IG Direct

Instagram has just made a POWER move in the social sphere by implementing “Instagram Direct” with their application. This tool will allow users to send photos and videos directly to the person it was intended for. In addition, you can send that same content to multiple users at a time. We can expect to see more one-on-one conversations on Instagram and maybe some nude picture exchanges amongst teenagers, but I personally think that businesses will reap the best benefits. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Online Customer Service – This new feature incorporates online customer service at it’s finest. Businesses will be able to follow up with all leads generated, answer questions, and further explain their product through short video messages. Remember the irate customer who was pissed? You can now talk to them one-on-one and accommodate their needs.
  2. Targeting your audience – Instagram Direct will be the most efficient way to market your message to the EXACT audience you are trying to reach. Perhaps you have a special promotion for ladies, news that only relates to business-minded individuals, or a contest tailored toward teenagers, you can send that content out to those audiences without publicly disregarding the rest of your followers.
  3. Engaging Into Deeper Relationships With Customers – Finally, this new feature will take consumer engagement to a much elevated level. Imagine if Toyota or Nissan sent you a short video commercial to you about one of their vehicles instantly after you posting a picture of your dream car? Businesses will be able to build stronger relationship capital with potential customers and heighten the probability of converting their interests into sales.

If you haven’t started marketing your brand on Instagram in the past, the time has come. This is statistically one of the fastest growing mobile applications and has been one of the most profitable platforms for our clients. Take a look at the facts. In 2013, the following occurred:

  • Vine growth rapidly slowed down after Instagram introduced video
  • Facebook announced that they have lost the teenage demographic
  • Instagram Ads appeared for the first time
  • Instagram implements a direct form of communication similar to Snapchat

The evidence of the shift in the preference of consumers’ social media applications is clear. Get ahead and take advantage of how consumers are rapidly shifting to Instagram and migrating away from other platforms, such as Facebook. Use this platform to reach the masses, post relatable content about your brand, and engage directly with your target audience. Good luck!

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