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Chicago Digital Advertising Agency

Chicago Digital Advertising Agency

Looking For An Affordable Way to Advertise Your Business?

If you are like most business owners, just thinking about new marketing strategies to grow your business can be stressful. It can be even more challenging to take on learning about digital marketing. The hard part is that you wouldn’t just have to learn what digital marketing and advertising is, but also how to do it successfully. This can take a lot of man power that you may not have. Digital marketing is a diverse field that is gaining a lot of popularity. Online platforms are cheap, it targets your audiences more effectively, and works faster than traditional marketing methods. If your business is ready to join the thousands of other small business owners advertising with digital marketing, keep reading!

Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

No one will argue with the fact that the internet is becoming an ever-increasing platform for people all around the world. Friends, family, and strangers are sharing and posting content on various platforms at every second. Even though the internet can be a fun way to stay connected, it can also be a great way to market small to mid size businesses. Most small business owners use internet marketing and social media marketing because it’s cheap, works fast, and because it better connects potential customers to their business. With the right digital advertising agency, your business can be sure to increase sales and get higher returns on investment.

What Are the Benefits to Digital Marketing

Digital media is changing the way marketing and advertising are able to reach potential customers. More and more marketers are choosing digital marketing over the traditional marketing methods for this reason. Business owners are able to get more bang for their buck when using online marketing services and platforms. Being cost effective and getting faster results are not the only reasons your business should consider going online with digital marketing and advertising. At LYFE Marketing, we understand that it is important for business owners like you, to save as much money as possible. This is why we use the best and most cost effective practices when we work with you. Here are a few more benefits to growing your business online:

It Levels The Playing Field For All Businesses, Especially Against Your Competitors

When a consumer goes to search for a product or service online, the internet is fair game. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small. It all comes down to strategy in order to get the customer’s attention. This is great for small to mid size business owners. This is because, if your company works with an advertising agency, you can be sure that your business will see positive and fast results. Using the best PPC practices, your business can be one of the first websites that pops up on the results page. If your business is looking to improve your website ranking with our Chicago advertising agency PPC services, schedule a call with our digital marketing consultants today.


Your Business Can Target The Right Audience, More Easily

One of the many features of digital and social media marketing is that your business is able to narrow down your target audience by many different filters. For example, if your business is in the healthcare industry and you are looking to target more educated, high-level decision makers, your business would use LinkedIn. With LinkedIn marketing, your company can filter who you want to target by job title, job function, location, and more! This feature in digital marketing allows companies to spend more time advertising to qualified customers. This way, your marketing budget is going to the right audience, in turn saving you money!


Digital Marketing Helps Nurture Your Customers

Studies show that on an average note, acquiring a new customer can cost your business five to seven times more compared to retaining an old one. That’s why it’s crucial for any business to build a connection with its customers to keep them coming back to your brand again and again. A good email marketing and social media marketing strategy are some of the most effective ways to achieve this. Social media marketing allows you to keep your customers engaged with your brand with valuable and fun content. On the other hand, email marketing lets you stay connected with your customers and nurture them to bring them down your sales funnel.


You Can Track And Measure Your Company’s Marketing Results

When your business carries out a marketing campaign, it is crucial that you are able to track your progress. This is one of the most impactful features of digital marketing advertising. By tracking your campaign results, it allows you to maximize your company’s marketing dollars. It also helps your business to make data-driven decisions. By watching over certain metrics and adjusting as needed, you will be optimizing your marketing campaign. If you are not sure where to start, hire our digital marketing campaign services. Our Chicago internet marketing strategists will take care of all the content creation and tracking and give monthly reports of your campaign progress. We are committed to making sure that your company understands the results of your business marketing campaign.

Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Advertising Agency

Digital marketing advertising agencies are a great way for your business to be sure that your brand is being handled by professionals. If you are like most small business owners, you don’t really have the time to learn a new skill with all of its features. When you hire an experienced Chicago agency, you will be able to spend time on high business related activities that need your attention. Hiring a creative agency can also allow you to sit back, relax, and watch your business grow. Your business can leave the planning, creating, and tracking to the professionals.

These agencies can also help you compete in your industry. This is can be really beneficial for smaller business. Digital marketing advertising agencies are trained to create specific, creative, and effective marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, boost ROI, and increase sales. They will also help your business save big marketing dollars. With most digital marketing advertising agencies, they will work with the budget and time you give them. At LYFE Marketing, when we say we are affordable, we actually mean it. Keep reading to learn more about our Chicago advertising agency’s services and benefits.

Looking For the Right Chicago Advertising Agency to Partner With?

Our Chicago advertising agency is the one-stop shop your company has been looking for. We are a full-service advertising agency staffed with professional team members who are anything but new to digital marketing. For 10 years, our company has worked with hundreds of clients. Whether your business is in health and beauty, wellness, or banking, LYFE Marketing will handle your digital marketing advertising needs. Our agency was created to help small business owners like you. We know, from our own experience running a small business, that working with the right agency for the right price is very important. This is why we have priced our services that are affordable.

We also have a 3-month policy in place. This means after 3 months, if your company is not happy, you can leave your contract with a 30-day notice. The reason we set it at 3 months is because it is enough time to see the results of our marketing efforts. Anything less, and it wouldn’t be enough time to make an informed decision regarding your results.

No matter which type of business you are operating in, e-commerce, nonprofit, or traditional, our Chicago advertising agency has your back. Unlike other companies, our agency will conduct a thorough research on your market, industry, and competitors. We are committed to providing the best service possible, and want to see your small business flourish. We will also conduct an in-depth audit of your company’s online presence including social media and more. This allows us to create a strategic, unique, and effective marketing plan to carry out. Aside from our successful marketing campaigns, keep reading to see what other services our creative services agency offers.

How We Helped A Clients Get 200

New Leads And Increase Followers By Thousands!

We work with all types of financial clients, whether they are trying to obtain more clients for their firm or simply grow brand awareness to make themselves known in their communities. Our clients offer services in personal loans, lending solutions, financial planning, debt relief, and more. We’ve worked with them all and truly understand their target market, which is why we were able to help the AurGroup grow their presence on social media and gain more leads. They saw a 15,000% increase in followers across 3 social media platforms and through Facebook advertising gained 200 new leads in just 9 months. With our team’s skills and your quality services, you too can see similar results.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Improve your business’ social media presence with our social media management services. Our expert social media marketers will work to develop your company’s awareness, build relationships with your audience, and increase your website traffic exposure. This is different from our social media advertising services. Our social media management services are more focused on engaging with your brand’s followers and increasing your overall brand awareness.


Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising services are focused on driving website traffic and sales from your company’s social media. Our agency recommends using both our social media management and social media advertising services for the best results. Our social media advertising service connects your target audience with your product or services. This form of advertising is also one of the most cost effective strategies. If your business wants to boost your conversions and sales for less marketing dollars, contact us today!

Email Marketing

The goal of email marketing is to push your audience through the sales funnel. This means we want to turn them from new subscribers, into new and returning customers. Since 91% of customers check their email daily, we do in depth research to create newsletters that will attract your audience. Email marketing is still very much alive and an effective strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Think back to the search engine results page. At the very top, there are what is called “PPC” (pay-per-click) ads. These are advertisements that are paid for, not organic. This is beneficial for small businesses because most consumers don’t look past the third link, let alone past the first search engine page. Our agency works to generate qualified traffic, increase your conversions, and acquire results for your business instantly.

How Our #1 Chicago Advertising Agency Generated Over 10,000 Views Through Our

Social Media Advertisement Service

Our social media advertising service is very popular because it’s cheap, works fast, and reaches your potential customers more effectively. We use the best practices to be able to save your business the most marketing dollars possible. One of our clients asked us to help them increase their brand presence and website using social media. In this process, they specifically wanted to use Facebook and Instagram. Our agency developed different, interactive ad content for each social ad campaign that we ran. We then ran these ads on Facebook and Instagram. We were able to generate over 10,000 views for our client. Each page view costed only $0.12. We also generated over 1,000 product views and 35 purchases. Through our social media advertising service, we were able to increase our client’s brand awareness and generate sales.

Why Online Advertising Is Extremely Powerful

3.48 Billion People Use Social Media

This fact explains why it is so important to create unique content for your target audience. If the average person online sees tons of advertisements every day on their social media, how can you make sure your business stands out? In our Chicago advertising agency, we conduct in depth research around your competitors, industry, and audience. Afterwards, our experienced social media campaign team will design creative and unique content made just for your business.

91% Of Consumers Want More Online Videos From Brands

Video is the most popular type of content in the digital landscape today. Aside from being engaging and easy-to-consume content, users love it too for the value it brings. This is especially true for brands; consumers want to see more online videos from brands they follow. In fact, studies show that consumers prefer to watch videos to learn more about a business compared to viewing an image post or reading text-only content. Get the best from your video marketing with the help of our short video management services.

91% Of Consumers Check Their Email Every Day

This is a great reason to up your email marketing habits. Your business would benefit greatly from sending promotional emails out every week, if not every day. The more your target audience interacts with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you, over your competitors. Our creative agency can assign you an email marketing consultant that you can talk to in order to push your target audience through the sales funnel.

Over 50% Of Small Business Owners Use Digital Marketing

This one is easy. If your company isn’t online, your competitor is! Steer clear of letting all of your leads and sales go to your competitors. If your company is not sure how, this is when an advertising agency like ours would be helpful in your journey to growing your business.

A Chicago Advertising Agency Like No Other

As you can see, digital marketing has some really powerful benefits for all kinds of businesses. Through all of its features, digital marketing can help your startup or small business really grow! The best way to ensure that online marketing works for your business is to work with an advertising agency. Our experiential Chicago advertising agency has the know-how to create positive digital experiences for your consumers. Whether you are looking for help in B2B marketing, SEM, or wanting to become an influencer in your industry, you have come to the right agency. We can help your business meet its goals and increase sales through our multitude of advertising services. Call us today and start your digital marketing advertising journey!

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