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Internet Marketing Services Company

If you have an online presence, then utilizing high-level internet marketing services is the best way to reach your ideal target audience. If you want to establish your brand, increase traffic and improve your ROI, then give us a call today.

Social Media Marketing

1 Social Media

Our company was founded on social media management! We offer full-service social media marketing services based on our experience & knowledge of the industry and based on your goals. Depending on your business goals, we have two different social media services to offer: social media management & social media advertising. The first focuses on spreading brand awareness and building engagement. The latter focuses on driving website traffic and sales (no matter whether they’re online sales or in-store sales). Usually the two services together make for the most beneficial strategy for your business!

PPC Advertising

2 PPC & Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing, or better known as SEM, means placing PPC ads on search engines such as Google. PPC ads appear at the top of Google’s search results page when someone searches a certain keyword. Our team helps you select which keywords are relevant and profitable for your business to rank for. Having your website appear when someone searches a keyword that’s relevant to your business gives you more brand exposure and website traffic (which leads to sales!). SEM also includes Display ads which are retargeting ads. These ads specifically retarget your website visitors to redirect them back to your website.

Email Marketing

3 Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to interact with existing or potential customers. We offer two different types of email marketing services: newsletters and drip-sequence campaigns. Newsletters are emails sent to your subscribers to help build a brand-consumer relationship. Drip-sequence campaigns include pre-written emails that are automatically sent when people take certain actions. An example would be someone automatically getting a welcome email when they sign up for your email list. Either way, emails can be used to move people along the sales funnel and into a customer of your business.

Content Marketing

4 Content Marketing

If you’re having difficulty in creating engaging content, then we’re here to help you. We offer effective and strategic content marketing services! Our expert team of content writers do their research for our clients to create content that resonates with their specific audience. Our content services cover the whole process from start to finish: topic and target market research, writing, editing and finally, publishing. Above all, you want your content to provide value to your audience so that they trust and build a relationship with your brand. With our services, no need to worry about a thing regarding your content.

Web Design

5 Website Design

Your website is a direct representation of your brand. Is your website mobile-friendly? Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate for the consumer? If your website is not super quick, easy and convenient for your website visitors, they’re going to project that bad impression onto your business as a whole. Ensure that your website design is effective and leaves a positive impact on your brand with our website design services.


6 SEO – Organic Traffic

When consumers need to look up a product or service they’re interested in, they search for it on Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positions your website so that it appears in the top search results on the first page of Google for keywords (Google searches) that are relevant to your business. Our SEO services position your website to gain the most exposure, traffic and sales for your business.


What industry is your business in? Are you in the food, healthcare, finance, real estate, marketing or retail industry? How about the type of company? Is it a B2B company, B2C business, service based business or perhaps a nonprofit organization? No matter what business industry you’re in or type of business you have, digital marketing is still the key to growing your business today.

LYFE Marketing Team

Why, you may ask? Well mainly because almost everything now involves online activities. From as simple as interacting with other people, to finding out the latest news, checking your messages, to searching for a product or service, and the list goes on. Yes, there are billions of active internet users around the globe on a daily basis. This is how “digital” the world now is.


So that is why businesses like yours should also be active online. This is a great avenue to showcase your brand to your target market and increase your revenue. And if you are already implementing digital marketing strategies for your business, then great! The next question is, how effective is your current marketing plan?

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Why You Need An Internet Marketing Services Company

Google receives over 63,000 different searches per second every day. Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger each month. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you could be missing out on thousands of customers! Not only that, here are some more astonishing statistics about digital marketing:

Companies who nurture leads

generate 50% more sales at 33% less cost.

82% of mobile shoppers

conduct local or “near me” searches.

62% of online consumers

say they become more interested in a product after watching it in a Facebook Story.

Businesses yield

an average profit of $2 for every $1 they spend in Google AdWords.

61% of mobile users

said they are more likely to contact a local based business with a mobile-friendly website.

86% of professionals

still prefer using emails when communicating with companies.


This is how much digital marketing can affects your company’s sales. Yes, every marketing strategy generates different results, but with the right strategy, you can achieve positive results. This is where we can help you.


An internet marketing services company like LYFE Marketing helps you utilize the online platforms where your target audience is already scrolling. With the proper research and expert help, you can effectively utilize digital marketing platforms to your advantage to see more sales!

Reasons Your Brand Can Benefit From An Internet Marketing Services Company

 1  Customers Are Online

We shared some numbers earlier that depict how many users are online daily. No matter your industry, a portion of your target market is bound to be online. Don’t miss out on the potential sales from your online audience!

 2  Improved Business Visibility

Brand awareness is crucial for startups and small businesses. In the online world, brand awareness can translate to social media followers and engagement, which helps establish brand trust. Building trust and brand awareness is key to seeing sales from a loyal customer base!

LYFE Marketing Team
LYFE Marketing Team

 3  Drive Quality Traffic

An internet marketing services company can help you utilize the right platforms for your business to drive traffic. But not just any website traffic, qualified traffic! It’s important to us that we target the right audience for your business and drive quality customers to your website.

 4  Cost-Effective

Using an internet marketing services company can save you time and money in the long run! As a small business owner, we know you fulfill a lot of roles in your business. But leave the digital marketing efforts to the experts! We know what it takes to run a successful marketing campaign that’s going to give you a profitable ROI.

 5  Advanced Analytics

Unlike traditional marketing methods, internet marketing allows you to track all of your efforts! Your internet marketing services company can measure how successful your campaigns are through advanced analytics. This way, we know which efforts are working and are scalable, and which are not.

 6  Your Competitors Are Doing It

One more reason to look for a good internet marketing services company is because the competition is doing it. If your customers aren’t finding your business online, they’re finding your competitors instead! Get ahead and start capitalizing on sales with a strong and strategic online strategy.

LYFE Marketing Team

You Could Start Seeing The Results Of Working With A Professional Internet Marketing Services Company TODAY!

We at LYFE Marketing have helped thousands of small to mid sized businesses grow and reach their goals. And these businesses are not limited to just a few industries. We have partnered with companies in various industries, thus marketed to different set of audiences too. We utilize both experience and expert knowledge to take our clients’ marketing campaigns and results to the top. So our question now is, do you want better results? Schedule a meeting by clicking the button below!

Digital Marketing Specialist

Why Choose Us As Your Internet Marketing Services Company


We Are Well-Rounded In Our Digital Marketing Services

The biggest reason to choose us as your internet marketing services company is because we have experience and can handle all of your digital marketing needs in one place. We’re able to masterfully execute all of your digital marketing efforts here to create one collective digital marketing strategy.


Proficient Team Experts

Our industry experience is backed by a team of expert specialists. Our team is equipped with the professional knowledge and experience that it takes to manage digital marketing campaigns for businesses successfully.


One Thing We Are Not Is Out Of Touch

Digital marketing is always changing, so it only makes sense that your internet marketing services company changes along with it! We stay up-to-date on changing trends, ad policies and more for the benefit of your marketing campaign.


At LYFE Marketing, we center all of our efforts with the sole goal of your success. That is why we incorporate the following strategies into your campaign:

  Consumer-Brand Trust  


Trust is the key ingredient that makes customers choose your company over competitors. We will help build this brand trust through a personalized marketing campaign.

  Targeted Content 


We perform a lot of research for our clients in the beginning to best understand their target market. We learn what kind of content & language resonates best with your target audience to get their attention and draw them to your website.

  Strategic Advertising  


Advertising can be very powerful when done right. We use strategic best practices to target multiple ad set groups with multiple ads to acquire the most sales at the lowest cost for you. This gives you the most bang for your buck!

Our Effective Process As An Internet Marketing Services Company

Initial Assessment

As an internet marketing services company, our first step is to audit your existing online presence. We will see what’s been accomplished to date and what needs to happen next to meet your goals.


The second step for us is to conduct our research. This includes researching your target audience, your competitors and your industry. It’s important to know who we’re speaking to with your target market, who were competing against and what’s worked well within your industry in the past.

Target Audience Identification

Before launching your campaign, it’s important to define a few things. We need to know exactly what your goals are and who your target market is. We define these things early on to ensure our efforts are aligned with the results you’re looking for. We want your online target audience online to be a real representation of your customer base.

Campaign Execution

This is the exciting part where we launch! Here we start publishing all of the campaigns we’ve researched and built so far. This is where the expertise our specialists have on the technical side of digital marketing become very handy.

Gauge Campaign Performance

After we launch your campaign, we monitor it daily. It’s important to us to stay on top of any trends or changes we see happening so that we can measure and react accordingly. We also monitor your campaign for engagement! It’s not uncommon to start receiving a lot of messages and comments after we launch, so we help you monitor and manage those.

Study Results & Optimize Accordingly

The last step for us is ongoing, and that is to measure. We do not blindly continue to run your campaign month after month. We measure our efforts to see what’s working well and what isn’t. That allows us to allocate your budget effectively so that you’re receiving the most results at the lowest cost, resulting in a higher ROI for your business.

Grow Your Business With The Help Of An Internet Marketing Services Company

Your marketing strategies now, more than ever, shouldn’t be stagnant. As there are tons of new trends that are constantly being introduced, you need to make sure that your brand is making the most of them all. You don’t want to be left behind by your competitors.


Hiring an internet marketing services company can grow your business through an increase in brand awareness, leads and sales using the latest (but proven) marketing strategies. Our expert specialists have the knowledge and experience to execute your digital marketing strategy successfully from start to finish. Click the button below to schedule a meeting and get started!

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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