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Internet Marketing Service

If you’re a small business owner looking to grow your business, you’ve clicked to the right page. Having begun as a start-up company ourselves in 2011, we understand the ins and outs of what it takes to run and market a growing business. Just as you are passionate about the product or service you offer, so are we in helping small businesses grow. Keep reading as we’re going to discuss what internet marketing is and how our internet marketing service can help your business profit.

Internet Marketing Service

If you’re a small business owner looking to grow your business, you’ve clicked to the right page. Having begun as a start-up company ourselves in 2011, we understand the ins and outs of what it takes to run and market a growing business. Just as you are passionate about the product or service you offer, so are we in helping small businesses grow. Keep reading as we’re going to discuss what internet marketing is and how our internet marketing service can help your business profit.

What is Internet Marketing?

Even if you’re not super familiar with digital marketing, you probably have a vague idea of what internet marketing is. You may be thinking, “It’s when you post ads online, right? It’s when you put stuff out there on social media.”


While those are a couple of examples, internet marketing is so much more than an online advertisement.


Before we dive into all that internet marketing encompasses, let’s take a quick step back first and look at the basics of marketing. When you own a business, what are some of the basic marketing ingredients you need for success?

MarketingBrand Awareness

People can’t purchase from you if they don’t know you exist, but more than that, people won’t purchase from you if they don’t trust your brand over competitors. Brand awareness is a strategic blend of spreading the word about your business while simultaneously building a trusting, brand-consumer relationship.

MarketingClear Messaging

What actions do you want your customers to take, and what are you offering them in return? In a digital world where instant gratification is everywhere, people’s attention spans are not necessarily getting longer. You need clear messages all throughout your website and marketing efforts so that people instantly know what you offer, how it helps them and how they can purchase it.


Or what’s known as retargeting in the marketing world. History shows us that people have to be exposed to your business and interact with your brand multiple times before purchasing from it. This is true for large, well-known brands like Nike, so it’s especially true for new brands entering the market that few people are familiar with.

You may be thinking, “Okay that all makes sense, but what’s that got to do with internet marketing?”


Internet marketing is the tool that helps you strengthen each of those areas quicker than ever before at a price you can afford. When Internet marketing is performed properly, it increases your brand awareness, establishes clear messaging and retargets potential customers.


With internet marketing, you can reach your target audience by the thousands in a matter of seconds, for just a couple of bucks. Music to a business owner’s ears isn’t it? So what’s the catch?


While internet marketing has been around for a few years now, it’s still a relatively new field and on top of that, it changes every day!


Many business owners are having difficulty finding the time to master internet marketing while juggling the operation of a business. This is why internet marketing has remained a vague, untapped marketing tool for so many business owners! LYFE Marketing stands to fill in the gap between the average small business owner and the opportunities of internet marketing.

Boost Your Business Growth With Our

Internet Marketing Service

We have helped countless business owners thrive as a result of various internet marketing services, so let’s talk a little more about what internet marketing entails. Internet marketing is an umbrella term that harbors specific outlets. This means that there are several platforms you can utilize within internet marketing. Below is a brief summary of the internet marketing services that we provide.

Social Media Management


This internet marketing service includes posting on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The basic function of social media is to foster a community and relationship with your potential customers. Social media isn’t solely meant to increase your brand awareness, it can also help build brand-consumer relationships. Social media management involves active monitoring and addressing those relationships in the form of comments, direct messages, likes, shares, mentions, follower growth, retweets and more.

Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising goes hand in hand with social media management. Social media advertising includes paid posts and advertisements (unlike the posts you publish onto your business profile for free). The difference is the placement. With social media advertising, you’re paying the social platform to display your ad in the newsfeed of your target audience (essentially putting it where they’re already scrolling). This is a great way to drive leads or direct online sales in addition to establishing brand awareness.

Email Marketing


If you already have an existing email list of subscribers, this is a great place to start. Email marketing lets you email your list of potential or existing customers. There are two types of email marketing: newsletter & drip-sequence. An agency like ours can help you determine which would be best suited for your business based on your goals and budget.


In short, a weekly newsletter is exactly what it sounds like, allowing you to send whatever information you need to your subscribers on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. A drip-sequence campaign is a little more intricate, as it includes an automated, action-based approach. A simple example of an automated email campaign is when you purchase something online and automatically receive a confirmation email. An automated drip-sequence campaign sends specific emails (that have been set up in advance) to users based on which actions they take.


Regardless of which email marketing strategy you employ, the overall goal is here to create customers and repeat customers by strengthening your brand-consumer relationship via email.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and can be a huge asset to you depending on the nature of your business. To determine if this would be a good fit for your company, ask yourself this: Is it common for people to search for the product or service I provide on search engines like Google? If the answer is no, you may want to consider one of these other internet marketing services. If the answer is yes, you could stand to profit greatly from SEO!


So what is SEO exactly? When you search for something on Google, there is a list of results that pop up. The first few are sponsored and marked as an “Ad.” Below those are un-sponsored (or what we call organic) results. How many times have you clicked on anything below the first 5 organic results? How many times have you actually gone to the second page of Google results? Probably very few times, if ever, right? It’s an actual statistic that the first 5 search results garner the most traffic for any given keyword search. SEO is the process of establishing your website in one of those top spots for searches that are relevant to your business.


An expert like one of our SEO specialists can help you determine which keywords are most profitable for you to rank for and can guide you through the SEO process.

Pay Per Click Advertising


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and it is essentially the paid version of SEO. Remember when we mentioned above that there are sponsored search results marked as an “Ad” on search result pages? Those are PPC ads. So the biggest differences between SEO & PPC here are as follows:


1. Placement: PPC Search ads always appear at the very top, before the organic results start. There’s another form of PPC ads called “Display” ads which actually retarget your website visitors all across the web (meaning your ad will show up as a banner, sidebar etc. on various websites your customers are visiting).


2. Paid: Businesses pay Google’s advertising platform (called Google AdWords) to place their website in the top spot in the paid search results. With SEO, you’re not paying for a spot, but you’re instead following an organic process (including optimizing your website for keywords, garnering backlinks etc.) so that Google naturally pushes your website up into the top organic spots. With PPC, you’re outbidding your competitors for one of the top paid spots.


3. Time: PPC is an almost instantaneous route to achieving a top spot in the search results. SEO is a much longer process, sometimes taking a year or more.


If you’re wanting to rank on Google for keywords relevant to your industry, then one of our specialists can help you decide if PPC or SEO would be the best route for you!

Graphic Design


Did you know that people remember 80% of what they see? Visuals play such a big role in brand-consumer relationships and marketing. That’s why we’re seeing visual platforms like Instagram (where you can’t post anything without a photo or video) growing so rapidly. With any promotional material, consumers often look at the photo and read the photo before ever reading the text, copy or caption.


So how does your current portfolio of images and designs look? Does it reflect your brand & resonate with your target audience at the same time? If not, then this internet marketing service is what you need! Our graphic design team gives a marketing eye to your brand vision to elevate your visuals.

Website Design


You work so hard to drive relevant, targeted traffic to your website. So what are your potential customers seeing when they arrive? Is your website design intuitive to the user? Is your messaging crystal clear? Is it mobile-friendly? You don’t want to give visitors any reason to leave your website early. You want them to stay, click around and eventually convert!


Did you know that your website’s bounce rate (the rate of people leaving your site) increases by up to 50% if your website takes just two extra seconds to load? It’s all of these tiny factors that play a huge role in the effectiveness of your website. Similar to our graphic design services, our web design services ensure that your website is aesthetically-pleasing, optimized and ready to receive traffic.



For all of the services we’ve just described, we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want us to be. If you want to do the work yourself but just need the know-how and guidance, we offer consulting services! We offer consulting for our internet marketing services to help teach business owners how to perform their own marketing like an expert.

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Now That You Have an Idea of What Internet Marketing Services Are, Let’s Take a Closer Look to Understand How Those Services Translate to Sales For Your Business!


We mentioned that internet marketing can help you fortify your brand awareness, establish clear messaging and create repeat interactions with your target audience.


In general, we understand why that’s important, but let’s look at a few statistics.

Marketing Consultant

   40% of merchants utilize social media to increase sales

Marketing   82% of internet traffic is predicted to come from video by 2022

Marketing   $1 spent in email marketing translates to $38 in return on investment on average

Marketing   Startups using Google Adwords (Google’s advertising platform) earn $3 in profit for every $1.60 they spend

Marketing   47% of consumers look at 3-5 pieces of content from a business before talking to someone from their sales team

Marketing   Conversion rates decrease by 12% every additional second that it takes your website to load

Marketing   Segmented email campaigns produce a 760% increase in revenue on average

While yes, metrics like follower growth, Instagram likes, CTR (click-through-rate) and others are important and have their role to play in your sales funnel, we are ultimately looking for ROI.


We want to know that internet marketing is not just driving traffic, but specifically driving traffic that converts into sales! So when we see numbers like that, it only reinforces what we already know as a digital marketing agency: small businesses can see massive growth and revenue via internet marketing.

How We Used Internet Marketing To Grow Our Own Business

We mentioned previously that we began as a startup business. In the last 8 years, we have seen 1501% growth, jumped from 1 intern to over 50 full time employees, were featured on the hit CNBC show The Profit and have won multiple awards, one of the more recent being that we ranked #299 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing businesses.


So how did we get from point A to point B? We used our own services for ourselves!


It may sound like the obvious answer, but the reality is we did not always use digital marketing to promote our own services! It wasn’t until we started performing SEO, PPC, social media marketing and email marketing for ourselves that we began to see any real growth.


We followed the same process we use with our clients for our own business: research, A/B testing and continuous optimization. A lot of the best practices we utilize for our clients today are based on historical data of what we saw worked well for our own growth!


We were able to test out so many different variables when it comes to advertising and internet marketing in general. We went through the trial and error ourselves so that you don’t have to!


Another factor to consider is our competition. A big goal for businesses is to beat out their competition in the digital space. Well, think about who our competition is: other digital marketers! Our competitors are arguably the hardest competition to beat in this space given the nature of what all of us do, yet we’re doing it.

We rank #1 for over 300 digital marketing related keywords on Google, outranking our competitors.


A percentage of our clients specifically tell us that they just ended a partnership with one of our competitors in order to partner with us.


It’s taken a lot of time, hard work, and an ever-learning student mindset for us to be where we are today. We take pride in the growth we’ve had in this industry using our own services for both ourselves and for our clients, but make no mistake, this is only the beginning!


We are consistently building upon what we’ve learned so that our internal marketing service as well as our client services only get better.

How We Generated $20K In 2.5 Months For Our Client

Digital Marketing Specialist

You’ve heard our story, but take a look at one of our client’s! Atlanta Peach Roll is a business that provides pedal tours around the city of Atlanta. They came to us with a clear goal of wanting more sales. We tested a multitude of digital advertising strategies with the aim of determining which advertising method would provide the most sales for them at the lowest cost. As important as it is to acquire sales, it’s equally important to drive down the cost per acquisition of each of those sales; this is what maximizes your return on investment!


We ran Facebook & Instagram ads for them and ran various types of advertising campaigns. Remember earlier when we talked about how important visuals are? We used a Video Views campaign to get as many eyeballs on their promotional video as possible. We coupled that with a Conversion campaign that directed people to their website and tracked online sales. Lastly, we retargeted people who had engaged with their posts or visited their website but not yet converted into a purchase.


We spent $6,667 on all of those advertisements, and made $20,687 back.


We did that in the first 2.5 months, and the numbers have only continued to increase from there! We’re currently optimizing their ad campaigns to drive even more sales and lower the cost per result even further if possible. Our client’s success is our success.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

So far, we’ve talked about our story as an internet marketing agency, and we’ve highlighted one of our most recent client successes. Why don’t we hear from somebody else?

Dj Sellers

DJ Sellers

I’ve been doing business with LYFE for over three years and this is the most efficient marketing company I have worked with. Very thorough planning, great communication, and excellent execution.

Jonathan Hamilton

Jonathan Hamilton

The owners of LYFE Marketing are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever worked with. They are extremely trustworthy , have great integrity and I would recommend them to anyone. I’ve watched them grow from working with small businesses to being highly recognized in the marketing industry. They clearly know how to deliver the best results.

Natalia Peart

Natalia Peart

I have been a LYFE Marketing client for the past several months, and I want to highlight how much their Marketing Consulting Service has been critical in helping my company with the growth and positive results we are looking for. In our initial marketing consulting sessions, they listened carefully to our needs so we could create an integrated marketing strategy. Beyond the initial strategy sessions, they continue to provide highly responsive, truly excellent digital and marketing services. They are more than just a vendor—I see them as an extension of my own team, and so I highly recommend their services.

And there are plenty more where those came from! You can check out any of the hundreds of reviews we have on Google, Clutch & UpCity!


In today’s world, we understand the importance of transparency and reviews. That’s why we encourage you to go look at the reviews we have from real clients sharing their honest feedback on these third-party websites.

How Do We Create Successful Internet Marketing Campaigns For Our Clients?

So far we’ve talked a lot about what we do, but you may be wondering how we do it! Here at LYFE Marketing, we have a very specific process for each of our internet marketing services. We’ve strategically built the process for each service over the last decade based on efficiency, research, and historical data. While we won’t go into the details for each service, we are sharing the general process that remains the same across the board of all of our services.

Marketing1. Initial Call With Our Business Development Team

We utilize our own marketing services to perform inbound marketing. This means that most all of the clients we work with today started by contacting us first. When you reach out to LYFE Marketing for the first time, you will be encouraged to schedule a call with someone from our Business Development Team if you haven’t done so already. In your initial call with us, our business development representative will listen to your needs as a business and guide you in choosing the internet marketing service that might best suit you.

Marketing2. Contract Signed & Initial Timeline Set

After your initial phone call with our Business Development representative, should you decide you want to proceed with our services, you will receive a proposal & contract to sign (which already has a timeline included so you know exactly what and when things will happen prior to signing). We always strive to eliminate any questions or confusion that our clients may have.

Marketing3. Onboarding Call With Your Assigned Account Manager

Once you have signed the contract, you will have officially become a client of LYFE Marketing! It is at this point that you’re assigned an Account Manager, dedicated to your campaign. Your Account Manager will set up an onboarding call to speak with you a little more in depth about your business and your goals as well as answer any questions that you may have. This will serve to tie up any loose ends prior to us beginning work on your account.

Marketing4. Research Regarding Your Business, Industry, Competitors & Target Market

As the heading here implies, we perform a lot of research during our first week working together! In addition to learning the in’s and out’s of your business, we also look at your competitors and your target audience. We can always learn from what your competitors are doing well (or doing poorly!), and it’s important for us to know how your shared target market with them reacts to content. Once we understand the goals and pain points of your target audience, we’ll be able to create content specifically crafted for them.

Marketing5. Initial Strategy & Creatives Are Built Out

Our research gives us the best foundation possible to produce your internet marketing strategy and creatives. The details of what we create in this step will vary a little depending on which service you’ve signed up for, but overall, you can trust that we will use our research to guide what we create based on what we see resonates well with your potential customers.

Marketing6. Time To Launch The Campaigns We’ve Created

This is the exciting moment that we launch your campaign! Again, the logistics of this step will vary based on whichever service you’ve signed up for, but this is where everything we’ve created for you so far goes live.

Marketing7. Review Initial Data

We continuously monitor our work to see how your campaign is performing. Data is very important to us because it shows us what is performing in your favor and what may need improvement. Either way, we’re able to review our initial data to make educated decisions moving forward.

Marketing8. Optimize and Reports

We do not set your campaign up and leave it. Our internet marketing services are ongoing because our work is ongoing. For the length of our partnership together, we will always strive to maximize your profits and lower your cost per result. We share any and all data with you in the form of monthly reports so that you are always fully aware of anything related to your campaign as well.

We stress the importance of our process because we’ve heard from our clients how other agencies and freelance marketers can operate. Successful results do not usually stem from unorganized efforts, and that’s why we remain confident in our procedures. Our process is the roadmap to our clients’ success.

Why Choose LYFE Marketing To Handle Your Internet Marketing Services

We suppose the last question you may have is, why us? Why LYFE Marketing? Take a look at some of the unique character traits of our company that you may not have been aware of.

Because We Have Proven Results

The case studies on our website represent the kind of results we can generate. If you have not already had the chance to check out some of the case studies on our website, we highly encourage you to do so! We have case studies for social media management, social media advertising, SEO, and PPC to name a few! Those case studies reflect very real stories and numbers of what we have done for our clients in the past, and we can do the same for you.

Because We Have Positive Testimonials & Recognition

Our testimonials & awards speak for themselves. Before you listen to another word we say, we invite you to read the thoughts and opinions of our clients and industry leaders! We spoke earlier of where you can find all of our client reviews (on Google, Upcity and Clutch), but take a look at the digital marketing industry leaders who have recognized us as well! Some of those leaders include Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur, Forbes and more.

Because We Are Specialists

We seek and employ the top talent in the business. We do not hire just anybody to work for our company. We hire based on experience, credentials, expertise, work ethic and demeanor. When you partner with us, you can expect expert digital marketing specialists to work on your account, and nothing less.

Because We Genuinely Want To Help

In everything we do, we do it with the small business owner in mind. The biggest thing to know about us as a company outside of our experience and expertise is that we care. We understand the grit and fiery passion of a business owner first-hand! It’s our dream to help other small business owners become as successful as we have and then some.

So are you ready to grow your business?

Whether you’re looking for cohesiveness in your social media presence, or you’re ready to invest in SEO, or you want to capitalize on PPC or maybe you don’t know what you need yet, you just know you need your marketing to improve- no matter what you need, we’re here to help. Click the button to schedule a call with us today, and we’ll breathe new LYFE into your internet marketing campaign.

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