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If you’re looking to drive more sales at a low cost, start with our internet marketing advertising services.


Social Media Growth

Many people think of social media as a fun, platform between friends, but the reality is that business owners are utilizing social media advertising to drive huge ROI every day! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have advanced advertising platforms that allow small business owners like you to drive website traffic and sales from their social media followers. Our internet marketing advertising services help you utilize these advertising platforms to your advantage.


SEM & Google Ads

Depending on the nature of your business, people may Google search for the product or service you offer a lot, but not know that you offer it. SEM gives you the ability to advertise your website on Google. When someone searches for anything on Google, they see a list of search results. The results at the top are often marked as an “Ad” and those are PPC ads. Our team can help your website rank in those top spots for keywords (Google searches) that are relevant to your business.


Email Newsletters

If you have an extensive subscriber list, email marketing may be the best way to reach them! When it comes to internet marketing advertising, the key is to follow up with your audience multiple times on various platforms. The more they see and interact with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase from you over competitors. Whether you implement newsletter emails or drip sequence emails, email marketing can help you build that connection!


Content Marketing

The key behind every successful advertising campaign is good content. Your content should speak less about what you sell and more about how what you offer helps your audience. This is why our team always conducts a lot of customer research before creating content for your business, including advertising content. Content marketing is great for providing your audience with value and making your brand “credible” in your customers’ eyes.


Website Design 

The goal of most advertising efforts are to drive traffic to your website, so you want your website design to reflect your brand well! For example, if your website looks outdated, loads slowly, isn’t easy to navigate or isn’t mobile friendly, that’s a bad reflection on your brand more than it is just a bad reflection on your website. At LYFE Marketing, we understand that the design and the strategy behind it need to be in unison with one another, working together for your advantage.


SEO – Organic Traffic

SEO is very similar to the SEM service we mentioned above. Think back to the Google search results page that appears when someone searches something on Google. Remember how we said there were sponsored “Ad” results at the top? SEO refers to the organic, unpaid search results. You can conduct SEO to be the #1 organic search result for any given keyword without having to spend all the extra advertising dollars! The caveat is that it’s usually a longer process than SEM.

Why You Need Internet Marketing Advertising

The number of internet users is growing every day. For example, millions of people use Facebook every day, and millions of people conduct a Google search every second. Social media and Google are both platforms that millions of people utilize every day, and they both offer an advertising platform for business owners like you!

Internet marketing advertising helps you find your target audience within the millions of users and put your brand and website in front of them. Part of the reason it’s so effective is because you’re reaching them where they’re already scrolling!

At LYFE Marketing, we have the experience and know-how required to perform successful internet marketing advertising for our clients.

internet marketing advertising

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Reasons Your Brand Can Benefit From Internet Marketing Advertising Services

internet marketing advertising

1. Find New Customers & Retarget Existing Ones

As we just mentioned, there are millions of internet users online at any given moment, and a percentage of them are bound to fall within your target audience! Internet marketing advertising gives you different options of target them either by demographic, interests, keyword searches, behaviors and more..

2. Increase Your Brand’s Reach & Awareness

If your internet marketing advertising is performed correctly, you’ll start seeing waves of traffic and brand exposure as a result. This improved brand visibility will help establish your brand as a thought-leader in your industry.

3. Run Campaigns Centered Around Your Goals (ex: Traffic, Sales, ROI etc.)

The main goal of internet marketing advertising is to drive website traffic that converts. The perk with digital marketing is there are various targeting options that drive qualified traffic, not just large quantities of traffic.

4. Budgets That Make Sense For Your Business

Unlike a lot of traditional marketing methods, digital marketing provides business owners with an inexpensive means to advertise. You can reach thousands of people within your specific audience with just a few advertising dollars, resulting in a lower cost per acquisition.

5. Results You Can Track

Internet marketing advertising is measurable! Our advanced analytics platform track which campaigns are turning you a profit and which need improvement.

6. Beat Your Competitors

The most important reason of them all to implement internet marketing advertising for your business is to beat your competition. If your potential customers aren’t finding your business online, they’re finding your competitors instead!

internet marketing advertising

Reap The Benefits & ROI Of Implementing Internet Marketing Advertising Services!

We at LYFE Marketing have performed hundreds of successful internet marketing advertising campaigns for both our clients and for our own business! We can do the same for you. Just click the button below to get started!


We Are No Stranger To Internet Marketing

As we mentioned, we’ve worked with countless small to mid sized businesses! We have more than just education around digital marketing for businesses, we have the experience behind it.

We Have A Slew Of Advertising Experts

LYFE Marketing prides itself on employing some of the top digital advertising specialists. Our team is comprised of experts within their field. No matter which service you sign up for, advertising or otherwise, you can trust that someone who is an expert in that specific digital marketing field is going to be at the helm of your campaign.

We Stay Knowledgeable Regarding Digital Advertising

We as a company stay in-the-know regarding the digital marketing arena so as to keep your campaigns fresh, effective, compliant and most of all profitable.

Proven Strategies for Internet Marketing

We have executed too many successful advertising campaigns to count (but here’s a handful of them if you want to check them out!). These are a few things we always implement in order to see success every time.

  1. Custom content from your brand. Consumers respond well to brands that have a personalized tone. That’s why we incorporate personalized content into your campaign that’s specific to your brand voice.
  2. Trackable data that we can measure and study. We wouldn’t be able to prove anything without data. We look at real numbers and metrics to guide our strategy and decision-making with your campaign.
  3. A marketing strategy with the aim to provide value to your customers. One thing customers will always appreciate is value. If they can walk away from an interaction with your brand feeling that they gained something valuable from it, they will think positively of your brand and likely choose it over competitors in the long run.



The first step we take with any new client is to perform an audit. This helps us see where your current online presence stands as well as what we need to incorporate into your strategy going ahead.

Competitor Analysis

We then analyze your competitors to see what they’re doing well and what is not serving them well. Businesses usually share a target market with their competitors, so it’s helpful to see what kind of content your share customer base is engaging with on their pages.

Understand Target Audience

This brings us to our next step which is to really define your customer avatar. What are their goals and pain points? What kind of language gets their attention? What is it about your product or service that helps them or provides value to them? We define all of these things so that we can create the most effective messaging possible for your campaign.

Implement Our Ads

This is where we get to launch your campaign! We take our research and analysis to create a strategy for your specific business, and then we launch that strategy!

Watch Performance

The job is not over once we launch! After we’ve launched your campaign, we continue to monitor and make adjustments along the way as needed. Depending on which service you’ve signed up for, we monitor for different things such as social media engagement, SEO rankings etc. but overall, we’re monitoring your campaign performance.

Report & Grow

We are constantly measuring the results of our efforts through our analytics tools. This allows us to scale the successful campaigns and rethink the efforts that are not turning you a profit. We share these results, suggestions and more with you in the form of monthly reports.

Drive Sales, Brand Awareness & More With Internet Marketing Advertising

Are you looking to drive your brand awareness, social media engagement, leads, and sales? Many business owners know they need to leverage digital marketing, but they either don’t know how or don’t have the time. 

That’s where we can help! Our internet marketing advertising services can help position your brand in front of new customers and increase your ROI.

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Drive Sales, Brand Awareness & More With Internet Marketing Advertising

Are you looking to drive your brand awareness, social media engagement, leads, and sales? Many business owners know they need to leverage digital marketing, but they either don’t know how or don’t have the time. 

That’s where we can help! Our internet marketing advertising services can help position your brand in front of new customers and increase your ROI.

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We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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