Marketing For Construction Companies

Build Your Company Name & ROI

Marketing For Construction Companies

Build Your Company Name & ROI

Marketing For Construction Companies

Build Your Company Name & ROI

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business In The Construction Industry?

Between home builders and commercial construction, the industry overall has been booming! How has your construction company kept up? Are you staying ahead of all the new competition entering the market? 75% of construction firms are now starting to promote themselves via social media (among other digital platforms) in an attempt to grow and set themselves apart.

What steps are you taking to set your construction firm apart? No matter how small or limited your resources are, digital marketing can do wonders for your business.

Digital marketing for construction companies encompasses a multitude of online avenues! One of our specialists could help you determine which outlet within digital marketing is best suited to help you stand out from the rest. Read on to learn more about how we, LYFE Marketing, can help you.

Strengthen Your Position In The Industry Using

Digital Marketing For Construction Companies

As we mentioned above, the number of competitors entering the construction industry is ever-increasing. So if you want to see growth in your business development, you need to make sure that you stand out from the rest! With our online marketing ideas for construction services, we can guarantee that you rise to the top of your industry.


Social Media

Sometimes the best first step to take is to establish yourself as a brand and increase your brand awareness. For that, our social media specialists can help you choose which social media platforms make the most sense based on your business goals. The goal here is identify your target market and put your brand in front of them. Social media advertising is another great way to expose your potential customers to your brand and direct them to your company website.


PPC & Google AdWords Advertising

PPC and Google ads help you target people who are specifically looking for services that you provide. For that to happen, our specialists are going to place pay-per-click (PPC) search ads on Google search results. Those ads will be paired with display ads to retarget your prior website visitors. The display ads appear on various websites to increase conversion rates as well as touch points with your potential customer. Our SEM specialists will help you generate ad copy and graphics that resonate with your target audience.


Email Campaigns

Do you have a list of emails from past, new leads or existing customers? Our email marketing services can help you capitalize on them to increase your revenue. Depending on who your list is composed of and what your business goals are, our marketing company could help you decide what type of email marketing is best for you. A couple examples of different email marketing styles include newsletter versus automation.


Short Video Management

Social media platforms are not just for fashion, beauty, and tech brands. It has now become one of the most powerful tools for marketing any business, including construction companies. Videos are undeniably the most popular format. Behind-the-scenes footage of your construction projects or timelapse videos are a great way to engage viewers while demonstrating your expertise. If you need help in creating these videos, our expert video editors can help you.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Plan For Your Construction Company?

In order to interact with current customers and attract new ones, a construction company has to have a marketing plan in place.

The boom in the construction industry is a great thing. It means plenty of opportunities for projects for construction companies and more work for people in the industry.

However, that kind of growth also invites more business owners to join the industry. It might not be so easy to find a new project or reach new customers anymore.

Many construction business owners are finding that they can no longer solely rely on traditional marketing to grow their business. The bottom line is you need a better and more efficient strategy to market your construction company.

With today’s level of technology and prevailing industry conditions, there is no better strategy than to implement construction marketing ideas for your company.

Digital marketing tactics for construction companies offer equal opportunities to everyone. Regardless of the size of the company and its budget, success is within reach. As long as the right marketing efforts are implemented, it can be effective in helping you rise above the competition.

What Are The Benefits of Marketing for Construction Companies?

The benefits include increased conversions, more customers, and improved brand exposure.


Improved Brand Exposure

A strong online presence usually equates to a significant improvement in your brand’s exposure. And with millions of internet users, you have a huge opportunity to reach and get in touch with untapped, potential customers. Marketing for construction companies lets you showcase your brand and attract new customers by establishing a trusting relationship with them.


Qualified Prospects

Digital marketing comes with an array of marketing tools that can help you attract the most qualified prospects. This is because everything within digital marketing is extremely targeted based on demographics, behaviors, web searches and more.


Increased Conversions

The end goal for most construction companies is ROI, right? Digital marketing allows users to conveniently interact with your brand and website. If your potential clients can easily find, reach out to you online, or give you a phone call, it will increase your chances of converting them.


Performance Analysis

Various marketing tools will be at your disposal to measure how your campaigns are performing. This will enable you to know the exact amount of returns that your marketing campaigns are producing. Our team can analyze your results and continuously optimize your campaign month over month!

LYFE Marketing’s Methods Helped Si Engineering Generate A 42875% Increase In Engagement In Less Than A Year!

SI Engineering wanted a stronger social media presence. So they came to us for help. We accomplished their goals through Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. The results went beyond their expectations as we were able to help them increase engagement by 42875% in a matter of just nine months. We helped them grow and we can help you too!

Why Should You Choose Our

Marketing For Construction Companies Service?

Because We Are Industry Experienced

We have experience in the field, a team of knowledgeable specialists, and we stay on top of the most recent developments in digital marketing.

Industry specific experience should be the number one thing to look for when partnering with a digital marketing agency. Our agency not only has a surplus of experience, but we specifically have experience marketing the construction industry. We have worked with several construction companies before, so we understand the best practices that drive results in this industry.

Because We Have A Team of Expert Specialists

One advantage of working with an experienced digital marketing agency is that you get an entire team of specialists working to grow your business. Not one, not two, but a whole team of experts! No matter which service(s) you sign up for, we have specialists for each area. This is our guarantee that you always receive the best quality of service from us.

Because We Are Always Up-To-Date

Digital marketing is dynamic and constantly evolving. Being digitally based means that the marketing tools and the platforms are always being updated. So we make it a point to always be on top of the latest changes and trends. This will benefit not just us but most importantly, your marketing campaign.

Proven Strategies For Construction Marketing

We at LYFE Marketing believe that your success is our success. So we always incorporate the following strategies in our marketing for construction companies’ campaign:

Build Relationships

When employing a construction company, customers want to feel like they can trust your brand. Digital marketing helps connect you to your audience more and convince them to choose you over your competitors.


Be A Leader

You want to establish your firm as one of the leaders in the competitive construction industry. To do that, we will help your website and social media accounts become one of the leading sources of knowledge and information that your potential customers can turn to for help.


Educate Your Audience

Everything starts with great content. What makes content great is when it successfully resonates with your audience and provides value to them. When people see the value in your content, they are more likely to trust and work with your brand. There’s also a high chance for them to recommend you to others thus spreading your company name through word of mouth.

Keys To Success In Digital Marketing Services For Construction Companies

Look At Previous & Existing Efforts

The first thing that we do when you entrust your marketing for construction companies campaign to us is look at your current online presence. We are going to conduct an audit and see what is being done at present. And we will also look at what’s working well versus what needs improvement. We are going to build on what we learn and create the perfect strategy for you.

Understand Your Competition

After auditing your present marketing campaign, we are going to perform a competitor analysis. This analysis will give us a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The information that we get will be used in crafting the right strategy that will help lift you up to the top of the construction industry.

Identify Your Target Market

The next step is to have a specific definition of who your target audience is and what your goals are. This is one sure way of making sure that our efforts are in line with the results you want. It also ensures that your online target audience represents your real customer base.

Put Our Strategy Into Action

At this point, we are ready to launch your marketing for construction companies campaign, but not before we conduct careful research, planning, and preparation first. The specifics of your launch will vary depending on the service you are utilizing, but overall, this is where we implement the strategy we’ve created and start watching for results.

Measure Results & Optimize Accordingly

After your marketing campaign is launched, the next steps will be ongoing. We are going to monitor and measure your campaign continuously to see what works and if anything needs improvement. These details will be provided to you in the form of a monthly report.

Rise Above The Competition Using Marketing For Construction Companies

Marketing for construction companies is your ticket to a more successful business. It gives you an edge that other strategies simply cannot provide.

With our digital marketing agency, you will have access to an experienced team that is skilled in overcoming challenges and helping construction companies realize all their goals. Call us and we will help you achieve your business’ goals today.

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