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Our team of SEO specialists will help you attract more local customers by optimizing your website. So, do you want to make it easier for local customers to find your products and services?
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Your business exists because of your customers. Your business depends on having customers to buy your products or avail your services. So you want to make it easy on them. What does that mean exactly? For starters, you want to make it easy for them to find you online.


People go online to look for a solution to a specific problem, and they expect instant results. One particular solution is local SEO.

Local SEO Consultant

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective ways to market your products and services to local customers. A customer can easily find a local business through search engines with the help of local SEO. And it is not just a matter of finding what they are looking for but also finding it at the right time.


This means that by using local SEO, companies are able to promote to customers at the exact time that they are searching online. Implementing local SEO gives your business a boost to rank high in the search engine results. 


But how different is local SEO from the usual or standard SEO? It has something to do with the difference between local search and standard search.


For example, a search for an electrician is considered a standard search when it is simply about how to fix an electrical socket. However, it becomes a local search or one that has local intent when it becomes something like “the best electrician in (your location).”


Search engines know that the searcher is looking for suggestions based on location. They provide the answers with the local search engine results pages (SERPS). These results are those that are displayed when a search is made on Google with purely local intent. We will tackle more of their differences below.


The role of a local SEO consultant cannot be overemphasized in all of these, as we guide you through all of the steps necessary to see ROI at the end of your local SEO efforts.

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How Does Local SEO Differ From Organic SEO?

When talking about SEO, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be organic SEO. However, similar to digital marketing, SEO is also evolving.


While organic SEO focuses on optimizing your website to increase your search engine rankings, it doesn’t necessarily include local elements. It doesn’t give you an edge over your competitors when someone decides to go for a local based query. And that is where local SEO comes in the picture.


Local SEO allows you to build your online presence around specific locations. You see, it is mainly used by businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations. And this is a great way to reach more customers in the area who are actively looking for products or services like yours. Here are some more interesting local SEO statistics that are worth noting:

Local SEO Consultant

88% of local based queries

done using a mobile phone end in either a call or visit to the business within 24 hours.

46% of the total Google searches

are looking for local information.

28% of the time,

the local searches result in purchases.

72% of users

who did a local based search visited a store within 5 miles.

18% of mobile local based searches

led to a purchase within a day.

92% of consumers

will choose businesses on the first page of local search results.

See how massive the effect of local SEO for a business is? It can be one of the best avenues for your business to increase its profit. So why not try to get SEO consultant services now and let an SEO expert do the job for you?


Before we tackle more about local SEO, let’s talk more about how a local SEO consultant can help. An organic SEO consultant is someone who will give you advice on how you can increase your search engine rankings, get more targeted web traffic and ultimately, see a higher profit. Our consultants will usually focus on two SEO strategies: on-page and off-page SEO.


This is what sets an organic SEO consultant apart from a local SEO consultant. Although the latter is also an SEO expert, they are more focused on helping you optimize your website for local based searches.


Read on to learn more about how a local SEO consultant can help businesses like yours.

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Role Of A Local SEO Consultant

The primary role of a local SEO consultant is to help companies reach their local customers within a specific geographical area. Our SEO consultant company has the best consultants who are trained to make sure that your rankings improve. Instead of trying to learn everything yourself, letting our SEO experts coach you through local SEO so that you use your time efficiently and effectively.


Below are some of the main objectives that a local SEO consultant can guide you through. Take note that these are some of the most important and crucial aspects of local SEO.

Obtaining Quality Backlinks

When talking about backlinks, you can’t just focus on the number of links you get. You need quality and relevant backlinks so that search engines will recognize your website as a trustworthy source of reliable information. The backlinks need to come from reputable websites. Links from business associations, local newspapers, and even from bloggers are considered ideal.

Website Localization

Website localization is about the natural inclusion of your city, country, or region throughout your website. But what if your business has several locations? In this case, separate pages or content hubs for each individual location need to be created. You can also feature information about any upcoming events in your area on your website.

Citation Building

Citation building means that your site is featured on citation sites and online business directories. What are citations? Citations are places where your business’s name, address, phone number, and website URL appear online. If your business doesn’t show up where people are likely to look for it, then the competition will beat you to it. Citation building will make it easy for potential clients to find your business and boost your search rankings.

Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

Did you know that 86% of consumers prefer to look up a business’ location using Google Maps? That’s why you should prioritize getting your business to display on important Google services. Examples of these are Google Maps and local search results. For this to happen, you need to claim your Google My Business page listing.

Are You Ready To Be At The Top Of Your Local Listings?

LYFE Marketing has worked with hundreds of clients aiming to increase their local search rankings. With our years of experience as an SEO consultant company, we have come up with a proven method for our clients that have worked for our own company too. Click the button below to schedule a FREE meeting today and get closer to your goals.

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5 Proven Steps On How Our SEO Consultant Services Work


1 Assess Your Website & Current Rankings

The first part of our process will ensure that our local SEO consultant becomes familiar with your business, your goals, and your target audience. All the strengths and weaknesses of your website will be identified and noted. As an SEO consultant company, we essentially want to understand where your website and business stands currently in relation to your end goal.

Website Audit

2 Develop A Custom-Made Strategy For Your Business

Our local SEO consultant will work with you to create and develop a customized plan. These will include goals that you will need to accomplish for you to end up in the top search ranks. As strategies are implemented and goals realized, you will start ranking higher than your competition. At the forefront of this are the keywords that are used the most by your target audience and relevant to your business.

SEO Reporting

3 Analytics Setup & Preparation

No need to worry about the prerequisites of the technical side of SEO. Your local SEO consultant will lend a helping hand there. An SEO expert will implement analytic systems, tools, and dashboards to track and guide your rise to the top of the rankings.

Website SEO

4 Optimization

This is the step where we start to make some changes. Your local SEO consultant will guide you in making strategic changes on your website, known as optimization. These changes will make it easy for Google to find your page, read or “crawl” your page and rank it higher for keywords that matter!

SEO Maintenance

5 Ongoing SEO Practices

This is the last phase of the process, but it does not really end here. That is why the phase is called ongoing SEO practices! New websites are popping up every day, and as a result, the order of search engine results are changing all the time! You have to continuously optimize your website in order to stay at the top.


Local SEO Consultant

Quality Website Traffic

Ranking for the right keywords on search engines will benefit you in many ways. One of the best ways it can impact your website and your business is by having higher quality traffic. The goal is for your company’s website to be included in every top search result related to your business or industry.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Attaining higher search rankings is one of the main objectives of a local SEO consultant. For that, our SEO consultant company has created an SEO service that delivers results while remaining ethical in our practice. We equip our consultants with the latest tools, trends, and strategies. They will use those so that the right keywords will connect with the right audience. The result? Improved search engine rankings for you.

Measurable Results

Your local SEO consultant will provide you with monthly SEO reports. These reports will clearly detail the road traveled to success by your campaign. Traffic, search engine positions, custom goals and lead sources are some of the items that are included in the report.

What Makes Our Local SEO Services Different &
Why You Should Hire Us

Our firm is not your usual SEO company; that we can guarantee. Take a look at what makes our services unique.


We Share The Same Techniques That Work For Us

What do we mean when we say that we use the same techniques? Well, right now, our company has managed to rank for more than 300 local and national keywords. Those keywords outrank even some of the most competitive searches. But don’t take our word for it. Go to Google and search “social media management company” and you will find LYFE Marketing at the top of the organic results. We are going to use the same successful strategies and practices for your campaign that has worked for all of our other SEO campaigns.


We Are Specialists In Google Ranking Factors

The reason we’ve had so much success in ranking #1 for competitive keyword searches is because of our team. Our SEO team is comprised of specialists who are experts at Search Engine Optimization. Our experience and knowledge has made us specialists in all of the Google ranking factors.


We Assign You An Expert Local SEO Consultant

We will assign you your own local SEO consultant to help you with all your local SEO concerns. They are going to use their knowledge and experience in the field to help your website improve its rankings on a daily basis.


We Customize Your SEO Package

We are going to customize your SEO package. The SEO service and the SEO package that we are going to provide are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your company. Not only your goals, but also your budget and target audience will be taken into consideration. Your business is unique, so it deserves an approach that is just as unique from us and our team.

Build A Solid Base Of Local Patrons With The Help Of A Local SEO Consultant!

There’s nothing better than having a loyal base of customers who patronize your business over and over again. Why? Because that would mean getting a steady flow of profit! And you can achieve that by implementing local SEO for your website. As we discussed above, all it takes is a little help from an SEO expert to boost your website in the local listings.


Don’t waste this opportunity to be more popular in your area, increase your profits and be the go-to-business of your target market.

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