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A Glimpse into Law Firm Website Design

Let’s dive into some law web industry statistics. 

Data shows that the majority of law firms, about 85%, have a website. Whether their law firm website design is working for them is another issue. Only 35% of the best law firm websites have been updated in the last year. That leaves the other 65% of lawyer websites rotting away and not being seen.

Approximately 70% of law firms generate new cases through their websites, so having an impeccable website design is key when it can potentially be one of your main sources of clientele.

Not only do people go to your website to learn more about your practice, almost 74% of visit your site strictly to take action like calling your firm, or request a consultation through your site. This is why a professional design law firm website with clear calls to action is pertinent to your firm’s digital marketing strategy.

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Why Do You Need a New Law Firm Website Design?

You already wear countless hats and play many roles at your practice, so adding yet another with law firm website design shouldn’t be something you have to worry about.

Generate Leads.

Many elements go into creating a law firm website design that will result in more leads. These are the elements we focus on most because our clients’ greatest objective is capturing more leads that convert to clients and cases. Generating leads is about more than just a contact us button on your site, but also involves the navigation of your site and the content your site offers to visitors.

Set Your Firm Apart.

Studies show that over 70% of legal sites do not have a clear call to action on their homepage for visitors to contact the firm, and 66% don’t have a contact form. If your current law firm website design puts you in either of these categories, then a new design is in order and we want to help you with that.

Improve SEO.

If your sight has a high traffic volume, high performance metrics, and has increased time on site then the search engines will see your web pages as valuable and give your law firm website design more authority over other competitors. This will further your progress toward first page rankings. We highly suggest combining our SEO services with our website design services to see the greatest success and value for your dollar.

Not Only Have We Helped Hundreds of Small Businesses, But We Also Use the Same Tactics to Grow LYFE Marketing.

How did you find our website today? Without hesitation, we know that it was more than likely through search, social media, paid ads, email marketing or through LYFE Marketing’s blog. That is because we know and use digital marketing for our business too. (And we’re really good at it). So many agencies talk about how they can help “you and your business” yet don’t use their own services. We know exactly what it takes to help you generate success online because we are doing it too.



Navigation & Responsiveness

We live in a mobile-first world, so your design will be 100% mobile responsive and will boast a sleek design that is compatible on not just desktops but also mobile phones and tablets. The mobile attributes of your site include larger fonts and buttons that are more easily seen on a smaller screen. If you’re competitors do not have their sites optimized for mobile, then this will give you the competitive advantage you need to capture more clients that they may have been receiving your new website design. In addition, we ensure that your site loads quickly leaving no time for visitors to visit a competitor’s site.

Contact Form 

History shows that 87% of people that contact an attorney will choose to work with that attorney, and about 72% of the time, that is the only attorney they contact. These statistics further stress the importance of having multiple methods of contacting your practice incorporated into your law firm website design. We list cohesive contact information on all pages of your site as well as contact forms and call to action buttons across your site to encourage visitors to take the next step in hiring your firm.

User Experience

We only deliver website designs that you feel represent your brand’s message, will capture the attention of prospects and offer an overall positive user experience with a fast page load speed. At this point, you begin reaping the benefits that all best law firm websites experience. In order to maintain the health of your website and the experience your visitors have, we offer ongoing website maintenance that keeps your site secure and updated.

Key Elements for Law Firm Web Design

All of our designs incorporate the following metrics to ensure your firm is operating as one of the best law firm websites possible: 

  1. Attractive Design.Stay professional inside and outside the office.
  2. Responsive Theme. Be ready for people searching on mobile.
  3. User Friendly.Offer hassle free services online.



Full Service

Your website serves as the foundation for all other digital marketing efforts that your firm implements. After your website design is complete, we offer additional services that will increase the return on investment that you receive from your website. Our social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC services will all drive traffic to your newly designed site. Work with the experts that know the importance a stellar law firm website design holds in digital marketing.

Industry Experience

Our industry experience working with law firms of all kinds has taught us what consumers respond to best in law firm website design and what they do not prefer. Every little detail matters in website design. The smallest attribute can affect the overall user experience in a big way, which is why our attention to detail and function within the industry and among your competitor’s site is of the utmost priority.


When you work with us on your website design, you are working with an in-house specialist that is devoted to developing designs structured to capture leads for your firm. We are able to deliver custom website designs for attorneys on a faster timeline than most web developers because we dedicate a trained designer to your website

What’s Most Important for a Successful Law Firm Website Design

We like to take an innovative approach to law firm website design by creating effective, responsive, and informative pages to provide you with one of the best law firm websites out there.

Our best law firm websites generally take around 20-25 days to complete the first rough draft that you will be able to view and provide any edits you wish to be made. We will then make these changes as soon as possible and make the site live with your approval.

Your completed site will offer a seamless user experience and incorporate key elements that will make your law firm website design stand out among other firms.

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