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It’s pretty evident that that internet holds many answers. It provides us with connections to the information we need, to things we’re interested in, and to each other. Search engines and social media platforms are the most frequently used platforms people use on the internet to find new information.

Therefore, they can also be used to aid brands like yours with obtaining new business. It’s done through digital advertising. Digital advertising is one of the most effective digital strategies available for brands today. Digital ads play a significant role in generating visibility and connecting your business with the audience it can help. When more of your target audience becomes aware of your brand, that is how your brand will generate more conversions. That’s why digital ads are extremely beneficial, for startups and any brand trying to obtain more awareness. And in a place like New York City, many businesses exist and are trying to stand out just like you. However, that is where the problem lies. Many brands are stuck looking for the right way to make their business stand out. Running digital ads help, but only if you understand how to create an effective ad. Luckily, our New York advertising agency can help with that. We are here to help brands leverage the power of digital advertising so they can stand out from the crowd and take their businesses to another level!

Check Out These Digital Advertising Statistics

In the year 2021, digital advertising spend will increase to $129 billion from $83 billion in 2020

Digital advertising spend has drastically increased over the last few years and will only continue this trend in the coming years. But there is a reason for this. The reason is that companies all over have realized how profitable digital advertising is. It has helped many firms generate new business. Now other firms want to take part too to attract more business and increase their revenue.


Nearly 60% of people on earth are on the internet

Regardless of what platforms they are using online, they are certain to come across some type of digital ad. Thus, if your business runs ads on the internet, people will see them. And if you’re utilizing the right channels too, connecting with your target audience becomes much more simple.


Facebook and Google are the two largest digital advertising platforms

Both of these platforms have a major influence online. Both possess an enormous amount of information and resources for businesses. With the information they hold, they help advertisers make their ads more efficient, which allows them to easily reach their audience online. Many consumers will see a business’s ad on Facebook and make a purchase. And almost half of consumers who use Google click on PPC ads first when searching online. Nevertheless, when it comes to attracting new business, these are the platforms you’ll need to utilize. Our New York digital advertising agency is experienced with working on both Google and Facebook and can produce the quality ads you need for both platforms!


More than 50% of the total national advertising spend in the United States was spent on digital advertising

This means that more firms believe in digital advertising than traditional advertising and are investing more into digital ads. Why has this happened? It’s because more consumers are online. The way they receive their information has moved from newspapers and radio ads, to mobile apps and online ads. For businesses to keep up with their audiences, they have to change the way they market themselves. Only then will they reach more consumers.

Our Interactive New York Advertising Agency Provides The Services You Need

The accolades our New York advertising company receives comes from the results our services produce. We’ve achieved amazing results for our clients in healthcare, beauty, apparel and more by creating marketing campaigns that work. How have we been able to do this? We’re able to produce results for firms in various industries because they are versatile and customizable. Therefore, every business is able to utilize digital advertising in a way that fits their specific brand strategy. And that’s only the start of what makes our services so powerful. Regardless of the specific digital ad service you invest in, your business is guaranteed to witness results.

Here are a few of the award-winning digital advertising services our New York digital advertising agency provides:


Paid Social Services

Have you ever seen celebrities or smaller influencers promoting a business on social media? If so, you have witnessed a form of social media advertising. But there are many other popular forms you can utilize as well. Seeing as more than 50% of the earth’s population is on social media, there is no doubt that your business can find new customers on social media. However, not utilizing the right advertising techniques can hinder your business from reaching anyone at all. It’s because there is a massive amount of content and information all over social media. Thus, getting your content in front of potential customers is harder if it isn’t optimized. But this is where our social media advertising services can help. Our New York advertising agency is skilled at developing optimized ads to connect your business with your target market on social media platforms. These optimized ads are how your content will stand out amongst the other content online – even your competition. We construct your ads using the best ad creation and campaign management tools. We get into the specifics of your advertisements by configuring your ads to target users with specific interests and behaviors. As a result, your ads become visible to more potential customers and encourage them to take action. We focus on retargeting, geotargeting, and more so your ads can run as efficiently as possible. In turn, you’ll have powerful advertisements generating leads on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media network you choose!


Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the top 3 best lead generators for online marketing. So, investing in a method this powerful can make an extremely positive impact on the traffic your website receives. If we look at the way a search engine works and displays results, we’ll see that having top ranking content is key to receiving clicks. PPC ads are placed at the top of search results and are able to attract more traffic. By placing your ads under certain terms is how the right audience finds your business. Our New York advertising company understands the workings of search engines and PPC. We know that Google Shopping ads are great for ecommerce businesses wanting to make more of their products visible. We know using location based targeting can help more consumers in your area find your business and visit it. And we know how to find what keywords will be the best to target. Our New York PPC services are designed to leverage the advertising features search engines provide, improving the amount and quality of the traffic your website obtains. We also understand the habits of consumers who visit your website. We know that it is common for people to exit your website without converting on their first visit. So, we also implement remarketing to persuade those visitors to return to go back to your website. We place display ads across millions of different sites that those consumers are on, which makes your business visible to them. As a result, this keeps your brand at the top of their minds until they are ready to convert.


Video Production Services

Video ads are one of the best creative solutions for making your digital ads pop. And we’re a creative agency who can develop the video content that’s right for your brand. Our New York advertising agency recognizes that videos are well-received. That’s why YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are so popular now. It’s because people enjoy watching videos. By utilizing video content in your advertising, you have the ability to get more viewers to see your information. Video ads are efficient for communicating your brand message and showcasing what makes your brand unique. They are easily understood by many audiences and produce amazing returns. This is why we offer video production services. We want to craft campaigns that excites your audience and makes them eager to interact with your brand. And video ads do that!

Benefits Of Partnering With Our New York Advertising Agency

You Can Obtain A Higher Return On Investment

One of the reasons we believe our services are different from Ruckus and others is because we strive to generate higher returns for your business. Essentially, when your brand receives more returns that speaks volumes about our services. We know generating better returns is always a good thing. However, many other agencies don’t emphasize it enough, nor do they invest in the right methods to produce returns. But we’re different. Our New York advertising company focuses on implementing marketing strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to produce returns. We focus on your overall content strategy, industry, and audience so we can be sure to invest in areas that matter specifically to your brand. Creating a unique plan for your business is how your ads perform the best because they’ll be designed with your business specifics in mind. So, no more spending ad dollars and not obtaining results. This helps your business use your advertising dollars in a smarter way, boosting your returns.

Worry-Free Advertising

There is a lot to learn about digital advertising before getting started. And for many business owners, taking the time to learn everything requires time and resources they may not have. We know that running a business takes a lot. And adding content creation to the mix is a lot more to worry about. But that’s where our New York advertising agency can assist you. Hiring advertising experts to manage your advertising takes the worry out of producing effective content. And we’re ready to help you do so! Our team of advertising specialists will create, run, and maintain your ad campaigns for your business. We oversee all areas of your advertising so you can receive top notch content your audience will appeal to. Let us handle your advertising efforts so you can focus on managing the rest of your business. Now you don’t have to worry about missing out on attracting new business because our New York advertising agency has that all under control.

We Evaluate The Results

Transparency is key to building a trustworthy relationship between us and our clients. Many other advertising firms aren’t transparent with their clients. This forces the businesses they help to not know where their campaigns stand and how to move forward. That’s why we make it a point to be as open as possible through the process and with your results. Each month we clearly breakdown the results of your ads and present them to you in a detailed report. Providing this report is an important part of our services because it helps business owners understand what the results mean for their business. Additionally, it helps them get more insight on their business and what actions they can take moving forward. We understand that having the right data to make better business decisions is essential. Thus, evaluating the results of your ads is an area our New York advertising agency will never disregard.

Our Other Digital Marketing Services

Our New York advertising agency is unique for quite a few reasons. However, the main reason our agency is different is because we’re passionate about everything digital marketing. Digital advertising is a portion of digital marketing. We’re a New York digital marketing agency. This means we can help your business maximize other digital areas the same way we maximize your digital advertising. Being a full-service agency means we are experts in various digital marketing methods, so your business can receive any digital marketing solution it needs right here! Here are some of the other amazing digital marketing solutions we offer:

Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not extinct. In fact, email marketing can actually boost your conversions if executed properly. Personalization is key to email marketing. Customizing emails based on your brand and audience is an effective way to draw more consumers in. We can help your business increase your email list, design engaging email campaigns, and more with our email marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is not all we can do to improve your social media presence. We provide more New York social media marketing services so your business can fully maximize social media platforms. With our social media management services we can help you keep up your social media accounts in regards to posting and interacting with your followers. This can positively impact your reputation online and encourage more of your audience to engage with your brand. This is why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, and BMW use social media marketing. Combining our social media advertising with social media management provides your business with a robust social media strategy, making your efforts much more efficient.

Our New York Advertising Agency Will Help Your Brand Attain More!

In NYC, San Francisco, or anywhere, digital marketing can help any business reach the consumers and results they need. It just starts with quality digital marketing services. Our New York advertising agency guarantees to provide quality services and more when you partner with us. At the end of the day, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours obtain growth and success not only online, but overall!

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