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What are SEO for Accountants & Financial Services?

SEO for Accountants & Financial Services is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on Google. For example, if someone is searches “accountants near me”, the goal of SEO would be for your firm to appear first in the search results. SEO for accountants and financial advisors involves optimizing your website architecture, as well as your website’s authority according to Google’s algorithm. Our financial services SEO solutions will help you implement and execute your SEO strategy.

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Why SEO for Accountants & Financial Services is a Must

Most people looking for accounting, banking, or financial advisory services will begin their search on Google. In fact, 93% of all website traffic comes from a search engine. Financial services firms with strong SEO standing will be able to acquire new traffic and leads directly from Google at extremely low costs. Financial Services SEO can dramatically increase your awareness, decrease your cost to acquire new clients, and allow you grow your business with one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

1. Increase Visibility: When prospects search for accounting firms, banks, or financial advisory services, be the first to appear on Google.

2. Increase Website Traffic: Drive high volumes of website traffic to your financial services website from organic search.

3. Increase Leads: Boosts leads by optimizing your website for the most relevant keywords that your customers are searching for.

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How Our SEO Services Helped a Local Professional Services Company Boost SEO Rankings

Our agency recently helped a local cleaning services company boost SEO rankings for keywords related to their business. They currently rank #1 on Google for “house cleaning”, “cleaning services”, “maid services”, and other related keywords in their local area. Our SEO specialists have demonstrated the ability to help any business maximize organic traffic, whether it is SEO for cleaning services, or SEO for accountants and financial advisors.


Financial Services SEO Strategy

The first step to success is to develop your financial services SEO strategy. Our SEO specialists will research and recommend SEO keywords for your accounting, banking, or financial firm. Next, they will audit your website and provide recommendations to improve your SEO architecture to include your keywords.

Financial Services SEO Website Optimization

The next step is to implement the changes on your website to optimize for SEO. The goal of this step is to help Google recognize your accounting or financial services SEO for the words you want to rank for. Your SEO specialist will embed keywords into your website’s coding, meta tags, and headers to help Google scan your website correctly. They will also submit a sitemap of your website to search engines so that they can crawl your website to identify your website.

Financial Services SEO Monthly Maintenance

Upon completion of website optimization, we will implement a monthly maintenance plan to optimize the SEO for your accounting and financial firm. This includes building high-quality backlinks, writing blogs, and increasing website exposure for your accounting and financial services.

Financial Services SEO Reports

Each month you will receive a report that details how your SEO services are performing for your accounting or financial services firm. This report will include insight into your website’s SEO progress. It will display your website’s visibility, organic rankings, and organic traffic results from our services.

Benefits of SEO for Accountants & Financial Advisors

Experience these benefits with our SEO services:

  1. Get found. Your customers use search engines daily.
  2. Conversions. Traffic from search engines are more likely to convert into leads.
  3. Free Traffic. SEO traffic is “free” and can decrease your cost per acquisition.
  4. 24/7 Promotion. Search engines can promote your business 24/7.
  5. Organic. SEO marketing is organic and less expensive than most paid advertising solutions.


We understand the financial services industry

First and foremost, we understand the financial services industry. The owners of our agency consist of CPA’s, financial advisors, tax consultants, and more. In addition, we have serviced many banks, accountants, and tax firms in providing financial services SEO. If you are seeking a partner that understands your industry, as well as how to navigate the regulatory risks involved in online marketing, our agency is the firm for you.

We take care of all your firm’s marketing needs

Not only does our agency provide SEO for accountants, financial advisors, and banks, but we can help you with all of your online marketing needs. Whether you need help with social media marketing, graphic design, blogging, or send email newsletters, we’ve got you covered. We’ve streamlined our agency to provide accountants, bankers, and financial advisors with access to specialized talent at a fraction of the cost.

Our SEO services are proven to work

It is important that you work with an agency that has experience and a proven track record. And, we fit the mold. We’ve helped small businesses add 6-figures in revenue through SEO. We’ve worked with professional services firms to gain #1 SEO rankings. And, we practice what we preach for our own firm. You are likely reading this page, not because you’ve “networked” with us, but through our own SEO, social media, or online marketing efforts. Wouldn’t you want this type of firm to help you with SEO for your accounting or financial advisory firm?

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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