As colleges and universities conclude their final rounds of acceptance letters this month, rising freshmen throughout the nation are beginning to consider their housing options for the Fall. Student housing properties and off-campus apartments currently have an opportunity to join the conversation and hype NOW while high school seniors constantly tweet and post about their exciting journey ahead on social media. Check out some of the screenshots below.

If you have not revised your social media strategy to include Twitter, Instagram, and Vine campaigns, you may be in trouble this year. Earlier this year, Facebook released statistics that revealed it’s declining activity amongst teenagers and young adults, yet many social media coordinators place Facebook marketing at the core of their social media budget. In fact, if student housing brands actually start to research social media, they’ll find that majority of teenagers/young adults from the age of 18 to 24 are primarily on Instagram. Ironically, in our social media audit of the top 25 student housing management companies, we found that the average number of Instagram followers throughout all portfolios was well below 100. This leaves the door open for a select few student housing brands to hit the ground running and beat out competitors with the right approach.

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Client: University Towers, ATX

Another great example would be one of our clients in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Riverfront Village, who has already generated 5 leads in less than one week through our social media campaign program. With improved technology and processes, we have been able to generate instant notifications to on-site leasing teams each time someone shows interests via social media. With quick follow-ups, a great leasing team, and a strong lead generation program similar to what we are implementing, will allow brands to get a head start in their leasing for the 2014-2015 school year.


Client: Riverfront Village, Tuscaloosa AL

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