

We Can Handle Everything

The thing about LYFE Marketing is that we don’t just handle PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, or any one digital marketing service. We can take care of all your digital marketing needs. Why is that so important? That means you wouldn’t need to find other service providers and you can rest knowing everything is being taken care of under one roof.

We Get Results

Another major factor that sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies? Well, we have the results to prove just what we can do. If you got to this page through Google then that’s one clear example of our digital marketing efforts. We appear on the first page of search results for hundreds of relevant keywords. We don’t make claims without the results to back them up.

What Makes For Success In Digital Daycare Marketing?

Here are some sure-fire tactics that we will use in marketing your daycare:


Extensive Market Research

We will conduct an extensive research about the market which you are targeting. We want to make sure that all aspects of the market will be familiar to us. This is also the part that we learn as much as we can about your business.


Analyzing The Competition

It’s not just your audience or your market which we will be analyzing. We will also be doing extensive research regarding your competition. We need to know how they are doing their marketing. If they are doing things right, then we might learn a thing or two about them.


Following The Trend

Digital marketing is very dynamic. It’s always changing, which is why it is important that we follow what’s happening and what is trending. Now, we don’t use anything solely because it’s trendy but awareness here is very important.

What Are Our Digital Daycare Marketing Methods?

Content That’s Useful

We create useful content, foster client loyalty, grow your clientele, and send you a monthly progress report.

We will be creating highly useful content that your audience will find helpful and informative. We have a team of writers and designers who will craft the content that is suited for your daycare website and for all of your social media platforms.

Creating Trust

One of the best ways to build your brand online is build trust with your clients. Trust is very important in your industry so you need the parents of the children you are taking care of to trust you absolutely. We can build that trust by crafting content that reveals who you are and how much you care for children. Social media can also be a major player in building this trust.

Increasing The Number Of Your Potential Clients

Ultimately, our aim is to attract more clients for your daycare business. We aim to do that by boosting the amount of traffic that your site is getting. But more traffic does not necessarily mean more clients. Our marketing efforts are focused around sending qualified traffic to your site that is likely to convert into customers.


How will you know that the steps we are implementing are working? We will be providing you with regular reports which show the progress of our marketing efforts. On the reports you will see the amount of traffic, conversions and other important metrics regarding your campaigns.

Does Digital Daycare Marketing Work?

Yes! Online marketing for your daycare center can effectively increase brand recognition and draw in new clients.

Digital daycare marketing is very effective. If you want the parents in your area to know that your daycare is offering the service that they are in need of, don’t rely on word of mouth or even traditional forms of marketing. Those methods will not accelerate your growth in today’s world. What you need is a highly effective digital marketing strategy and the right way to implement it.

Our team of highly experienced specialists is on standby right now ready to assist you and take your website and your daycare business to the next level. We have been assisting small businesses to have an online presence for years now and it’s time for you to benefit from our knowledge and our expertise. If you’re looking to reach more of local parents, improve your brand awareness, strengthen current customer retention, and convert more customers, we’re your team. Contact us today to get started!

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