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A Digital Marketing Campaign Can Help You Spread Awareness Of Your Facilities And Attract Loyal Clients

Unsure Where To Start In Online Marketing? Don’t Have A Lot Of Experience Or The Resources Needed To Run A Campaign? You’re In Luck! We Can Help You Even If Your Brand New To Digital Marketing



“Great company! Energetic, ambitious, and friendly! Overall great team!” – William A.

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Why Our Dental Marketing Consultant Services Are Better Than The Rest 

If you need consulting for your dental practice, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of digital marketing specialists are well-versed in effective dental marketing strategies, so we can guide you towards greater levels of success. We’ve proven our services time and time again, so you can expect great results with us.

Other Consulting Agencies

    • Rigid terms of agreement
    • Costly fees
    • Only specialized in one area
    • Require long-term initial contracts
    • Ineffective services
    • Vague or misleading communication

LYFE Marketing Consultants

    • Flexible agreements
    • Budgeted for small businesses
    • Many areas of expertise
    • 3-month initial contract
    • Strategies that are proven to work
    • Clear communication and transparent

We Grew Our Business From The Ground Up – So We Know How To Get You On The Right Track

Managing your own business takes a lot of patience and effort, but the potential for success is exciting beyond bounds. You pour countless hours into brainstorming marketing ideas, developing a strong business plan and working towards a profit, but sometimes you just get stuck. You figure that the best way to get out of this slump is to invest in more digital marketing, but you have no clue how to go about getting started.

LYFE Marketing ranked at #299 on Inc’s list of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies In The US!

We’ve driven real results for countless dental practices to date!

We know better than anyone what it’s like to start from scratch and generate your own success. We started out as a small business just like yours, but through hard work, determination, and the development of our digital marketing strategy, we were able to work our way up to where we are now. We were able to make a name for ourselves in our industry, and so can you.

Managing every part of your business at once is difficult, so we’ve dedicated our services to assisting small businesses grow their brands. When you work with us, you get a thorough look into the world of digital marketing. You’ll learn about all of the marketing solutions and tools that provide the best results, and you’ll learn how to apply them to your own dental practice. We can help you with everything you need to know to boost your return on investment.

“I’ve been doing business with LYFE for over 3 years and this is the most efficient marketing company I have worked with. Very thorough planning, great communication, & excellent execution.”- DJ S.

Important Components For Great Dental Marketing 

At LYFE Marketing, our goal is to provide the most straightforward and effective path for your success. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to get real results. When you work with our dental marketing agency, you’ll see growth from your personnel and your business. Here’s our process for getting you started:

Creating A Strategy For YOUR Business 

No two dental practices are the same, so don’t settle for generic marketing tips for the dental industry. We’ll work with you to understand your business, and find out which areas would benefit you the most. We’ll review your business goals, audience needs and current digital marketing efforts in order to work out the perfect consultation and marketing plan for you.

Matching You With One Of Our Specialists

After we identify your needs, we’ll pair you with one of our dental marketing consultants. All of our specialists are highly experienced and can help you get to where you want to be.

Collaborating On Your Strategy

Your consultant will go over everything you need to know about successful digital marketing. From campaign strategies, to reputation management, to media management, to progress tracking and more, you’ll be put on the path to greater success.

Mentorship Through Personal Consulting And Group Training

No two businesses are managed the same, and that’s why we offer a great variety of consultation services. We got you covered from dental SEO, to PPC advertising, to social media marketing, to content marketing and to dental email marketing consultation.

One-on-one mentorship from your assigned dental marketing consultant, group training for your entire staff, step-by-step assistance throughout different phases of your marketing activities – we’re flexible and can accommodate what you need most. You can even meet with us in-person, or through video and email means.

We take our job very seriously, so you’ll be getting straightforward and effective service from our marketing experts. We’ve helped hundreds of practice owners like you establish and manage their own digital marketing campaigns, and you’ll benefit from the same tools that they utilized. With the combination of our consulting services and your hard work, you can generate great success.

Dental Marketing Steps To Success 


We’ll help you identify what’s most important to your business, and what strategies can be used to help in those areas. An effective plan for growth will help guide you towards better success.


Take inventory of the tools you already have under your belt – your staff, your web pages, your content, etc. The effectiveness of all of these together impacts how potential clients and your current dental patients engage with your business. We’ll help you develop your digital marketing content and teach your team everything they need to know to produce and maintain your accounts.


Driving more traffic to your dental website is an important part of obtaining clients. We’ll teach you how to navigate, maintain, and optimize your platforms so that it draws in the most clients in your local area as possible.

Step 1: Create A Strategy

Research your client base and understand why they utilize your services

Craft your brand and build strong relationships with your clients

Recognize each step of your process and focus on what matters most

The more effort you put into your planning stage, the more effective your overall campaign will be. We know it’s tempting to get straight into the promotional phase, but you’re less likely to meet your business goals and achieve practice growth without a written plan of action. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that puts you at a better advantage..

Step 2: Develop Your Assets

Discover and establish the assets necessary to run your campaign

Build your assets around customer engagement and digital optimization

Produce and promote content in a quicker and simpler manner

Every media platform and every piece of content comes together to form your digital branding. You want to make sure that everything you publish is appealing, engaging, and cohesive, so that clients can understand and gain interest in your business. Make sure your online presence leaves a great impression.

Step 3: Enhance Conversion Rates

Prioritize the platforms that clients utilize the most

Attract new patients through popular and effective practices

Produce engaging copy using proven formulas

We know that this is the part every business looks forward to the most, but don’t get sidetracked by a few metrics when you could be achieving much more. We’re here to help turn your digital marketing strategy into visible results and high profits. Our team can assist you in increasing your rate of conversions, so that you can gain more clients walking in the door of your dental office. This in turn will also help you generate more positive online reviews!

Dental Marketing Consultant Topics & Pricing

Our industry experience is unparalleled and we’re knowledgeable about all things digital marketing, so we can help you with whatever you need. Our dental marketing company is focused on giving you effective and relevant guidance for any subject matter, from campaign strategies, to media optimization, and more.

Strategy Development Topics

Using Your Brand Image To Tell Your Story

Determining And Appealing To Your Target Audience

Establishing A Funnel Strategy

Discovering And Utilizing Useful Media Channels

Implementing Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing Implementation Topics

Creating And Placing Advertisements For Social Media

Managing Your Social Media Platforms 

Creating And Placing Advertisements For Search Engines 

Optimizing For Search Engines 

Marketing For Email 

Creating And Promoting Content 

Designing Websites 

Ecommerce Consultant

Live Images of In-Person Consulting Workshop

Dental Marketing Consulting
(Phone Or Web Conference)
Initial Review Fee (to assess where you are) $75 (one-time) 
2 Consulting Sessions Per Month (2 hours)  $325/month
4 Consulting Sessions per month (4 hours)  $575/month
8 Consulting Sessions per month (8 hours)  $1,000/month
Need More Hours? CONTACT US
In-Person Speaking, Trainings, Or Workshops (Minimum Of 1 Full Day)  PRICE
1 day on site $1,500 (one-time) 
2 days on site  $3,000 (one-time
3 days on site  $4,500 (one-time)
Take Control Of Your Own Success

Your dental practice has the potential to increase its growth and profits, so don’t leave anything up to chance. Working with LYFE Marketing is the best way to guarantee success for your business. Our expertise will help you drive more traffic to your digital platforms, reach more qualified leads, and create more loyal clients. Don’t hesitate to get your business on track – get in touch with us today.



  • What type of results can I expect?
  • Our goal is to put you on the path to success. We’ll teach you all of the tools and techniques you need to know to grow your business. When you work hard and put our suggestions into place, you can solidify your digital presence, boost traffic, attract more leads, and increase your conversion rates.
  • How many hours do I need?
  • We’re here to work around your needs, so we can meet with you as needed. However, we suggest meeting with us at least once a week in the beginning of the process. This enables us to gather all of the materials necessary to get you started, as well as prepare you for holding yourself accountable for your continued campaign.
  • Can you help me with my current campaigns?
  • Yes. Our consulting services mainly exist to provide you with tools to help you get your campaign running on your own, however, you can trade some of your hours so that we have time to take a look at your campaign. We’ll give you feedback on your marketing efforts, and we can make some changes that will improve your campaign.

Working Together

  • Who will I work with?
  • You will speak with someone from our Business Development team during an initial call so that we can get to know you better. Once that process is complete and we know how to assist you, one of our digital marketing consultants will be assigned to your campaign. This specialist has a lot of experience, and will be able to navigate you through the digital marketing practices relevant to your dental office.
  • How will you learn my business?
  • We get to know you and your business through an in-depth questioning process. You’ll be sent a questionnaire, which will give us some general information about your dental practice, business goals, and any challenges you’d like to overcome. After that, we’ll go more in-depth with you through an on-boarding call. Here, we’ll talk to you one-on-one to make sure we thoroughly understand your needs and discuss how to proceed from there.
  • Can you write or design content for me?
  • Our goal is to provide you with knowledge necessary to get your digital marketing campaign up and running. We know it can be hard to create content at first, but this is a good opportunity for you to get involved with your business’s assets. If you try it out and still need some extra assistance, you can exchange some of your consulting hours for our other services so that we can assist you on content creation.

Contracts & Setup

  • How long are contracts?
  • Other agencies will try to tie you down with long-term contracts, so we aim for flexibility. Our initials contracts last for 3 months, and from there, we operate on a month-to-month basis. You have the choice of cancelling your contract at any time, given that you provide a 30-day digital notice. After that period is over, all services will be cancelled.
  • Are there any setup fees?
  • We have a one-time setup fee that’s used to get your consultation services up and running. This will allow us to review your digital marketing efforts, discuss your business goals, and access any necessary accounts.
  • How soon can I get started?
  • We can get started working with you as soon as you’re ready! Once you get in contact with us, one of our Business Development team members will draft a proposal and give it to you to review. After it’s approved by you, you’ll be assigned a consultant, and you’ll be able to on-board the following week. Note that all proposals must be signed by 5 PM on Thursday in order for you to on-board the following Monday.

Dental Marketing Consultant