Your favorite photo sharing app just got a new upgrade. That’s right, Instagram now enables to users to share 15 second videos with their followers. Instagram video already appears to be a hit. Users uploaded more than 5 million videos during the first 24 hours of availability. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Meagan Good and huge brands have already started to adopt the new feature. With over 130 million active Instagram users, it’s clear the platforms gives businesses a unique way to expose their products/services on a large scale.

Still wondering how you can use IG video for your business? Check out these useful tips to help you manage.

1. Pitch your products/services
– With IG Video you’re able to create 15 second videos about anything you like. Make it fun about your product or service. Use quick product reviews, and comparison to show off why your work is better than the competitors.

2. Tell your story – As with sharing photos, videos can deepen your connection with your community by humanizing your brand. Tell your story, how you got started and why you do what you do. By story telling you’re bound to connect with someone on an emotional level or at least earn their respect.

3. Better feedback & Engagement – Asking questions on IG to your following seem more “direct” and “1 on 1″ based than text or photo questions. You’re likely to get way more response from a IG community than any other social channel because you’re able to present in a persuasive way unlike before.

4. Create word of mouth – Nothing can build excitement faster than a quick fun video. Have someone whose energetic, positive and outspoken talk about you’re brand in 15 seconds.

5. Company Culture – Take your community inside your office. Show off your company’s culture in a fun way that makes people feel excited about doing business with you or applying for your company.

Remember you shouldn’t use Instagram without a intentional strategy and purpose. Like other social media platforms, IG needs consistent management and creativity in order to find ROI. With IG, and other social media outlets, the marketing opportunities are endless. Have fun!!

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